Put First Things First - Mr. Harris

Put First Things First - Mr. Harris

Put First Things First Will and Wont Power Packing More into Your Life Better you organize yourself, the more youll be able to pack in Time Quadrants Important Your most important things, your first things, activities that contribute to your mission and your goals Urgent Pressing things, in-your-face things, activities that

demand immediate attention The Time Quadrants Urgent Important 1 Procrastinator Not Urgent 2 Prioritizer Not Important

Exam Tomorrow Friend Gets Injured Late For Work Project Due Today Essay Due in a Week Exercise Relationships Relaxation 3

4 Yes-Man Unimportant Phone Calls Interruptions Other Peoples Small Problems Peer Pressure Slacker Endless Phone Calls

Excessive Computer Games Mall Marathons Times Wasters Too Much TV Quadrant 1: The Procrastinator Stress Case Seldom be performing to your potential Motto: Im going to stop procrastinating-some time soon. Addicted to Urgency Last minute gives a rush

Results of too much time in Q1 Stress and anxiety Burnout Mediocre performance Quadrant 3: The Yes-Man Please other people Urgent things have the appearance of being important Often Not Would like to say NO but cant because youre afraid to offend others Motto: I dont know the key to success, but the key to

failure is to try to please everyone. Spending too much time in Q3 Reputation for being a pleaser Lack of discipline Feeling like a doormat for other to wipe their feet on Quadrant 4: The Slacker Waste and Excess Loves anything in excess Results of living in Q4 Lack of responsibility Guilt Flakiness

Quadrant 2: The Prioritizer The place you want to be Wouldnt take more time, just a little more planning Looks at everything and then prioritizes Results of living in Q2 Control of your life Balance High performance Plan Weekly

Pick up a planner or start using your planner Each week plan Three-step weekly planning process 1. Identify Your Big Rocks 2. Block Out Time for Your Big Rocks 3. Schedule Everything Else Identify Your Big Rock What are the most important things you need to do this week? Mini-goals Think of your key roles of your life

Dont get carried away Be realistic and narrow your focus Block Out Time for Your Big Rocks Big-rock experiment Big rocks = important things Pebbles = little everyday things If you dont schedule your big rocks in first, they wont get done

Book your big rocks by block out time in your planner Schedule Everything Else Once you have your big rocks booked, schedule in all of your other little to-dos, daily task, and appointments Here is where the pebbles go!

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