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Presentation Name

Why to sell Master Key Systems Libor Zuzk Why customers buy MKS Master key system brings control, order and rules to the enduser Mechanical systems represented by the Master Key System brings real security, Electronics allow the customer to monitor the area, but cameras and electronic access control systems do not prevent physically the intruder to get in. CLIQ does combine the features of both systems 2 Follow the basic principles Make the system as simple as possible Brings advantage for the customer Locksmith also benefits from it when it comes to extension of the MKS

Explain the advantages to the end-user Use patented platforms you will be the only supplier of spare keys Patented platforms will help you to control prices Patented platforms will make it easier to the end-user to protect the system from unauthorized keys 3 Who is the customer Private Businesses Commercial companies (office buildings, shopping malls, wholesalers) Factories, logistic centres, warehouse, utility companies electricity, gas Municipalities - possess a lot of property Social services e.g. houses for elderly people (access to rooms vs.

privacy) Few Bullet points and words Government Army, police, justice Residential market (small MKS for private houses, weekendhouses etc.) 4 References 1) DELICOMAT coffee machines special reinforced T-Handle cylinder Interactive 2 in1 Czech republic abt 3 400 cylinders supplied 5

LS COLSON / COLRUYT Belgium COLRUYT Customer: Key management and track & tracing of the key users Need: 1) Phase 1: Global Migration of INTERACTIVE MKS to INTERACTIVE + 2) Integration of CLIQ interactive+ & CLIQ REMOTE

Solution: Value: Quantities: 300K expected Q3/Q4 2012 3000 MECH CYL 500 CLIQ CYL Other details: Central warehouse, administrative building and shops FLYSAA Airways South Africa

Customer: Need: Solution: FLY SAA AIRWAYS Perimeter fences securing: upgrade of perimeter fence security to a patented secured key C35 PADLOCK ON Interactive MKS Value: 50K Rand Quantities: 50 Padlocks

Other details: Will expand to other sections of the airport New CALITOM FRANCE Customer: Need: Access control to secure 30 garbage collection due of many theft of metal Solution: Combined solution CLIQ MT5 with option Remote for the future

and mechanical MKS Value: 60 K Quantities: 200 MT5 CLIQ cylinders 60 MT5 cylinders MKS Other details: The project was obtained thought distributor Descours & Cabaud.

The Abbey Hotel UK Customer: The Abbey Hotel Penzance The Abbey is ideally situated above the historic harbour in Penzance. Dating back to the mid 1660s, it is regarded as one of the towns most important buildings. Need: Solution: To update the security systems in place without compromising the aesthetics of the 17th Century building Code-It Value: 560

Quantities: 8 Code-It Handles Other details: Code-it was recommended due to its flexibility and security benefits, ensuring the safety of those staying at the hotel. New Thank You

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