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GUEST SPEAKER: RICK HAMILTON THE RISE OF MACHINE LEARNING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION EVENT Johannesburg JSE 31 January 2018 The Rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Rick Hamilton Optum Distinguished Engineer John Santelli January, 2018 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMATION Big Data

CFA Society South Africa Cloud Social, Mobile IOT Artificial Intelligence EXPLOSION OF INTERNET INFORMATION FLOW 2007 2015 5 EXABYTES Per Month

2020 72 EXABYTES Per Month Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index CFA Society South Africa 41x 207 EXABYTES Per Month DATA IS A NEW FORM OF CURRENCY SolidFire kaggle iHandy

Music SuperCam Pandora DocuSign Snapfish Amazon Xactly DCC Manufacturing Projects Product Configurator SAP CRM

Bills of Material SCM Burroughs IBM Hitachi MRM Engineering Quality Control HP CCC Order Entry Inventory EMC

HCM Cost Management Facebook Google eBay Datapipe Alterian OpenText Workscape CyberShift NEC Fijitsu Bull Client/Server

Megabytes Cash Management ERP HCM Time and Expense Fixed Assets Costing Accounts Receivable Billing Payroll HP ePrint Sport ScaleXtreme Games Workbrain Pinterest

Twitter The Internet Gigabytes Microsoft Xerox Serif SLI Systems OpSource Avid Elemica ADP VirtualEdge Yahoo! SCM CyberShift PaperHost Adobe Corel Mobile, Social, Big Data & The Cloud Zettabytes

695,000 status updates 11 million instant messages 698,445 Google searches Zynga Workday Baidu Navigation Yandex Mixi Photo & Video Khan Academy Zillabyte Heroku Yammer Renren Entertainment Viber Activity Management SuccessFactors PLM Yahoo Training Kinaxis Education Microsoft

Atlassian SugarCRM Sales tracking & Marketing Social Networking Saba BrainPOP Rostering RightScale PPM Sonar6 Time & Attendance YouTube CYworld Quadrem Kenexa Sonar6 Service Jive Software Business Commissions Saba myHomework

Database NetSuite Qzone Tumblr. Softscape Claim Processing Intacct News Fring Toggl dotCloud Amazon Exact Online Cornerstone onDemand Data Warehousing Xing Cookie Doodle Mozy New Relic Softscape MailChimp PingMe

Zynga Utilities Ah! Fasion Girl Volusion IntraLinks Associatedcontent BeyondCore SmugMug Atlassian MobilieIron Productivity Fed Ex Mobile Rackspace Flickr TripIt Twitter iSchedule Paint.NET CFA Society South Africa 98,000+ tweets

Sage Unisys Mainframe Kilobytes nebula Yandex CloudSigma Hootsuite Qvidian Splunk cloudability

Foursquare Every 60 seconds Lifestyle Atlassian LimeLight Scanner Pro Zoho PingMe Taleo Reference Amazon Web Services

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Quickbooks Ariba AppFog Dragon Diction Plex Systems Finance Urban NetSuite Joyent Scribd. SmugMug 168 million+ emails sent 1,820TB of data created 217 new mobile web users Whats next? Yottabytes

WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? DL ML AI One Working Definition: The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, prediction, and translation between languages. 6 CFA Society South Africa MACHINE LEARNING DL ML

AI - Systems learn from data, without being explicitly programmed - Five Machine Learning Tribes: - Bayesian: Posterior Probabilities - Symbolist: Logic and Expert Systems - Analogizer: Support Vectors - Evolutionary: Genetic Programs -

Connectionist: Artificial Neural Networks - Approaches: - Supervised A target, value, or class exists, which the system can predict - Unsupervised Looks for patterns in unlabeled data - Reinforcement Develop the best strategy to achieve an objective CFA Society South Africa 7 DEEP LEARNING DL

ML AI - State of the Art Connectionist technology - Multiple Layer artificial neural networks, to represent and organize - Why the Renaissance? - Available Data - Processors, e.g., GPUs and ASICs - Architectural approaches and software-embodied methodologies CFA Society South Africa 8

MACHINE LEARNING IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR 1 4 Algorithmic / High-Frequency Trading 2 Loan and Insurance Underwriting 3 Fraud Detection and Prevention Advanced User Security CFA Society South Africa 9

