Presentation to the Parliamentary Sports Committee

Presentation to the Parliamentary Sports Committee

Presentation to the Parliamentary Sports Committee Charles K Smith Gary Dolley 17 September 2002 Cape Town Executive Board Structure Charles K Smith President Sheila Brown Vice-President Steve Jaspan Marketing & Sponsorship Bobby Gagel Treasurer Shaune Baaitjies Transformation

Gary Dolley Development Dave Carr Merle Sterley Sharon Siljeur International Playing Affairs Rules and Technical Facilities Staff Structure Paul Richards Jane Dyer Hillary Holton Sally Maphanga Ivan Boulton General Manager Administrator Bookkeeper Receptionist/Switchboard Director of Coaching (Part Time) HOCKEY IN SOUTH AFRICA The South African Hockey Association (SAHA) was established in August 1992 when five major hockey bodies formed one non-racial, unified body which controls and regulates hockey for

men and women in South Africa. The unification process brought together the South African Men's and Women's Hockey Associations, the South African Men's and Women's Hockey Congresses and the South African Women's Hockey Board. The SAHA is recognised by the National Department of Sport & Recreation, is a member of the National Olympic Committee of South Africa (NOCSA), is registered with the South African Sports Commission, the South African Commonwealth Games Association (SACGA), is a full member of both the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the African Hockey Federation (AHF). Members of SAHA's Executive Board serve on various FIH, AHF and SACGA committees, ensuring representation at the highest possible level. Hockey has been played in South Africa for over one hundred years and is a thriving sport at school, tertiary, club and provincial level. The number of hockey players in South Africa is estimated at 120 000 with the game being played in over 750 schools, 32 tertiary institutions and in all nine provinces. Over 20 national tournaments take place each year ranging from youth hockey to masters and veterans. Affiliates

Boland Border Eastern Gauteng Eastern Province Free State Griqualand West Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands Mpumalanga Northern Free State Northern Gauteng North West Southern Cape Southern Gauteng Western Province Members South African Country Districts South African Students Sports Union

USSASA (Hockey) South African Defence Force Sports Union South African Masters Hockey Association South African Hockey - The Road Ahead Focus 2004 The Past Antiquated manner of operation Exclusive decision making Top down administration Expensive fee structure Focus on International participation Selective development programme Bankrupt Association Survival of the fittest

Good governance Stable administration Constitutional changes Financial stability Inclusive decision making Transparent operations Performance agreement Progressive development programme Accelerated transformation Human resources development Embracing African hockey nations Improving relationships with NOCSA Supportive of NDS & R ventures Empowerment of Administrators Regular visits to Provinces

Development Focus Presentation by Gary Dolley to follow this one Transformation Emphasis Past player recognition Past administrator recognition Bias fee structure Bias club financial assistance Bias player financial assistance Quota system in team selection Affirmative appointments Constitutional guarantees at elections - race Constitutional guarantees at elections - gender Task/Monitoring Team

Nocsa/SASC task team participation Auditing function Resource empowerment 2002 Appointments Women Ros Howell Position Coach Men Robbie Pullen Jurgen Bakkes Assistant Coach Warren Wallace Solly Casoojee Assistant Coach Paul Revington Jill Montague Assistant Coach

Lennie Botha Anne Nielson Manager/ess Wendell Domingo Gadija Ben Manager/ess Deon Morgan Jo Morley-Jepson Selectors Charles Perreira Marion Marescia Richard Dolley Brian Edwards Shane Schonegeval 2002 Appointments U/21 Women

Jenny King Position Coach Allistair Fredericks Assistant Coach Ighsaan Adjam Assistant Coach Michael Sacke Shaune Baaitjies Manager/ess Edda Greenway Madsen Adelaide Steytler Selectors Marion Merescia U/21 Men Andre Le Roux

Allan Jacobs Merwyn Mooi Lennie Botha International Tournaments hosted by the South Africa Hockey Association Pre-Olympic Qualifier - Women 1994 Cape Town Champions Challenge - Women 2002 Johannesburg All Africa Games Participation 1995 Harare Women Men Gold medal Gold Medal 1999 Johannesburg Women Men Gold Medal Gold Medal

World Cup Participation Women 1998 - Utrecht Netherlands 2002 - Perth Australia 7th position Men 1994 - Sydney Australia

10th position 2002 - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 13th position - Buenos Aires Argentina 6th Position - Hobart Australia 13th Position Junior Women 2001 Junior Men

2001 Olympic Games Participation Women Sydney 2000 10th Position Men Atlanta 1996 10th Position Commonwealth Games Women 1998 - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia No play off 2002

- Manchester England 5th Men 1998 - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia No play off 2002 - Manchester England 4th position 2002 Highlights

Twinning arrangement with the Royal Netherlands Hockey Bund Financial support from the Netherlands Government for 3 year coaching programme Coaching literature support from Australian Hockey Association Gelvandale artificial surface funding from LOTTO

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