Project 5 Storyboarding: Consistency of Design and Function

Project 5 Storyboarding: Consistency of Design and Function

Visual Planning: Storyboarding Consistency of Design and Function Personal Information: Charles E. Lewis Junior, History/ Secondary Education major SAU Security Supervisor I am pictured here after working all night and returning to class without having slept. Lack of sleep makes me goofy.

Project Design Lesson Objective What do you want the student to learn? Number of Slides Divide lesson into logical, effective sections. Consistency Allows students to focus on new materials as opposed

to a continuously changing format. Functionality Does the presentation accomplish the objective? Initial Design Aristotle: Form precedes function Logical organization focuses attention Visually appealing

Modification of Elements Maintain overall format/ minimize format changes Replace existing elements from previous slides with new elements Sequentially arrange slides Logical flow Introduction Intermediate teaching objectives

Conclusion Overall Aesthetic Appeal Maintain a pleasant color scheme Highlight critical points using contrasting fonts Utilize eye-catching graphics and animation Note: Excessive animation is distracting

Utilize occasional sound effects to catch students attention Thunder Breaking Glass Applause Types of Letters

Free Hand Something like this. Cut and Past letters Special Characters A B C s

G C othic apitals Drawing, Sketching, and Cartooning Applying Visual Planning to a World History Lesson

The following is a brief example of applying multiple visual symbols (realistic, analogic, & organizational visuals) in a storyboard to present an object oriented lesson. Julius Caesar & the Battle of Alesia In 52 BCE, Gaius Julius Caesar won perhaps Romes greatest tactical victory ever.

How? He marched his legions from Northern Italy to Central France (hundreds of miles) in one week in the dead of winter to battle rebel Celtic tribes. Gaius Julius Caesar: Father of the Roman Empire

Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE) at the time of the Battle of Alesia was the Proconsul (Imperial Governor) of Cisalpine Gaul in northern Italy and commander of the legions. Julius Caesar as Guardian of Rome

Washington at the Siege of Boston in 1775 Washington at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 In modern terms, Caesars role was equivalent to being President and Commanding General at the same time. Caesars Battle Plan

After raising about 50,000 legionnaires and German allies, Caesar had to fight 80,000 Gauls that were inside the fortified town of Alesia and 250,000 Gauls outside (a 1 to 6 ratio). Applying his genius, he first surrounded Alesia and then his own legions with field fortifications. Caesars Genius After three days of fighting to their front and rear at the same time, Caesars legions defeated both Celtic armies.

Why was the Battle of Alesia important? Caesar and the defeated Gauls at the gate of the town of Alesia after the battle. After the battle, Gaul would be a peaceful Roman province for the next 300 years.

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