Pupil Accounting Informational Meeting 2008-2009 School Year

Pupil Accounting Informational Meeting 2008-2009 School Year

Pupil Accounting Informational Meeting 2019 - 2020 School Year Kris Jefferies & Jody Byland Pupil Accounting Auditors NCRESA September 24, 2019 Agenda General Welcome Introduction of Kris Jefferies, NEW Pupil Accounting Auditor Power Point #1 Questions, etc. Veterans are free to excuse themselves if they wish Power Point #2 (Optional)

Intended & encouraged for any new personnel to PA and/or those who simply want a refresher Newly Designed Website How to find: On the left side of this page, you will see the following menu: Go to NCRESA webpage & place cursor over Student Services, in the drop-down menu, click on Pupil Accounting Home Contact Information

Important Dates Pupil Auditing Forms Check it out Get in the habit of frequently going to it for updated information Contact Information (Kris & Jody) (Also on website under Contact Information) Kris Phone: Office 231-924-8812 Cell 231-206-6977 Email: [email protected]

Jody Phone: Office 231-924-8824 Home 231-421-5269 Cell 231-349-8178 Email: [email protected] FALL COUNT Important Dates (Also on website under Important Dates) October 2nd (Wednesday)

November 6th (Wednesday) Fall Count Submission Deadline to Upload File to MSDS November 13th (Wednesday) Fall Count Day Fall Count Certification & Resolution of Duplicate FTEs Deadline November 20th (Wednesday) All Fall Count Day Forms to NCRESA Auditors Office SPRING COUNT Important Dates (Also on website under Important Dates)

February 12th (Wednesday) March 18th (Wednesday) Spring Supplemental Count Submission Deadline to Upload File to MSDS March 25th (Wednesday) Spring Supplemental Count Day Spring Supplemental Count Certification & Resolution of Duplicate FTEs Deadline April 1st (Wednesday)

All Supplemental Count Day Forms to NCRESA Auditors Office District Assignments 2019 2020 (Also on website under Contact Information) Kris: Fremont Public Schools Hesperia Community Schools White Cloud Public Schools Coordinator of Section 53 Special Education for ALL Districts Jody:

Big Jackson School District Grant Public Schools Newaygo County RESAs Special Education Programming Newaygo Public Schools Field Audit Schedule 2019 - 2020 ALL Field Audits will be done on the Fall Count Kris: Fremont Daisy Brook Elementary Fremont High School Fremont Quest Hesperia High School (Including Alt. Ed.)

White Cloud Junior High School Jody: Big Jackson Elementary (if enrollments require) Neway Center Newaygo High School Newaygo Elementary Grant Elementary Forms 2019-20 forms will be posted on the website under Pupil Auditing Forms, when viewing the left side of the website Kris has converted all the forms to a pdf fillable and

printable format for 2019-20, in anticipation of having the option to go green starting in 2020-21 Kris will now share examples of these forms Please use 2019-20 forms, not forms from past years Electronic Attendance Will be continuing for 2019 2020 For a district to continue, auditors will need access to attendance records within Skyward Electronic Attendance Certification Forms are currently available on the website under Resources_Other

Forms, then Electronic Attendance Certification Form, & then scroll to your building Retention of Attendance Records & Supporting Count Day Documents LEAs or Local Districts Current school year + the past three (3) school years o o o o 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 ISDs or RESAs

Current Fiscal Year + the past seven (7) school years o o o o o o o o 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 Review Topics GAD Opportunity to request Exit Code changes beginning Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

Auditors will also be performing Exit Code audits on all buildings scheduled to be Field Audited Couldnt make these changes because of the cohort year limitation, when the past appealable window was open Deadline is Friday, Nov. 20th for Exit Code change requests to Kris & Jody Primarily limited to high schools Form for requesting Exit Code changes along with additional information are currently available on the website under Resources_Other Forms, then GAD Local District Planning Form

Required from each district Form needs to be completed by only one person within the district Form and instructions are currently available on the website under Resources_Other Forms, then Local District Planning Form Deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, if possible Remember to personally sign (not typed) & date May be returned by email to Kris or Jody (depending on which one of us is responsible for your district) Required Documentation The district must provide all documentation requested by the pupil membership auditor within five (5) business days of the request

Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in the loss of membership FTE per the requested documentation Excused Absence Documentation All excused student absences must meet local Board Policy as an excused absence Only absences exceeding the 10-Day Rule need to be documented & submitted A copy of this Board Policy must be submitted with your count day materials Excused Absence Documentation (Continued)

Acceptable methods of documentation: Dated & signed note from parent / legal guardian Medical documentation / excuse Copy of Email message Personal contact / Voice mail message o Required log stating: Student name Date Grade/Class Reason for absence Name & relation of person making the contact Signature of authorized staff documenting the received contact

Staff Interviews During the Field Audit, auditors are required to interview any staff personnel (including para-pros) & pupil accounting personnel to inquire whether they are knowledgeable of any inappropriate alterations of their attendance records or any other teachers attendance records A minimum 2% random sampling of staff personnel within the building is required Auditors will coordinate interview arrangements with the building principal or administrator Teacher Certification Currently in transition

The term Highly Qualified no longer exists In validating certification, auditors currently need to only match certifications grade range to the teachers grade level assignment Required during the Desk Audit Verification of Teacher Certification Desk Audit Requirement Includes:

If the auditor finds that a teacher may not be properly permitted or certificated, the auditor must notify the Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) for an investigation Long-Term Substitutes Counselors Principals or Administrators In Summary Includes anyone who may be needed to cover a classroom when the teacher is not present Reminders Encourage you to ask questions as we proceed through these slides Proof of 75% Attendance Percentage of students in attendance for each day of instruction must be submitted

This is submitted through a form generated in Skyward entitled Michigan Percent Attendance Report Below 75% (district compiled total) - DO NOT lose the day, but a district may incur a penalty Some districts run the numbers o Better to add a day or risk the penalty? 6-Week Count Period Week before the Count Day Week of Count Day

Four (4) weeks following the week of Count Day Days & Hours Requirements Minimum of 180 days Minimum of 1,098 instructional hours Forgiven Days 6 days or equivalent hours (pro-rata time for programs less than 1,098 i.e. Half-Day Kindergarten; some Spec. Ed. Programming; Alternative Education with MDE approved waiver) Must still meet 75% attendance requirement A district may request an additional three (3) days (or equivalent hours) of forgiven

time from the State Superintendent to be applied to instructional time that was canceled due to conditions not within the control of school authorities, such as severe storms, fires, health conditions, and infrastructure issues. Section 101(3)(g) states that for any day of pupil instruction that is added to the end of the instructional calendar, the minimum attendance requirement is 60% of the enrolled pupils who are scheduled for instruction on a given day. Kindergarten Age Requirement The entry age for kindergarten requires a child to be at least five (5) years old on or before September 1st If a child has not turned five (5) by September 1st, but will be at least five (5) years old on or before December 1st of the same school year, the childs parent or legal guardian can apply for a waiver to enroll their child in school The parent or legal guardian has the final say on whether the child will start

the school year as a kindergartner A Kindergarten Waiver forms is available on the NCRESA forms website under Resources_Other Forms, then Kindergarten Waiver Verification of Identity & Age A certified birth certificate must be presented to verify the identity and birth date of all pupils enrolling in your district for the first time, as well as any students reenrolling Alternative Verification in lieu of a birth certificate(with a notarized affidavit attached) may include:

Baptismal Certificate (indicating date/place of birth) Court records Government records (county, military, immigration) Doctor or hospital records with a sworn statement Family records (Bible or passport) Life insurance policy Notarized Affidavit must explain the reason for the inability to produce a copy of the childs BC Birth Certificates At a minimum, you are required to review a certified birth certificate & complete an affidavit Copies of BCs can be made, depending on district policy

