Presentation - Oregon

Presentation - Oregon

Provider Directory Advisory Committee Meeting July 19, 2017 Welcome! Meeting agenda review (5 min) Updates and discussion set-up (15 min) Procurement update PDAC and Provider Directory Subject Matter Expert Workgroup (PDSME) updates User adoption discussion (~60 min) Break (10 min)

User adoption discussion (~80min) Close (10 min) Objectives for todays meeting Achieve consensus for what must be included in the communications plan that will ensure successful Provider Directory User Adoption Continue to build on list of gaps, barriers, and issues Identify timelines, resources, and success metrics Project Updates

Funding Implementation-Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) draft to CMS Contains our Medicaid definition which needs to be approved by CMS Medicaid definition defines who are allowed users in the first phases of the Provider Directory and who does/does not pay fees Procurement State approval for Stage Gate 3 and MiHIN contract MIHIN contract sent to CMS on July 5th

4 PDAC and PD-SME Updates PDAC Ruthie Petty leaving PDAC PD-SME met on June 12th: Use case discussions for Payers, Operations, Analytics, and health information exchange (HIE) Key takeaways:

HIE, delivery, and analytics uses are good options for early adopters, not payers Analytics users could work through data issues, test, and inform data quality metrics For payers, Medicare Advantage audits are a key sticking point; the PD must be able to be trusted; quality, cost, high use, and replacing existing processes are all factors Data quality metrics will be challenging, knowing the date and source of the data is important Many data elements are needed across all use cases (e.g., name, address, phone, etc.) but there are standalone required elements (examples below) HIE Direct Secure Message address and trust community information Payers Accepting new patients

Analytics Want everything Important for users to stay within their workflow Next steps work on data definitions, refining use cases, analyzing new use cases 5 PD Roadmap Review Purpose: a compilation of information (much of it derived from PDAC and PDAG) on one sheet; contains elements of PD adoption/implementation but not an action plan What is one thing that stood out to you? User Adoption Discussion

Question: What needs to be considered/included in our PD adoption and outreach plan to ensure widespread PD user adoption? Knowns Phased approach to implementation, start with Medicaid, build value Go-live is Summer 2018 MiHIN is the selected vendor Resources: OHA staff, PD stakeholder groups, small budget for marketing Timeline: over PD Implementation period (30 months)

Q & A/Close For this meeting, what worked well? What could we do better next time? What questions do you have?

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