Презентация PowerPoint

Презентация PowerPoint

Investment plan of the SOE UKRSPYRT 2018-2023 Key Figures Production Investments Income Nomenclature Terms 38 1,5 bln. 10,23 bln. 17 types of products 2018-2023 + 3 for canning per year Sources of raising funds Total output by types, thous. tons per year Own funds Amount of 300 mln. UAH is anticipated in financial plan for 2018. 86 mln. UAH is already invested during January-August 2018 Credit funds Cooperation with domestic banks on credit facility service. Short-term financing Investments Raising funds from foreign investment funds through the state innovation financial and other institutions. Long-term financing

Investments and income in terms of product types Products Investments, mln. UAH Bioethanol Lux DDGS DDG Industrial Biogas Raw alcohol 2 Liquids Pshenychna Slyoza Yeasts 517,88 301,00 218,00 128,00 115,00 100,00 52,50 40,60 20,00 16,00 0,00 Ester-fusel concentrate Vodka Pharmaceutical Fusel oil Ethanol heads Mixture of aromatic substances 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00

Annual capacity Unit of Annual income, mln. measurem UAH ent 162,96 thous.tons 11 797,50 thous.dals 104,61 thous.tons 83,62 thous.tons 2 491,20 thous.dals 9 504 thous. m3 2 400,00 thous.dals 12,60 thous.tons 4,08 thous.tons 1 542,00 thous.dals 2,62 thous.tons 108,09 840,00 11 520,00 29,75 259,44 3 177,72 4 033,33 470,73 326,12 421,01 540,00 49,39 56,30 547,60 17,04 thous.dals thous.dals thous.pcs. thous.dals thous.dals 12,97 245,41 298,94 2,50

31,13 5,22 thous.tons 1,46 Investments by types of products, mln. UAH, % Characteristic of new types of products Name Description and characteristic Purpose 1. Bioethanol Anhydrous high-octane ethyl alcohol (alcohol content 99.0%, octane number under the BSD research method is at least 106 units), obtained in the course of processing of plant regenerative raw materials by the method of fermentation of sugars by microorganisms It is used for the production of motor mixed petrols, biofuel, functional additives and additives and agents for motor fuels, ethyl threthyl butyl ether and other products of the chemical industry. Bioethanol is used as a component of motor fuel for vehicles with gasoline engines, which meets the requirements of EN 228 and is used for mixing in any quantities. 2. Carbon dioxide (2) Pure liquefied carbon dioxide HLP> 99.998 / O2 <5 ppm It is used primarily in the food industry as an additive-preservative E 290 in the production of beer and carbonated soft drinks. It is also used by: food industry

enterprises in order to create a protective environment when storing food products, enterprises of the machine-building industry, national distributors of industrial gases, which sell carbon dioxide in small bulk with the use of exchange gas-cylinder systems 3. DDG Distillers Dried Grains concentrate of dry distillers grain. Concentrate of residual grains of distillers grain separated by centrifugation. Feed supplement with moderate (23-29%) protein content It is used as a component of balanced feed in livestock: cattle, pigs, fish and poultry 4. DDGS Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles granulated concentrate of dry distillers grain. Concentrate of all the components of the grain (except for starch, which is transformed during the technological process into ethanol and carbon dioxide). Feed supplement with high (28-35%) protein content It is used as a component of balanced feed in livestock: cattle, pigs, fish and poultry Bioethanol production: 165,68 thous. tons per year 1. Bioethanol production according to the intended purpose 2. Time-schedule for production modernization 2.1 Export to EU: 85,16 thous. tons (for alternative biofuel Export to the EU) 2.2 Biofuel (35% of bioethanol), 80,52 thous. tons 165,68 thous. tons Business place

Year Volume Luzhany 2018 9,52 Khorostkiv 2018 29,28 Storonybaby 2019 24,40 Ch. Sloboda 2021 14,64 Marylivka 2020 29,28 Nemyriv 2023 21,96 Kozliv 2021 21,96 Kosari 2023 14,64 Business place Year

Volume Expected results of sale Past Current 20 38 62,13 319,03 8 16 Ratio of potable/industrial alcohol, % 93/7 33/67 Enterprise capitalization, thous. UAH 137 000 1 508 000 EBITDA, thous. UAH 49 353 2 708 370 Operating business sites Alcohol production volume, thous. tons Product types

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