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Emission Inventory in the Midwest Challenges and Opportunities Mark Gibbs Oklahoma DEQ 20th International Emission Inventory Conference August 14, 2012 1 Welcome to the Midwest

2 3 4 New Minor Sources 2011-2012 5 Emission Inventory Challenges in the Midwest

Many areas likely to go out of attainment Need to do more with the same, if not less resources Staff turnover Need to improve area estimates Oil & Gas area emissions potentially significant Need to leverage limited resources State, Regional, National Push QC upstream 6 What does the NEI mean to us?

Not so much? Will use our own point data for permit modeling Something to fire off and forget about? But it does come back to impact us In fact it is: Used extensively for regional modeling Important resource for the public Well defined structure for all our work The NEI is an important consistent and coherent resource that is easily accessible

7 Figuring out the EIS Big improvement on the NIF Accessible

Transparent Facility data separated from emissions data Things stay fixed or get better Handles release points much better Excellent foundation for the future Thank Goodness for the Staging Tables! Exchange Network Grants have helped 8 Figuring out the EIS Lot of legwork

Not our facilities Not our units or processes Incorrect process IDs Want to maintain historical continuity Syncing databases use the same IDs Data structure for handling multiple years What should stay fixed year to year? Code year this year or January 1st of the next year? 9 How could the EIS be improved?

Improve system speed where possible Gateway Navigation Comprehensive FAQs Bridge Tool Error Messages Staging Table Check Queries Add Time/Date Stamp for when record last modified in XML/Staging Tables output 10 How could the EIS be improved? Characterizing Controls

? 11 2008 NEI Post submission QA packages really helped Concerns about primacy of S/L/T data Overly conservative gap-filling Reliance on a single bad stack test Not enough time to review GPR v2 thoroughly Let us know if something is really crazy

Difficult to compare datasets Go back and fix it? 12 2011 NEI Work in progress First triennial NEI under AERR December 31st deadline is a busy time for states Rush to publish? Getting data from other agencies Will second versions be inevitable?

Will be a key resource for new SIPs and control strategies 13 Pushing QC Upstream EIS QA and Production Environments Put more QC in industry->state reporting programs But we start planning for a new inventory in advance of RY+1 Can EPA let us know earlier what their plans

will be for 2014? 14 Area Emissions Inventories: National Collaboration ERTAC and ERTAC2 very successful All sectors have reasonable default values Leaders Users Followers Enhance training & documentation

Especially for point source subtraction Make process easier where possible 15 Area Emissions Inventories: Enhancement Projects Regional inventory work products with most benefit for CenSARA member states Initially considered mobile modeling work 2011 NEI submissions a clear goal Focus on key area sectors:

Oil & Gas Area ICI and Residential Combustion Pesticides C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies 16 Pesticide Application Emissions Background Pesticide applications can be a significant source of VOC emissions especially in rural communities.

Improve states agricultural pesticide application data obtain county level activity data for row and nonrow crops in each of the nine CenSARA states prepare an up-to-date pesticide database for use in EPAs 2011 NEI C en tral States A ir R es ou rce Agencies 17 Pesticide Application Emissions Expected Enhancements VOC emission factor reflects various chemical

formulations of registered pesticides Based on CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation database Factor expressed in lbs VOC per lbs active ingredient applied Determine pesticide throughput based on lbs active ingredient applied per crop-acre and a near comprehensive crop-acres data set. C en tral States A ir R es ou rce Agencies 18

Selected Results Agricultural Intensity 2007 Agricultural Census C en tral States A ir R es ou rce Agencies 19 Selected Results Degree of completion of crop-acre data relative to the 2007 Agricultural

Census Counties with the larger completion ratio correspond to locations with highest agricultural intensity. C en tral States A ir R es ou rce Agencies 20 Oil & Gas Area Emissions CAPs, NH4, selected HAPs, H2S and CH4

County level emissions HPDI database for production data Improve data sources ERG Subcontractor, Spreadsheet Tool To be used for national O&G tool in separate EPAfunded project Easy to update inventories for future years C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies 21

Oil & Gas Area Emissions High Tier Source Categories: NOx VOC Compressor Engines Tank Flashing Drill Rigs Artifical Lift Engines

Dehydration Pneumatic Devices Fracking Pumps Completion Venting Data Sources: Synthesize existing studies (CENRAP, WRAP) Industrial, trade association or permit datasets Limited surveys of operators in key basins

C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies 22 Geologic Basins in the CenSARA Region C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies 23 Area Combustion Emissions

2008 NEI for CenSARA states: 50% of area SO2 emissions 40% of area CO emissions Compile 2011 ICI and residential fuel combustion activity data at county level Develop crosswalk between point and area SCCs to facilitate point source adjustments Improve factors and methods as needed Calculation Tool, export EIS staging tables C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies

24 Somethings wrong in the 2008 NEI GPR v2 Activity rates were not apportioned by county C entral States Air R esou rce Agencies 25 Help us to help you! We want to do a good job Our resources are fundamentally limited

Let us know EIAG plans early Documentation / Training How to exactly to do point source subtraction How to get non-road activity data Regional & National Collaboration Will continue to be successful Coordinate efforts Promote easy export of work products 26

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