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ECESP Activities 2018, Italy Brussels, 18-19 October 2018 Laura Cutaia, ENEA Italian National Hub for Circular Economy ENEA strategic plan for circular economy 2 ECESP - ICESP ICESP purposes - Carry on the European mandate to promote greater harmonization and integration between existing actions in Italy and in European countries promote the dissemination of knowledge; foster dialogue and possible synergies between Italian stakeholders; map Italian good practices. encourage the integration of initiatives at the Italian level; create a permanent operational tool that can promote and facilitate cross sectoral dialogue and interactions; spread Italian excellence and the Italian way of doing circular economy,

starting from the traditions and typical issues of our country and the related cultural, social and entrepreneurial models: "The Italian way for circular economy" Italian activities on circular economy Strategic Italian position on circular economy (Ministry of environment and economic development) General state for green economy - FSS Alliance of big enterprises on circular economy ENEL et al. Zero sprechi (Zero waste) initiative FoE It. Storie di economia circolare - Ecodom Confindustria: 18 workshops on circular economy for enterprises associated Symbiosis Users Network - ENEA et al. Circular economy network: award for start-up and 1st report on circular economy FSS and ENEA ICESP first steps Duration: 3y renewable at least for the duration of ECESP, but with the aim of assuring the role of hub for C.E. at Italian level Definition of organization

Charter Launch May 2018 (signature of Charter) Stakeholders involvement (ongoing process) Working groups Annual conference . ICESP FOUNDERS Public Administration, Local Government 6

Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare (DG RIN DG SVI DG CLE) Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale Regione Emilia Romagna Regione Puglia ANCI Education, Research, Innovation - 3 Companies, Business and Trade associations 10 ENEA Alma Mater Studiorum Universit di Bologna CTS ECOMONDO Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile Circular Economy Network AMA Confindustria CNA ENEL HERA

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Remedia Unicircular Unioncamere ICESP - Working groups Working group Coordinators WGs members Research and innovation, knowledge diffusion and training/education Universit di Bologna, Regione Puglia-ARTI, CNA 29 Policy and Governance MATTMDG RIN, MiSE, Unicircular

25 Indicators for CE MATTMDG SVI, ENEA 17 Sustainable and circular systems for design, production, distribution and consumption ENEL, ENEA, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center 29 Cities and territory ENEA , ACT 26

Best practices and integrated approaches Regione Puglia-ARTI, 17 ICESP - Expected products for Dec. 3rd WGs Expected products (for Dec. 3rd) 1 - Research Report on the state of art of ecoinnovation 2 Policy Report on circular economy policy and governance 3 Indicators Review of initiatives for cicrcular economy measurement

4 Production&Consumption Report on value chain BPs 5 - Cities Workshop on BPs (Rome, nov. 16th) Report on BPs 6 Best practices Collection of BPs for ECESP 8 ECESP - ICESP linking ICESP launch GdL products output Coordinati

input Annual conference on group ECESP input ICESP 2018 Conference: 3rd Dec. 2018 Rome, IT Parliament CICERONE PROJECT - Circular economy platform for European strategic research and innovation agenda Project financed (call H2020 CE-SC5-05-2018): Coordinated approaches to funding and promotion of research and innovation for the circular economy. Objective: elaboration of the European strategic agenda for research and Innovation funding for circular economy, allowing efficient use of funding resources avoiding duplicance for similar initiatives and overcoming their fragmentation through

Natio nal joint initiatives. Privat General Coordinator (programme owner): CLIMATE KIC Technical Coordinator: ENEA Technical partners: VITO (BE), TNO (NL), IETU (PL), WUPPERTAL (DE), IVL (SE), CEA (FR), VTT (FI) Italian organizations participating in project consultation: Agenzia di Coesione Territoriale (Advisory Board ), Regioni Puglia, Regione Emilia Romagna, ENEL, HERA, INTESA SANPAOLO, UNICIRCULAR, CNA. POs e invest ors

Civil Socie ty / NGO s Regio nal POs Stakeholde r Circular Rese arch Large Indus try SMEs Munic ipal POs

Innov ation ecosy stems , cluste rs, startu ps Proposals for ECESP Interactive forum real cases on gaps, barriers, and application on CE at EU level ECESP conf. 2019 Presentation (and linking) of ECESP mirror platforms Simulation of an Industrial Symbiosis workshop based on real cases experienced by ENEA (and other ECESP CG members) [email protected]

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