Presentación de PowerPoint

Presentación de PowerPoint

app CODIFICO: Teaching game for health coding. Didactical app to develop health coding capabilities for health professionals. Sandra Milena Agudelo-Londoo HISM, MSc Posgraduates Programs in Health Administration Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Interdisciplinary Academic Team

Our majors areas of work are: Educational Focus: Gamification Systems Engineer

app Problem Colombian Health system Patient-Doctor interaction ICD 10

Based on regulated competency structure Resources are public-Administration is private Lack of Information= corruption + inefficiency IPS-EPS fragmentation of data. Times/Schedules Health information systems

EHR- Manual Health Record Procedures are more important than DX No focus on data quality, capacity and culture Other Colombian codes Perceived as a difficult coding system The model of managed competition in the

Colombian healthcare system Theorical aspects Gamification (ludificacin) The use of game design elements in non-game contexts". Deterding S, 2011

Serious game. While paidia (playing) describes free-form, expressive, improvisational behaviors and meanings, ludus (gaming), on the other side, characterizes rule-based playing with determined goals. Caillois R, 2001. Serious game in health and education. Serious video games for health are designed to entertain

players while attempting to modify some aspect of their health behavior. Behavior is a complex process influenced by multiple factors, often making it difficult to change. Thompson D, 2010. General Objective To design an educational mobile application (app CODIFICO) to generate

diagnostic coding capabilities among medical staff in Colombia. Specific Objectives To build a tree of diagnosis decisions with selected diseases. To Build clinical cases and diagnostic ramifications by age and sex of the selected patients (script of the game).

To Design logical and physical architecture of the mobile app (design). To Test the app performance on a small scale with doctors and medical students (pilot). To Evaluate the effectiveness of the application to build capabilities in the registry of diagnosis (evaluation). To Setting the app to launch it in the educational market at the initial version of Android online store.

Methods Applied research that uses mixed techniques and an interdisciplinary approach to solve the practical problem. Design will be based on JAVA. mobile app design process Participants Undergraduate medical students

Cellphone users 53583.664. Smartphones users 14400.000 Colombia Population 48320.000 Methods ANDROID Mobile operative system The final product will be measured in terms of the app and how it helps to develop capabilities for diagnosis register according to the ICD 10. Ethical issues Software is not a patentable product, but must

be registered with the National Directorate of Copyright. Andean Decision 486 of 2000 and 351 of 1993. Secondary sources for the clinical cases then NO RISK for patients. Voluntary participation of students in pilot and test with informed consent.

What are we doing now? Working on clinical cases: diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease. Starting a systematic review of app effectiveness to develop capabilities. Making arrangements

with medical school for requirements elicitation. This is the practice of collecting the requirements of a system from users.

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