Prezentace aplikace PowerPoint - UNECE

Prezentace aplikace PowerPoint - UNECE

Recent Developments in International Cooperation in The Czech Trade Inspection Authority 10th MARS Group meeting, Bratislava 12. - 14. 9. 2012 Dana Manov International Cooperation Department Content Slide 2 of 15 CTIA

International Cooperation in CTIA Joint Actions 2012 JA Laser Pointers 2012 Recent challenges ICSMS Czech Trade Inspection Authority CTIA is a state administration body subordinated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade General director, General Inspectorate and 7 regional inspectorates Financed from the state budget Competencies: Product safety Technical requirements for products

Protection of intellectual property rights Quality of products and services (e. g. fuels) General consumer protection honesty of sale, consumer discrimination, consumer deception - dishonest trade practices, information duties, etc. Negotiations on consumers loans Others state fiscal interests (tobacco products marking), ecology (air protection, packaging) etc. Slide 3 of 15 Organization Director General Office Office of of the the Czech Czech Trade Trade Inspection Inspection Authority Authority

Communication Communication and and Public Public Relations Relations Department Department Legal Legal Department Department Economics Economics and and IT IT and and DA Section

DA Section Budget Budget and and Property Property Management Management Department Department Accounting Accounting and and Property Property Department Department IT IT and and Data

Data Administrati Administrati on on Department Department Slide 4 of 15 Human Human Resources Resources Department Department Auditor Auditor Division

Division of of Engineering, Engineering, International International Cooperation Cooperation and and Consumer Consumer Protection Protection Technical Technical Department Department Consumer Consumer Protection Protection Department Department

International International Cooperation Cooperation Department Department European European Consumer Consumer Centre Centre Inspectorates Inspectorates Stedoesk Stedoesk aa hl. hl. m. m. Praha

Praha Jihoesk Jihoesk aa Vysoina Vysoina Plzesk Plzesk aa Karlovarsk Karlovarsk steck steck aa Libereck Libereck Krlovhradeck Krlovhradeck aa Pardubick Pardubick Jihomoravsk Jihomoravsk aa Zlnsk Zlnsk Moravskoslezsk Moravskoslezsk aa Olomouck Olomouck Slide 5 of 15

International Cooperation in CTIA MS Joint actions and other cross boarder projects Participation and cooperation in different administration and working groups (PROSAFE, ADCO, WELMEC, COEN, MSG-SOGS, RATF etc.) Guidelines Study visits Inspection plans ICSMS Etc. Slide 6 of 15 Joint Actions 2012 Ladders samples tested Lighters II on-going JA Visibility Clothing and Accessories taking samples Lawn movers Battery chargers

JA China Child care articles Laser Pointers Slide 7 of 15 JA Laser Pointers Measuring of maximum accessible emission of laser pointers according to the standard EN 60825-1:2007 CTIA purchased the Spektroradiometer OL 756, Optronic Laboratories Co., USA (the only one in CR) Slide 8 of 15 JA Laser Pointers The spektroradiometer originally used for JA Sunbeds now used for JA Laser Pointers But only for measuring lasers with continuous emission, not for pulser lasers (pulser lasers have not been found on the market anyway)

After a few preliminary laser measurings , most of the tested lasers are not in compliance with relevant standards and legislation 8 out of 8 samples did not comply Slide 9 of 15 JA Laser Pointers Permanent damage to the retina Rapex notifications are being processed Slide 10 of 15 Recent challenges Official coordinator of MS authorities in the Czech Republic Regulation 765/2008 Monitoring of accidents and harm to health

Slide 11 of 15 ICSMS Slide 12 of 15 A general market surveillance database (Article 23 of NLF Regulation) Information on general issues relating to market surveillance Information on products presenting a risk, identification of risks, test results, provisional measures, contacts with economic operators Communication of statistics Also reflect RAPEX notifications (serious risk) products presenting a risk Results of testing carried out Restrictive measures taken

Justification of actions or inaction Contacts with economic operators Facilitate cooperation (e.g. contact details and Directives they cover) Mean to interrogate, collate and present data in a easy to understand format (graphs, ) Help and inform the public, authorities, workers, employees, ICSMS Slide 13 of 15 ICSMS in the Czech Republic ICSMS training by ICSMS-AISBL conducted in June 2012 Problem: Which data to enter into the system? Double enter internal database vs. ICSMS vs. Rapex Answers from colleagues from other member states

Slide 14 of 15 Thank you for your attention Dana Manov International Cooperation Department Czech Trade Inspection Authority Stepanska 15, Prague 2, Czech Republic Ph.: +420 296 366 166 GSM: +420 731 553 810 Slide 15 of 15

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