Record students name & birth date exactly as they appear on the BC onto the affidavit form Document that certified BC was reviewed on students enrollment form, or place affidavit in the students CA60, preferably stapled to inside of front cover If copied, use a black marker to completely cover the SSN BCs should never be sent with records or faxed to other school districts per Michigan Missing Childrens Act Michigan Missing Childrens Act [MCL 380.1135] Requires the parent / legal guardian of first-time enrollees to provide: Certified copy of the BC or other reliable proof of birth within 30 days For students born in Michigan, parent(s) can request a copy in person at county

clerk's office, by mail, on-line at http://www.vitalcheck.com/michigan-express-vital-records.aspx or Vital Records Requests , PO Box 30721, Lansing MI 48909. There is a fee of approximately $30.00 to $35.00 An affidavit MUST accompany any other reliable proof explaining the inability to produce the certified BC Parent(s) who fail to comply within the initial 30 days - [PA Manual Sec. 1(C)(1)]: Notify parent(s) in writing of an additional, but final, 30-day warning to comply IMPORTANT - After 30 days," district shall notify the local law enforcement agency (This fulfills your legal responsibility!) A district should never expel or deny enrollment of a student because the parent or legal guardian did not produce a BC State Law on Request & Transfer of Official Student Records (CA 60)

Upon enrollment or a Transfer In Within 14 days, official request for records sent Proof of Residency Drivers License is acceptable as a minimum, but rent agreement, utility bill, etc. are the best documentation Law does not speak to how many pieces of documentation are required Suggest consideration be given to one other piece in addition to just a drivers license What you do should be a district or building policy Drivers License are excellent documentation to confirm the identity of the parent or guardian enrolling the student Non-Resident / Schools of Choice Students & Releases (Form NR)

Release Forms are no longer required to be received on returning nonresident students ALL Non-Resident students, however, must be listed on Form AA (Includes Returning non-resident students & New non-resident students) Release Form must be attached for any NEW Non-Resident Students Complete Form NR in its entirety, including FTE time in General Education & Special Education The most recent Release Form for any Returning Student must be maintained on file until student leaves the district or graduates The Release Form for any Returning Student randomly selected as part of a Non-Resident Sample will need to be presented to auditors during a Field Audit o Sample will consist of 10% of all Non-Resident Students within the building

February Count Complete Form NR in the same manner Non-Resident / Schools of Choice Reminders A district does not need a waiver nor release from the resident district to enroll the following: Students documented as homeless prior to count day o Is a child of a person who works at the district or who worked at the district as of the time the pupil first enrolled in the district, but who no longer works at the district due to a workforce reduction o MCL 388.1606(6)(j) Enrolls in another district because the students school failed to make AYP under

NCLB o Requires documentation by districts homeless school liaison MCL1606(6)(o) Enrolls non-resident pupil in Alternative Education Program if pupil previously dropped out of school o For 2019-20, district wants to enroll a pupil as dropout & previous district hasnt updated exit status in MSDS, the district may submit evidence to MDE that pupil is dropout & MDE may permit district to enroll pupil Non-Resident / Schools of Choice Reminders (Continued) Special Education student attending under 105C require a letter of agreement between the non-resident district in which he/she is enrolled and his/her resident district

relevant to whom assumes special education costs Sample Letters of Agreement are available on NCRESA forms website, under Resources_Other Forms & then under SOC105c Special Education Agreement Letter_Examples Student accepted after the window of opportunity, please check Other on Form NR 105c Schools of Choice Please include, with your count day materials submission, all published documents/notifications/advertisements pertaining to your districts 105c schools of choice application & procedures If posted on your districts webpage, please indicate through a hand-written notation on the Checklist

Homeless Information Local documentation by LEA Homeless Liaison must be dated prior to Count Day, and submitted with Count Day materials Additional requests for documentation may be made during the desk or field audit process Homeless Liaison 2019-2020 DISTRICT DESIGNATED HOMELESS LIAISON NCRESA County Coordinator Burris, Kaley Fremont

Sanchez, Tracy Grant Miller, Deb Hesperia Fairchild, Amy NCRESA Hubert, Lisa Newaygo DeShano, Adam White Cloud Pedell, Melissa Homelessness & Pupil Enrollment

