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QualPro Recommendations for - Trademark Player

QualPro Recommendations for ACT Test Score Improvement Student Version 2012 QualPro 1 We feel confident that any student that follows this program will increase their average ACT Scores by at least three points. 2012 QualPro 2 QualPro General Recommendations* 1. Learn key vocabulary words 2. Use better test-taking strategies for reading and science reasoning 3. Learn essential math concepts 4. Take at least four practice exams * These recommendations should be accomplished during the junior year. 2012 QualPro

3 ACT Test Prep Reading 2012 QualPro 4 Test-Taking Strategy for Reading For reading the answers are in the test. Spend one minute skimming the passages. Go immediately to the questions and then quickly find the answers. DO NOT follow the ACT instructions which says to read the passages and then try to answer the questions. 2012 QualPro 5 ACT Test Prep English 2012 QualPro 6

ACT Vocabulary Words Required for English and Reading Tests* (Bare Minimum) abstract absurdity acknowledge acute aesthetic affluence agenda allegedly ambiguity ample analogy anomaly apathy arbitrary articulate (v) assert assertion authoritative auxiliary breadth chaos chronic chronological cite coherence coherent collaborating commendable compellingly concede

concise concrete (adj) condescension confer conformity connote consequence consequently consistent contemporary (n) context controversial conversely convey correlate (v,n) cosmopolitan (adj) counter (v) criterion cryptic daunting defiantly definitive delete deletion denote derive detached deterrence detract dialect dilemma

diligent discern disdainful dispel dissonance distract diverse drawback dry (humor) eclectic editorial (adj) eloquent eminent emphatically enumerate escapist establishment evaluative evoke explanatory explicit extent faade facet factual faculty feign fictional fictitious figuratively finding (n) foresight

formality format frenzied frivolous furthermore generalities generalization generalize generate genre glib humanitarian hypothesis idealistic ideological idiomatic illogical illustrative imminent implication imply impose inaccurate inadvertently incentive inclination inconsistency inconstant indication indifference inevitable

inexplicably infer inference influential ingenious ingenuous inherent initial (adj) inquiry insight insignificant insinuate insistently insufficient intent intently interpretation intolerant intricacies intricate intrigue (v) irreconcilable irrelevant irrevocable likewise longstanding lyricism mainstream mandate (v) matter of course means (n)

mediocre melancholy mere meticulous minuscule mischievous misconception momentous mutual narrative nevertheless nonetheless nostalgia noteworthy notion obscure (v) obtuse omission omit on behalf of one-dimensional onus outset paradox parenthetical perceptual phenomenal philosophy plagiarism populace populous portray

preceding precisely preconceived previous progressive quasiquintessential randomly rational redundancy redundant reinforce relevant reluctantly remnant remote replenish resemblance resistant resolution resonate resources respectively revel reverent revisionist rift rudimentary sacrilege sanctuary sapling satellite

saturation scholarly scrunity scrutinize seascape seemingly selectively seminal sensory sentiment serenity shrill shrub shun simultaneous singular site sit-in sizable skepticism slogan social order solace sovereign specific speculate spin-off stable stationary stationery status

steerage stereotypical stifle subjective succession succumb superficial superimpose sustenance syndicated syringe taut taxed with tenet terra firma terrestrial theorize thereafter thus timber tirade toxin trajectory transcend transition translucent treason typesetting tyranny tyrant uncanny unparalleled

unprecedented unsolicited urgency urn vaccine vindicate visionary vivid voluptuous vulnerable wherefore whimsy withdrawn worldview * All these words taken from the five practice tests in the real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Ed. These are words that the students are REQUIRED to know just to process the answers 2012 QualPro 7 ACT Vocabulary Words Required for English and Reading TestsBare Minimum Comprehensive List abstract adjnot like anything physical; not representing a physical object; related to thought or imagination as opposed to nature. Opposite of concrete. The two-year-olds finger painting looked more like abstract art than a picture of a cow. absurdity nthe state of being ridiculously impossible Expecting Charles Barker, the retired basketball player, to wear a pink sequined tutu and walk a tight wire strikes me as the height of absurdity. acknowledge vtto admit to be true

Myra acknowledged that the grapes in the refrigerator would be colder than the ones on the counter. acute adj 1. in geometry, less that 90 and therefore pointed and sharp; keen My Uncle Theo has an acute sense of humor. 2. immediate and in need of attention; said of a disease. Opposite of chronic Paul was rushed to the hospital for an acute appendix attack. aesthetic adjartsy; related to beauty or excellence Japanese food is usually more aesthetic than Grannys home cooking. na standard for judging somethings goodness The judges aesthetic for rating the divers included the height of the splash as well as the straightness of the divers legs. affluence nwealth Most Americans do not appreciate their affluence when compared to the rest of the world. agenda nplan of accomplishments and the time needed to perform them I did not have stop at Brusters for ice cream on my agenda, but Im glad to add it. 2012 QualPro 8 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) allegedly advaccording to what people say but unproven By the time you read this, the scandalous things people have allegedly done today will either be proved or disproved. ambiguity nability to be understood in either of two ways The Kinks song Lola was famous for its ambiguity: I know Im not the most masculine man,/ But I know what I am, and Im glad Im a man / And sos Lola. ample adjadequate; plentiful; abundant

