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Goal-Oriented Business Decision Modeling Jacob Feldman, PhD OpenRules. Inc., CTO 2018 OpenRules, Inc. Outline Goal-Orientation Building simple decision models using the goal-oriented approach Dependencies between business goals within decision models

Goal-oriented Decision Engine 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 2 Classic Goal-Orientation Key declarative principle: Concentrate on WHAT not on HOW Origin: Logic Programming You only need to specify the goals (WHAT) But not the strategy to reach this goal (HOW)

The execution engine figures it out automatically! 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 3 Comparing Logic Programming and Business Decision Modeling Features Business Decision Modeling Target Audience

Software Developers WHAT: Specifying Goals A formal programming Decision Tables and other language such as DMN-like constructs Prolog or a special CSP modeling language HOW: Strategy to Reach Goal

- Usually not required Execution Engine 2018 OpenRules, Inc. Logic Programming - Heuristics may be configured using goals to expedite the search Prolog or a constraint solver in Java/C++/

Business Analysts - Required for sequential engines - Not required for inferential engines Rule Engine 4 Goal-Oriented Approach to Business Decision Modeling Building a decision model can be considered as a process of specifying

its goals and subgoals When all goals and subgoals are specified, the decision model should be considered ready to be executed 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 5 Goal-Oriented Approach to Business Decision Modeling Decision Model consists of Glossary with Decision Variables Goals connected using Business Rules

Business Rules specify goals and subgoals Do not ask a user to specify any strategy that specifies how to reach the goals (such as dependencies between goals or arrows on DRG) It is a responsibility of the decision engine! 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 6 Building a Sample Decision Model Vacation Days Problem Description

2018 OpenRules, Inc. Source: 7 What is the Goal of this decision model? The Goal of this decision model is to define vacation days for every Employee based on age and years of service Goal = Vacation Days We start with creation of the business Glossary

2018 OpenRules, Inc. 8 2018 OpenRules, Inc. Building Decision Model Goal = Vacation Days 3 Subgoals Add these 3 subgoals to the Glossary 9 Building Decision Model

2 New Variables 2018 OpenRules, Inc. Define the first subgoal for 5 extra days Add these variables to Glossary 10 Building Decision Model 2018 OpenRules, Inc.

Define the second subgoal for 3 extra days 11 Building Decision Model 2018 OpenRules, Inc. Define the third subgoal for 2 extra days 12 Complete Decision Model This decision model is ready to be executed against test or real data

2018 OpenRules, Inc. 13 Glossary Glossary is a focal point of a decision model: It represents a view from the model to the world It links all decision tables using Excel hyperlinks : 2003-2018 OpenRules, Inc. 14

A bit more complex problem Evaluate Credit Card Application Goals and Subgoals: 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 15 More Complex Decision Model View Glossary The number of decision variables and decision tables have a tendency to grow quickly. If we ask a user to draw

diagrams with links (arrows) between all of them, they quickly become unmanageable 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 16 Decision Model Without Links Decision Model Specified Goal-2 Specified Goal-1 Specified

Goal-4 Specified Goal-5 Glossary Specified Goal-n No links Specified Goal-3 Specified Goal-6

A Decision Model can be implemented as a Glossary surrounded by Specified Goals We should not ask a user to define any dependencies between the goals or their execution order This should be a responsibility of Decision Engine 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 17 Decision Execution Engine Expected Capabilities: Recognizing internal structure of the decision model and dependencies between

goals and input variables Calculating execution order for all goals Executing decision models to reach any specified goal Explaining produced decisions 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 18 Dependencies Between Goals Where are dependencies defined? In the titles decision table conditions Inside decision tables cells

(FEEL expressions in DMN) Inside iteration tables Inside complex boxed expressions and functions 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 19 Example of a Goal-Oriented Decision Engine OpenRules Release 7.0.0 Extracts all dependencies between goals and subgoals directly from decision tables including complex embedded iterations

Automatically builds an execution path for any specified goal Tables of the type Decision that specify an execution order for different decision tables can be generated automatically 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 20 Executing Decision Model Decision Model Test Cases or Real Data

Decision Table Goal-1 Decision Table Goal-2 Decision Table Goal-3 Glossary Decision Table Goal-4 OpenRules Engine Execution Results

2018 OpenRules, Inc. Explanations 21 Decision Model Analyzer 2018 OpenRules, Inc. 22 Execution Results w/Explanations 2018 OpenRules, Inc.

23 SUMMARY: How to Create a working Decision Model with Excel and OpenRules Business analyst creates: Business Glossary Decision Tables for all business goals OpenRules Engine does the rest 2018 OpenRules, Inc.

Thank you! QnA 2018 OpenRules, Inc.

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