Psychic Prisons - SIUE

Psychic Prisons - SIUE

Psychic Prisons Human beings have a knack for getting trapped in webs of their own creation. (Morgan p. 207) What does this mean and think of experiences at your workplace in which your mind created a trap. Platos Cave

Shadows as people Sounds outside as inside. Fear of whats on the outside. Our limited vision of what is possible traps us into pathological thinking.

Psychic Prisons.. 1. Are dysfunctional myths and stories that control fear and anxiety. Thus, with each psychic prison ask yourself two questions: A) what is the dysfunctional story/myth? B) How does the story/myth control fear and anxiety. Example

Automobile industry has had the technology for 3 decades to make a more fuel efficient car. What dysfunctional story/myth prevents it from doing so and what fear and anxiety is controlled by this story? Types of Psychic Prisons: Organization and Repressed Sexuality When leaders and workers have strong desires to control and become disciplined in

every aspect of life. Taylor is exemplified by this PP. Dysfunctional story: social order to maintained through discipline and control. How does story control fear: Tight supervision so there are not surprises. Types of Psychic Prisons: Patriarchal/Racist Family Plantation culture in which white males rule the field and

know best which decisions to make. Competition, domination and no emotions are the rule of the game. Dysfunctional story: White men are more effective leaders. How does story control fear? We only keep white men on top echelon when hiring and blame white women and people of color for anything problematic that occurs. White men get their job because effort but everyone else get

jobs because race/gender. Types of Psychic Prisons: Death and Immortality Humans are afraid of dying. Death reminds us of our limitations and lack of control. We try to connect with something more enduring than our physical bodies. Dysfunctional story : We wont die if we are attached to something more enduring than

ourselves. How does the story control fear? When people believe they will endure, they are more likely to obey authority. Types of Psychic Prisons: Organization and Anxiety We fear good versus evil. Evil wishes to destroy us and we must survive it. To cope with anxiety: a) we depend on leader to control us b) a messiah

will save us c) we make enemies even when there arent any. Dysfunctional story : World can be divided into good versus evil How does the story reduce fear? It draws the worker into the good/fear dichotomy and allows leaders to do what they want without protest Types of Psychic Prisons: Organization, Dolls and Teddy Bears

Because people fear change, we hold onto objects even when such objects create harm. Transitional objects give people something else to hold onto while change occurs. Dysfunctional story : Change is bad! How does story control fear? If everything stays the same, we will not get harmed.

Types of Psychic Prisons: Shadows and Archetypes We are connected with others via humanness. Each of us has an ego with opposing desires. Yet we ignore some desires. Rather, we cloak ourselves in the myth that life can be explained by simply archetypes. Dysfunctional story: Humans can be perfect. How does the story control fear? If we fire people who are not perfect, we can have a perfect organization.

Strengths and Weaknesses Helps us understand the unconscious and why people are resistant to change. Though sometimes we forget that workplace are actual prisons! Which Concepts are most important?

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