Children experiencing homelessness may enroll in either their school of origin or the district in which they are actually living Schools are to immediately enroll these children once their status is validated by the districts homeless liaison. Entitled through the end of the current school year Pupil Age Limitations The pupil must meet one of the following age requirements to be eligible for membership as defined in Section 6 of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1606): The pupil is less than 20 years of age as of September 1 of the school year, does not have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate, and has not achieved a high school diploma o Achieved is defined as having met the requirements of graduation, not obtaining or receiving the

diploma The pupil is less than 22 years of age as of September 1 of the school year, had dropped out of school, and is enrolled in a public school academy or an alternative education high school diploma program that is primarily focused on educating pupils with extreme barriers to education, such as being homeless as defined under 42 USC 11302 o Special coding required for these pupils Coded as EMM PCE Reported as 9222 Pupil Age Limitations (Continued) A special education pupil who is enrolled and receiving instruction in a special education program or service approved by the department, who does not have a high school diploma, and who is less than 26 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year shall be counted in membership. An individual who has obtained a General Educational Development (GED) certificate may be counted in membership if the individual is a student with a disability as defined in R 340.1702 of the Michigan Administrative Code. A special education certificate of completion is not a high school diploma for purposes of this manual.

NOTE: o A pupil who is enrolled in an alternative education program where adult education participants will be educated in the same program or classroom must be at least 16 years of age on September 1 of the school year Master Teacher Schedule The schedule needs to include teachers who are designated as long-term substitute teachers, if responsible for instructing a class on count day List is also to include teachers who are only assigned to a course for a portion of the school day/year, with the time period of the assignment specified IEP Reduced Schedule

Special Education Pupils placed by an IEP Team in Less than a Full Day of Instruction (IEP Reduced Schedule) Special education pupils are to attend the same number of days and hours as is required of any pupil to be counted for a full FTE The IEP team may shorten the school day for a pupil with disabilities on an individual pupil basis If the IEP team shortens the day for a medical or emotional reason, the pupil is eligible to be counted for a 1.00 FTE o The documentation supporting such a placement shall be provided by a licensed physician o This documentation may no longer be provided by a school social worker or school psychologist due to changes in the rules related to the licensing for school social workers and school psychologists Prior to placing a pupil on a reduced day due to emotional or behavioral issues, the district is required to consider the use of positive behavioral interventions and supports, as well as other strategies when developing the pupils IEP when behavioral issues impede the pupils learning or that of others

IEP Reduced Schedule (Continued) The following scenarios do not qualify a pupil for an IEP reduced schedule; the FTE must be prorated according to the number of instructional hours provided: Pupils who are being disciplined for behavioral problems, or those who are suspended or expelled Pupils who do not require a full day of instruction to acquire enough credits to graduate; such pupils are part-time pupils Pupils who spend part of their day employed; such pupils are part-time pupils Pupils who otherwise qualify for a reduced scheduled (Section 5-H) Pupils enrolled in early childhood special education programs (Section 5-K) Pupils enrolled in transition type programs (Section 5-L)

Student Class Schedules Class schedules must reflect all courses the pupil is enrolled in for the semester on the membership count day & run on that day Middle College summer courses (summer of 2019) need to be included on students Fall Class Schedule to be considered for FTE greater than 1.00 If a class schedule changes after the count date, the district must update the class schedule immediately Student Class Schedules (Continued) If a district has used placeholders in lieu of actual course names for planning purposes, all placeholder course names need to be replaced with the actual course names prior to the count day

Placeholder examples include APEX, PLATO, GenNET, E20/20, etc. These examples and other acronyms can no longer be used on a students class schedule. The actual course name now needs to be stated. Virtual classes must also be specifically stated Virtual classes taken sequentially for the semester, must all be listed on the students class schedule The district shall maintain a record of the pupils schedule as of count day Homebound & Hospitalized (PAM Section 5-D) The student is unable to attend school for health reasons:

Written documentation from a physician must be provided it has to state that the student is confined to the home or hospital for more than five (5) days for a medical reason. Can be general in nature. Details are NOT needed. Physician is an M.D. or D.O. Not a psychologist, chiropractor, dentist, etc. Pregnancy and recovery, if documented by a physician is now considered a medical condition! It also is not gender specific! (Not permitted for just childcare) Student must be able to engage in instruction The school district must make arrangements to provide these services within three (3) days of the request Homebound & Hospitalized (PAM Section 5-D) (Continued) Conditions for claiming a full FTE:

Materials must be provided by the district Attendance must be taken o A certified teacher must provide a minimum of two (2) 45-minute periods of instructional service per week can be consecutive Special Education Students: Credit is earned, awarded and placed on students transcript The student must have the ability to receive the service General Education Students:

