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Case Study ELEPUMP KF-50M Not Your Grandfatherss Drilling Pump The new Elepump KF50M combines yesterdays reliability with todays technology. As part of a drilling

equipment system, the pump plays an integral role- you cannot drill without water. The pump needs to be durable and reliable which is why drillers are so reluctant to change a reliable drill mud pump. The model used by most drillers has been around for years, is reliable, but has not seen any major improvements for years.

Now Fordia is launching a new and improved drill mud pump that will have drillers excited. Fordia works with its customers in mineral exploration and the geotechnical and environmental drilling industries to provide high-quality drilling solutions that include diamond tools, drilling equipment, accessories and services. The company is committed to helping the drilling community increase productivity, lower costs and make life easier. All three would be possible with the launch of the new Elepump KF-50M. The Elepump KF-50M is a new drill pump that is smaller, lightweight and

takes up very little space yet surpasses old models in terms of performance and reliability. Fordia was eager to have the pump tested in the field by one of their drilling customers, Major Drilling.

Testing the pump in Nevada Major Drilling Group International Inc. is one of the worlds largest drilling services companies serving the mining industry. It maintains field operations and offices in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America, Asia, and Africa. Fordia contacted their office in Salt Lake City, Utah about testing the pump at their drilling project in Battle

Mountain, Nevada. Major Drilling was using one of its fleet of standard pumps, the same model used by many drilling customers. Fordias tech team had asked them to try the Elepump KF-50M to compare its performance to the industry standard but Major Drilling was very hesitant in case something went wrong. Downtime means no drilling is being performed and no money is being made. Major Drillings team decided to try one pump.

The state of Nevada is notorious for its tough ground conditions. The ground was 3.5-6.5 on Mohs hardness scale, and highly fractured. The Major team was already 1,500 feet deep into a hole that had a HWL diameter. The highly fractured ground resulted in particularly challenging conditions due to the cracks and voids in the terrain, the team would encounter dry hole conditions with no water in the rods. Then a certain amount of water would start flowing in, usually filling the hole halfway, only to be followed by more loss of water. The fluctuation in water put a strain on the pump hydraulics because of the repeated ups and downs in resistance. The pump would be pushing

300-400 lbs. per square inch and then a void would be encountered and the pressure would drop to zero. Additionally, these extremes put a lot of stress on the drill rigs hydraulic system due to the tendency of a triplex pump to pulsate violently. Many drilling companies spend several thousands of dollars installing nitrogen accumulators (pulsation dampeners) to help protect their pumps and the rig hydraulics. These were not required with the KF-50M.

This new pump ran so much smoother and more quietly than the existing pump we have. It seemed that the hydraulics of the drill rig liked the new pump. The good news was that once the team started drilling with the new Elepump KF-50M, there was no looking back. It outperformed the industry

standard pump dramatically. Eric Moore, Project Manager at Major Drilling 3 months The Elepump KF-50M was finally checked for wear and tear after 3 months and the team was pleasantly

surprised to see that there wasnt any. It was after the Major drilling team ran the pump for 3 months that the true value of the new pump shone through. Usually a pump needs to be opened often to change valve seats and packing cups. A lot of debris can get caught in the valve seats causing the pump to lose its prime and start acting erratically. During that 3 month period, the pump did not need to be opened up for maintenance at all. 3 months + 2 months Total of 5 months without any maintenance. They were able to send the pump to another drilling project on nearby site where it was used in similar ground conditions for 2 months.

The pump performed for 5 months in total before any maintenance had to be performed. These were exciting results as a typical pump has to be checked several times per month, on average. A tough mud pump More importantly, the KF50M was not just pumping

water over the course of the 5 months. The KF-50M was tested while using a thick drilling fluid mud made with bentonite. In order to try and plug up the cracks and voids, other Loss Control Materials (LCM) pills and concrete were used as well. This pump can handle any kind of mud we throw

at it. Its an amazingly tough, yet smaller pump that really impresses. Ryan Ricaporte, Technical Field Support Representative at Fordia We know customers are reluctant to try new products, especially when the old style pumps have been around for decades. But this is not your Grandfathers pump. This is a new pump with todays technology that all drillers need to try for themselves.

Ryan Ricaporte, Technical Field Support Representative at Fordia The KF-50M offered other benefits including a much smaller foot print and lighter weight. The pump can be easily moved by two men. This makes it an ideal choice for underground rigs, fly rigs with small drill pads, or any drill rig with limited space on the deck.

When you combine the reduction in downtime, long-lasting replacement parts and no need for pulsation dampeners, the Elepump KF-50M represents substantial cost savings. For more information on the Elepump KF-50M and to learn how other Fordia products can make drilling easier, visit

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