Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

Mind Stretcher 8-14-15 Name the 5 levels of environmental organization from the smallest to the most broad. Try to do it without using your notes first! 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. Types of Organisms Its all about what you eat!

An organism is .. Any independent living thing Can be as small as a single celled bacteria

Or as large as a whale! The three categories of the organisms are.. 1) Producers 2) Decomposers

3) Consumers They are all dependent on each other. Producers/AutotrophsProducers use energy from sun to make their own food through

photosynthesis. EX: plants- flowers, trees, grass Decomposers Decomposers break down dead things and return them to the dirt, or soil. YUCK!

Examples: Mushrooms Worms Bugs Bacteria Consumers/HeterotrophConsumers need

to eat food to get energy. (ANIMALS) . There are THREE types of Consumers: Carnivores Herbivores

Omnivores. Its still all about what you eat! Carnivores only eat meat (other animals)

Herbivores- eat only plants Examples- giraffe, rabbit, cow, squirrel, deer Omnivores- eat both meat (animals) and plants. Examples- bears, pigs, humans

Scavengers Scavengers -animals that feed on dead or injured animals. Scavengers are not usually held in high esteem, but they have a job to do: they clean the earth of organic garbage.

Carrion, a favorite treat of scavengers, is the flesh of dead and rotting animals. Examples- cockroaches, vultures, buzzards, jackals, & raccoons StopReviewCheck

Turn to your partner and tell them the meaning of each word. Also give two examples of each. Carnivore: Herbivore: Omnivore:

What would the world look like without decomposers? (bacteria and fungi) How they relate

. StopReviewCheck Turn to your partner and tell them the meaning of each word. Also give two example of each.

Producers: Consumers: Decomposers: On your mind stretcher sheet describe the following animals as either a producer, consumer or decomposer. For the consumers, make sure to

include if they are a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Please use complete sentences! (Ex: A _____ is a ______.) 1. Bear 6. Human

2. Shark 7. Tulip (flower) 3. Rabbit

8. Panther 4. Cherry tree 9. Giraffe 5. Mushroom

10. Worm Answer Key 1. Consumer / Omnivore

2. Consumer / Carnivore 3.

Consumer / Herbivore 4. Producer 5.

Decomposer 6. Consumer / Omnivore

7. Producer 8. Consumer / Carnivore

9. Consumer / Herbivore 10. Decomposer

Organisms can be divided into 3 main groups: Consumers can be divided into 3 more groups: Graphical model of

energy flow in a community; Shows amount of energy at each trophic level Food Chain

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