Attendance log must be at least for the six-week count period unless services begin late or end early A new IEP needs to be written A certified teacher must provide a minimum of two (2) one-hour non-consecutive periods of instructional service per week, unless the new IEP specifies a certified special education teacher o Non-consecutive = a break of a minimum of 30 minutes Virtual Course: Can be used for additional supplemental instruction, BUT: o o Individualized instruction still required as stated above No additional membership awarded Nonpublic (Shared-Time) Home-Schooled (PAM Section 5-E) Resident district has right of first refusal

If doesnt agree to provide instruction to non-public school students within 60 days of request, non-public school can go to district/charter within the ISD or contiguous ISD FTE capped at 0.75 The FTE for a single overly-subscribed student may be adjusted down to the without having to be concerned about the FTE in each of the students enrolled courses Kindergarten may be offered any course as they are all considered non-essential at this level, BUT the FTE is still subject to the 0.75 cap Instruction to be provided by certified teacher rather than employee of district The courses must be offered at the grade level of the district that is providing the

instruction Only non-essential elective courses (not core courses) may be provided & claimed for FTE cap Nonpublic (Shared-Time) Home-Schooled (PAM Section 5-E) (Continued) Non-Essential Courses: According to Section 166b(3) of the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1766b(3), a nonessential course in grades 1 to 8 is a course other than a mathematics, science, social studies, and English language arts course required by the district for grade

progression. Nonessential courses in grades 9 to 12 are those other than algebra 1, algebra 2, English 9-12, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, geography, American history, world history, the Constitution, government, and civics, or courses that fulfill the same credit requirement as these courses. Nonessential elective courses include courses offered by the local district for high school credit that are also capable of generating postsecondary credit, including, at least, advanced placement and international baccalaureate courses. College level courses taken by high school students for college credit are nonessential courses. Remedial courses for any grade in the above-listed essential courses are considered essential. Kindergarten is considered nonessential. Nonessential courses offered under this section must also be offered and available to full-time pupils of the same age and grade level. Early Middle College (PAM Section 5-G-B) Membership Requirements: The pupil has been reported in MSDS by grade 11 with participation code 3500

The pupil has not satisfied all graduation requirements The pupil is enrolled in at least one high school class in a school district in Michigan; the course may be one offered by the postsecondary institution during the pupils final year if high school credit is also awarded Early Middle College (PAM Section 5-G-B) (Continued) Counting Pupil for More Than 1.00 FTE A pupil enrolled in a Department approved EMC may be counted for more than a total of 1.0 FTE if ALL the following requirements are met: 1. 2. 3. The additional courses must be part of the pupils course schedule during the count period and must result is the pupil receiving more than the number of days and hours required under Section 101 of the State School Aid Act.

The district must demonstrate that the pupil is expected and on-track to complete the 5-year program early (in less that 5 years) with both a high school diploma and at least 60 transferable college credits or an associate's degree. In addition, the district must provide the auditor with evidence of enrollment in postsecondary courses that are part of the EMC program of student and evidence that the tuition has been paid. Early Middle College (PAM Section 5-G-B) (Continued) Auditor will make an aggregate FTE adjustment to the districts membership if the following requirements are met: HS Schedule (All classes must be listed) Proof district paid tuition Evidence that student is on track to complete program early (in fewer that 5 years) Early Middle College (PAM Section 5-G-B) (Continued)

EARLY/MIDDLE COLLEGE - LIST OF ENROLLED PUPILS Form EMC District Building - Program 2018-19 School Year October Count Day February I certify that this is a true and accurate list of all eligible FTE reported for pupils enrolled in Early College or Middle College as of Count Day. Signature of Authorized Representative Title Date INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the report below for all pupils enrolled in courses in approved EMC programs. Include EMC students taking a virtual course from an eligible postsecondary institution. FTE Calculation: EMC Programs are eligible to count students for more than 1 FTE provided they: Program Requirements: All students should: 1. Offer More than 180 days and 1,098 hours of Instruction. - Not Yet Graduated - Math related course in final year 2. The Student must be on a track to graduate with BOTH a HS diploma and at least 60 transferrable college credits or - District-paid tuition - Full time (or reduced schedule)

an Associate's Degree in less than 5 years. A MEMCA certificate does NOT qualify for FTE above 1.00. - at least 1 HS credit - '3500' code in MSDS by 11th grade Indicate with a "Y" in column below Titled 'Eligible for more than 1.00 FTE' for students meeting this criteria. (FTE calculation will change.) First Name F FTE Membership Reported E Total # of HS Classes (C+D) College Credits Taken by Student # of Classes for Full Time Student Name of EMC Program or course of Study 12th grade cumulative FTE above 1.00 Determination of FTE C D