MACHINE LEARNING IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR 5 8 Portfolio Management 6 Sentiment and News Analysis 7 Sales and Marketing, e.g., Financial Products Customer Service, Chat Bots, and Conversational Interfaces CFA Society South Africa 10

For More Information: - Data Science Meetups - Online Education - Through Udacity, Coursera, other educational providers - Through Google, Nvidia, other ML service providers - Increasing number of Blogs, Columns, and other online assets THANK YOU CFA Society South Africa LETS MEASURE UP LETS MEASURE UP CFA Society South Africa 1 STANDARDS STANDARDS AND

AND ADVOCACY ADVOCACY COMMITTEE COMMITTEE CFA Society South Africa 15 STANDARDS AND ADVOCACY COMMITTEE PURPOSE The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to: Promote the highest member standards Advocate on behalf of members where necessary Represent the members in policy formation CFA Society South Africa 16 STANDARDS AND ADVOCACY COMMITTEE OBJECTIVES Promote the CFA Code of Standards and Ethics

- Facilitate, provide and promote CFA Standards and Ethics learnings - Provide country-level guidance on Standards and Ethics in Southern Africa Take action to promote Advocacy - Proactively inform Regulatory and Best Practice policy - Represent member interests in policy debate CFA Society South Africa 17 STANDARDS AND ADVOCACY COMMITTEE MANDATE The Advocacy Committee has the responsibility to: Interact with regulators, policy-makers, CFA Institute and other industry bodies where necessary to promote member interests in advocacy, standards and ethics Co-ordinate member suggestions/requests relating to regulation, standards, and ethics Make recommendations regarding advocacy, standards and ethics on behalf of the CFA Society of South Africa

CFA Society South Africa 18 STANDARDS AND ADVOCACY COMMITTEE INITIATIVES Ethics training and workshops for corporates, regulators, trustees, asset managers etc. Asset Manager Code of Conduct GIPS Maintain contact and engage with regulators on policy issues CFA Society South Africa 19 PROGRAMME EVENTS COMMITTEE CFA Society South Africa

20 PROGRAMME EVENTS COMMITTEE WHAT WE DO? Educational Events - Webcasts - Presentations Networking Events - Including speakers, informal lunches, drinks and social New Initiatives - To be discussed further CFA Society South Africa 21 PROGRAMME EVENTS COMMITTEE EVENTS HOSTED IN 2017 Is SA Really Investment Grade? Panel Discussion JHB Blowing Bubbles Presentation and Round Table with Grant Williams CT Berkshire AGM Live Streaming at Citadel CT Perils of Forecasting Presentation by Craig Bodenstab JHB & CT

BRICS Presentation by Glenn Silverman JHB & CT CFA Society South Africa 22 PROGRAMME EVENTS COMMITTEE Craig Bodenstab Presentation- JHB New Charter Recognition Event - JHB Craig Bodenstab Presentation - CT New Charter Recognition Event - CT CFA Society South Africa Citadel Berkshire AGM Glenn Silverman Presentation

Live streaming - CT JHB & CT 23 CAREER SERVICES CFA Society South Africa 24 CAREER SERVICES PURPOSE Market and create career opportunities for CFA Level III Candidates, Charter Pending and Members based in South Africa. Improve members marketability in terms of professional and soft skills Review Career Service initiatives of other societies and adopt where possible CFA Society South Africa

25 CAREER SERVICES OBJECTIVES Establish networking channels Developing career resources for members and brokers information between employers and members regarding job opportunities and qualified talent Improves members professional, or soft, skills so they can differentiate themselves in the marketplace based. Provides industry and career pathway insights Assist the CFA Board and other relevant committees with marketing the value of achieving the CFA/CIPM designations Reporting regularly to the society on career services programming CFA Society South Africa 26 CAREER SERVICES HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Be part of our networking channels even if not an actively involved in coordinating events Please be a contact for key HR personnel Volunteer to be part of the committee Join the Whatsapp group (any ideas on better platforms welcome) Help market and broadcast networking events CFA Society South Africa 27 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE CFA Society South Africa 28 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Purpose: Use technology to accelerate the strategic goals of CFA Society South Africa. Manage the online presence of the society.

