Proposed System of protected Areas in Grenada&Carriacou

Proposed System of protected Areas in Grenada&Carriacou

Proposed System of Protected Areas in Grenada & Carriacou Workshop Presentation 10th Feb. 2010 Background This System Plan was prepared for the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) under OECS Contract No. 08.21/OPAAL-WB, and is part of the third component of the OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihoods (OPAAL) ProjectPreparation of the System Plan for Protected Areas for Grenada. Background Cont.

Grenada, at the 2006, 8th Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 8) pledged, the Grenada Declaration, to effectively conserve [1] at least 25% of its near shore marine area and at least 25% or its terrestrial area by 2020 [1] This plan interprets effective conservation to mean designation of protected areas using the IUCN definition of a protected area, a clearly defined geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values (Dudley, 2008). Background Cont. This system plan for protected areas is composed of two parts: the identification of

sites that Government should consider for designation as protected areas (Part 1) and a separate, companion document, that outlines ways and means to manage and administer the sites designated (Part 2). Background Cont The purpose of this part of the plan, Part 1, is to confirm Grenadas existing protected areas and identify nationally-significant marine and terrestrial environments that meet the criteria as potential protected areas and could be designated, in a phased approach, as protected areas by 2020, thus meeting the goals of the Grenada Declaration

Existing Protected Areas and Associated Plans Grenada currently has only seven protected areas designated by legislation: Grand Etang Forest Reserve Annandale Forest Reserve High North Forest Reserve

Mt. Hartman National Park and Dove Sanctuary Perseverance Protected Area Woburn/Clarks Court Bay Marine Protected Area Moliniere/Beausejour Marine Protected Area Unspecified Crown lands at Pearls are designated as a protected area Critical Areas for Immediate Designation AREAS PARISH DESIGNATION Etang/Annandale St. John

Forest Reserve in 2007 St.Andrew Management Portion of St. George Grand Plan St.David National Park Perseverance St. George Protected Area boundary and adjacent Crown lands in Beausejour/Persevera nce Estates National Park

Mount Hartman National Park St. George Critical Areas for Immediate Designation Richmond Hill, St. George Botanical Gardens, Lagoon Park, Lagoon foreshore, Fort George, Fort Matthew and Fort FrederickSt. GeorgeNational Park

National Park Annandale Falls St. George National Park Grand Anse including Camerhogne, Quarantine Point, significant lands and marine foreshore from Martins Bay to Point Salines

St. George National Park Critical Areas for Immediate Designation Sandy Island/Oyster Bay Carriacou Marine Reserve Mt. St. Catherine Mark, St. AndrewSt. JohnForest Reserve

Forest Reserve Mt. Gazo Forest Reserve Grand Bras St. Davids St. Andrew Mt. Moritz St. Georges

Forest Reserve Forest Reserve IMMEDIATE DESIGNATION-Private Caribs Leap St. Patrick National Park Beausejour/ Woodford Estates St. George

National Park Addition Mt. Hartman St. George Addition including Woodlands. Petit Bouc and Cafe National Park Addition IMMEDIATE DESIGNATION-Private Grand Bay

Carriacou National Park Sabazan Carriacou National Park Map showing current and proposed Protected areas in Genada

AREA OF INTEREST PARISH PROPOSED DESIGNATION Levera St. Patrick National Park Conference bay St. Andrew National Park Ronde Island Archipelago Carriacou

Marine Protected Area High North Addition Carriacou Forest Reserve Addition Belair/Carriacou Ridge/ Mt. Pelea Carriacou

Forest Reserve Limlair Theboud Carriacou National Park AREA OF INTEREST PARISH PROPOSED DESIGNATION Petite Dominique Carriacou Marine Protected Area

South Carriacou Islands Carriacou Marine Protected Area OPAAL PROJECT OECS Protected Areas And Associated Livelihoods Project Objective To conserve the biodiversity in the OECS region by removing barriers to effective

management of Protected Areas and through the increased involvement of all stakeholders who may be affected by PA establishment and management Project Components Protected Areas ,legal and institutional Arrangement framework review Protected Areas management and Associated Livelihoods Building capacity for Biodiversity Conservation and PA management and environmental Awareness Project management M&E Info. Dissm. Some Accomplishments to date

Harmonised OECS Policy Legal and Institutional Model PA Act and Policy PA System Plan developed and extended consultation considered. Plan In Draft Grand Etang and Annandale Forest reserves Site management plan completed M&E Tool established for PA Assessment FNPD Forestry and National Parks Department Forest Policy developed for the management of PA in 2001 Ten (10) year strategic plan developed for the management of PA. Restructuring of Staffing to facilitated Forest

policy and plan effectiveness Legislation review process to develop new Forest legislation soon to be completed THANK YOU

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