B # of High School Classes Taken by Student Last Name Eligible for more than 1.00 FTE? Grade A Calculate College Class(es) FTE 11th grade cumulative FTE above 1.00 # of HS Class Equiv. based on Credits (B/12)*A 10th grade cumulative FTE above 1.00 9th grade cumulative FTE above 1.00 OFFLINE SEAT TIME WAIVER (PAM Section 5-O-B)

This section no longer deals with online courses Waivers are no longer required for online course enrollment. This section deals only with offline or project-based learning Seat-Time Waivers, as we knew them, are no longer available Virtual Learning Options (PAM - Section 5-O-D)

Its now the sole container of requirements for online students Parent or legal guardian consent is now required for ALL students enrolled in virtual course Consent must be part of the students permanent records Only needs to be secured once Consent is not required if the pupil is at least age 18 or is an emancipated minor Field Audit o Consent must be available to auditors on all sampled students during a Field Audit Not available, will result in FTE loss Courses Selected from a course syllabus published in the statewide virtual course catalog maintained by the Michigan Virtual University (MVU) or from the district or intermediate school district catalog or listing of board approved courses. o This includes E20/20, Plato, etc.

All on-line courses must be reflected on the pupils class schedule in which he/she is enrolled on Count Day Virtual Learning Options (PAM - Section 5-O-D) (Continued) If the pupil is enrolled in more than two (2) virtual courses in an academic term, semester, or trimester, each of the following conditions must be met: The district has determined that such enrollment is in the best interest of the pupil The pupil agrees with the recommendation of the district Except for a pupil enrolled under Section 166b, the district will collaboratively develop an educational development plan (EDP) with the pupil following the Department guidance. For pupils in grades K-6, the plan should include the following items: o The pupils preferred learning style o The pupils interests

o Areas of academic development o Areas of personal/social development o A timeline and measures for the development of the above items o Postsecondary and career goals as applicable Virtual Learning Options (PAM - Section 5-O-D) (Continued) To satisfy the participation requirement: The pupil and the teacher of record or mentor must complete a two-way interaction for one course per week for each week of the four (4) week count period. (See the description of two-way interaction in the section following for more detail on this requirement) -OR The pupil must complete a combination of one or more of the following activities for each scheduled course on count day: o

o o o o Documented attendance in a virtual course where synchronous (live) instruction occurred with the teacher Documented completion of a course assignment Documented completion of a course lesson or lesson activity Documented pupil access to an on-going lesson; this is not a login Documented physical attendance on count day in each course may be used for pupils who will attend at least 50% of the instructional time for each course on-site, face-toface with the teacher of record. WORK-BASED LEARNING EXPERIENCES, APPRENTICESHIPS, AND INTERNSHIPS (PAM Section 5-P) Local high schools offer Non CTE Programs All must have Training Agreements and Training Plans

Non CTE employers must have Workmans Compensation & Liability Insurance provisions for students participating WORK-BASED LEARNING EXPERIENCES, APPRENTICESHIPS, AND INTERNSHIPS (PAM Section 5-P) (Continued) Requirements for counting membership:

The pupil must meet pupil membership eligibility requirements pursuant to Section 6(4) or 6(6) of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1606) and any other applicable statute The pupil shall be registered, enrolled, and participating in the course(s) pursuant to Section 6(4), Section 6(8) and Section 6a of the State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1606 and MCL 388.1606a). The pupil is enrolled in grades 9-12 The experience is monitored by a certified teacher. Special education pupils enrolled under this section must be monitored by a teacher certified in special education The pupil is eligible to receive credit toward a high school diploma for the experience The experience does not generate more than one-half of the pupils membership up to .5 FTE The district shall have a written training agreement in place by the count date. Department policy shall be used to define elements critical to the agreement The district shall have a written training plan in place by the count date. Department policy shall be used to define elements critical to the plan The employer or certified teacher/coordinator has maintained and verified records of the pupils attendance throughout the duration of the training agreement. The experience includes a plan for regular visitation. The plan indicates that visitations will occur every 9 weeks, or every 30 days for a special education pupil Safety instruction appropriate to the placement has been provided by the district or employer and must be documented in either the training plan or training agreement The district has verified that the pupil will be covered under the workers disability compensation and general liability insurance provided by the company that hosts the experience WORK-BASED LEARNING EXPERIENCES,