Objectives: Increase the number of candidates enrolled in the CFA program Accelerate the integration of candidates into the Society Improve engagement levels of charter holders with the local society Enhance the awareness of the CFA brand with the broader public CFA Society South Africa 29 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE PLAN FOR 2018 Objective Increase the number of candidates enrolled in the CFA program Accelerate the integration of candidates into Society Improve engagement levels of charter holders with the local society Enhance the awareness of the

CFA brand in the broader public Enhance the awareness of the CFA brand in the broader public CFA Society South Africa Target What is planned Measurement Candidates Enhance the scale and efficiency of the scholarship application process by introducing new online platform Number of scholarships awarded; Length of selection process Usage patterns on application

Candidates Creating a candidate app that will help candidates with exam prep, career guidance, networking Enhancing newsletter distribution and member interaction Response rate to emails; content engagement levels Re-design of Society website to improve user engagement Number of active users; usage of new features like news aggregation and webinars Management of social media presence SM analytics for LinkedIn,

Twitter, Facebook; depth of impressions from non-members Members Members & Candidates General Public 30 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED 2 Volunteers are Needed to Help Drive These Projects Scholarship Portal (from applications to assessment to funds disbursement) Candidate App (from feature selection to app design to user acquisition) Member newsletters (from content support to email distribution to user analytics) Website revamp (from website design to feature management to user acquisition) Social media (from content curation to public relations to user engagement) Volunteers Will Join the Technology Committee Leadership position within the society

Path towards becoming a board member of CFA Society South Africa Six formal committee meetings a year plus other informal project meetings CFA Society South Africa 31 CANDIDATE PREPARATION COMMITTEE CFA Society South Africa 32 CANDIDATE PREPARATION COMMITTEE The committee is responsible for any society initiative related to potential candidates for the CFA Programme Committee members D Semwayo (Chair), CFA; TK Muchedzi, CFA I Vermeulen, CFA; D Morkel, CFA

CFA Society South Africa 33 CANDIDATE PREPARATION COMMITTEE CFA INTRODUCTION SESSIONS Introduction sessions held at Universities JHB & CT February & September (3 5 people to conduct the presentations) CAREER DAY Universities (JHB, CT, UKZN, NWU) Soweto, GIBS & other schools Spend 2 hours interacting with university and high school students RESEARCH CHALLENGE University mentors (6 hours over email/Skype) Research Report Grading (6 to 10 people for 4 to 6 weeks) Research Report Grading (Experienced industry professionals) CFA Society South Africa 34

CANDIDATE PREPARATION COMMITTEE SCHOLARSHIPS Locally award CFA scholarships Aim to complete the assessment in one day Johannesburg and Cape Town locations (The more the better one day commitment) MENTORING Develop and Run a CFA candidate Mentoring program 2 or 3 sub committee to develop the program STUDENT SUPPORT Short audio/video material on key & challenging topics Establish study groups across the country (volunteers to do recordings) CFA Society South Africa 35 CANDIDATE PREPARATION COMMITTEE

Information Sessions University Career Days Local University Research Challenge CFA Society South Africa 36 PUBLIC AWARENESS COMMITTEE CFA Society South Africa 37 PUBLIC AWARENESS COMMITEE RESPONSIBLE TO INFORM The purpose of the Public Awareness Committee is to: - Be responsible for the CFA brand in South Africa; - Manage the marketing and communication strategy for the local society;

- Be the local voice for CFA Institute messaging. CFA Society South Africa 38 PUBLIC AWARENESS COMMITEE OBJECTIVES It is about building relationships and communicating; Raising awareness; Reaching out to the CFA community and the broader society, including Press, Industry Associations, Various Role Players. CFA Society South Africa 39 TO DO AND ENJOY Build a virtual community;

Raise awareness through Social Media Platforms and Apps; Spread the word; Collaboration with other committees. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA CFA Society South Africa 40 IF THIS IS YOU Keen to be active on social media; Prepared to tweet, post on LinkedIn and FaceBook; Have some ideas about how to get us out there; Interested in contributing to our newsletter; Interested in collaborating with the Technical Committee on how best to communicate with members and associates. DO JOIN US

CFA Society South Africa 41 Please complete the form supplied to indicate which Committee(s) you would like to be involved in. CFA Society South Africa 42 Follow us on Social Media @CFA_SA #VolunteersMeasureUp CFA Society South Africa (Company Page) @cfasouthafrica CFA Society South Africa

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