APPRENTICESHIPS, AND INTERNSHIPS (PAM Section 5-P) (Continued) Requirements for counting membership (continued): Federal and state regulations regarding the employment of minors shall be followed. A pupil is allowed not more than 24 hours of work per week while school is in session (MCL 409.111). Training agreements cannot be written to exempt pupils from provisions of federal child labor regulations, except for those detailed in Federal Bulletin 101 (hazardous occupations) Training Agreement: The training agreement is a written contract that clarifies the specific responsibilities of the pupil learner, the employer, the parents, the teacher/coordinator, and the school district. The training agreement must be on file at the employer's worksite prior to the pupil beginning work in order for the pupil learner to be legally employed. Hours not listed are not covered by the agreement. A training agreement must be in place by count day Training Plan

The district must have a written training plan in place by the pupil membership count day. The training plan must include the following: o o o A list of performance elements that contribute to the pupils progress toward a career objective Identification of the academic course(s) that generate credit toward a high school diploma in which the pupil is currently enrolled or was previously enrolled in that relates to and prepares the pupil for job placement (this requirement applies to Work-Based Learning Experience NonCTE programs) The pupils career or education goals as outlined in their education development plan Experiential Learning (If doing, please contact Kris or Jody) Must receive local school board approval and be in the student handbook Must be part of the students class schedule and result is

credit earned towards a high school diploma Must be taught by a certificated teacher employed by the school district The primary responsibility of the certificated teacher of the course should be teaching the students during the course time frame the teacher shall not be concurrently teaching another course PEER-TO-PEER ELECTIVE COURSE CREDIT PROGRAM (PAM Section 6-B) A peer-to-peer program is a strategy for providing ongoing support and modeling to a pupil with an individualized education program (IEP). It encompasses both the academic and the social domains. Both pupils derive benefits. The peer-to-peer pupil is enrolled in an elective course called a

peer-to-peer course and is receiving an elective course grade. If district is participating, refer to Pupil Accounting Manual Section 6B, and let Kris or Jody know before initiating Changes for 2019 - 2020 Not sure, although we are anticipating very few The 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Manual will not be available until 30 days after the state school aid act has been passed and signed by the governor Section 25e Will be following the same procedures as in the past years

Forms are currently available on the website under Resources_Other Forms, then Section 25e Refer to more detailed information on the indicated website above entitled Section 25e Timelines Procedures_2019-20 Final Reminders All Pupil Accounting legislative changes for 2019-20 are in effect for the Fall Count Day, even though the Pupil Accounting Manual will not be available until 30 days after the state school aid act has been passed and signed by the governor Building Alpha List must be printed on Count Day IMPORTANT All HS/MS student schedules must be printed on Count Day

Keep a link to the Pupil Accounting Manual on your computer, or a hard copy for reference once it is posted Link is http://www.michigan.gov/mde/0,1607,7-140--22360--,00.html There is to no such thing as a dumb question, so never hesitate to ask. Pupil Accounting is in perpetual motion (i.e. always moving and changing). To survive we need to continue to communicate so we can learn together. Your Time !!! Overwhelmed !!!??? Questions??

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  • NYLS and MCNY Disaster Preparedness Partnership

    NYLS and MCNY Disaster Preparedness Partnership

    Michael Maurer Last modified by: bjohnso4 Created Date ... COOP Plan Maintenance Pandemic Influenza Annex Pandemic Influenza Annex Goal Lessons Learned The Clery Act The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act IHEs Sanctions &...
  • U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service System

    U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service System

    How the system will address orders in transition. Background. ... If the winning quote/offer does not reference an existing contract number and instead is listed as 'Open Market'; you will be given the opportunity to select from a different list...