If the pants are too short, there is ample fabric in the hem to lengthen them. analogy ncomparison; a way to show how one thing is like another Calling Cruella DeVilles heart as cold and hard as a diamond is a good analogy. anomaly nsomething that doesnt fit or belong and cant be explained The doctor was worried about an anomaly in Grannys heart rhythm. apathy nlack of feeling My little brother had nothing but apathy for the socks he got for Christmas. arbitrary adjchosen at random; having no pattern After trying to follow Pias singing, Chuck gave up and started playing arbitrary chords. articulate vto say something clearly and in detail Ms. Hall articulated to the noisy class that even a sigh would cause them to miss recess. assert vito state strongly Aunt June asserted that her peach pie always won the prizes at the fair. assertion na statement made strongly When Mike ate his pencil eraser, I believed his assertion that he was hungry. authoritative adjconfident; sounding as if an expert had said it Anything Dolly Parton says about wigs is considered authoritative advice. auxiliary adj additional; used as a substitute in case of need Our home has an auxiliary power source in case we lose electrical service. breadth nwidth, wide range or extent During the debate, the challenger demonstrated his breadth of experience 2012 QualPro in foreign affairs. 9 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) chaos ncomplete confusion or disorder The chaos that occurred after the hurricane included young men overturning vehicles, rioting, and looting. chronic adjongoing; across time. Opposite of acute Because my sister suffers from chronic headaches, she had to give up soccer.

chronological adjarranged in date or time order Jacobs diary provided a chronological account of his life. cite vto show the source of My teacher makes us cite all our sources when we write a research paper. Note: do not confuse with site coherence n logical connection and clearness Dr. Hackneys coherence on the witness stand caused the jury to believe her testimony. coherent adjlogically connected My English teacher insists that a paragraph must include a good topic sentence and several coherent supporting sentences. collaborating vito work together with The music, dance, and art departments are collaborating with the drama department to produce Oklahoma. commendable adjworthy of praise We want to thank the art department, whose commendable work made our stage look like a wide-open prairie. compellingly advin a manner that causes someone to consider believing Because Joan presented her argument so compellingly, Mom let her go on spring break. concede vtto admit Although the race was close, the losing candidate conceded defeat just before midnight. concise adjefficient with words; saying what needs to be said in as few words as possible. Being concise makes sense when sending a telegram that charges by the word. 2012 QualPro 10 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) concrete adjlooking like something physical; representing a physical object; related to nature, as opposed to thought or imagination. Opposite of abstract. Most people believe concrete evidence more than they believe gossip. condescension nthe act of lowering oneself to do something considered too low

The movie star acted with condescension to her old school chums, who had known her when she was a second-string basketball player. confer vito talk with on a particular subject After the coach conferred with the referee, he took Calvin out of the game. conformity nthe act of going along with what everybody else is doing The rule at my school is conformity for the first three years, then everyone dresses as they please. connote vtto cause to think about, as opposed to plainly stating. Opposite of denote. To many people, country music connotes cowboy boots, glittery clothes, and twangy voices. consequence nresult; what follows due to something that went before The consequence of going overboard with your credit card is a mountain of debts. consequently advas a result We have had little rain this summer; consequently, many crops are drying up. consistent adj 1. the same throughout; fair Old Man Turner is mean, but at least hes consistent; he yells at everybody. 2. in harmony; having the same principles The kids new club rules are consistent with the Constitution. contemporary nsomeone who lived at the same time Napoleon and Jane Austen were contemporaries, but I dont think they ever met. context nthe sentence that surround the words Depending on the context, a run may be a point in baseball or a tear in a womans stocking. controversial adjcausing much discussion or scandal Letting eighteen-year-old soldiers drink alcohol is still controversial; they can give their lives for their country, but they cant buy a drink to celebrate a victory. 2012 QualPro 11 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) conversely advin the opposite order Mom always puts milk first, then butter, then eggs in the refrigerator; conversely, she always removes eggs first, then butter, then milk.

convey vtto make known; to serve as a means of communication By his tears, DeShawn conveyed that the movie touched his heart. correlate vtto show how one thing relates to another My favorite teacher can correlate what students like with what they need to learn. cosmopolitan adjworldly; educated in the ways of the world Adding options like salsa, guacamole, and mushrooms gave Uncle Larrys hot dog stand a cosmopolitan air. counter vtto oppose in response When my brother said I didnt know everything, I countered with, Neither do you! criterion na standard or reason for judgment. Bubbas criterion for a good car is a teeth-rattling sound system, but Brads criteria are good mileage, rapid acceleration, and a color that matches his eyes. Note: the plural is criteria. cryptic adjwith a hidden meaning (its root word is crypt, meaning hiding place) Because Beth always gives me a cryptic answer, Im never sure what she wants. daunting adjbig or scary enough to make a person think twice before going ahead Nichole had a daunting amount of homework, but she finished it before 9:00. defiantly advwith an oppositional attitude. Patrick Henry defiantly said, Give me liberty or give me death. Note: do not confuse with definitely. definitive adj 1. the qualities that make something what it is The quarterbacks definitive coordination earned him a full scholarship. 2. the most nearly complete and accurate In Myras family, her mothers rules are the definitive rules. Note: do not confuse with definite. 2012 QualPro 12 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued)

delete vtto take out; remove (said of words) To make sure the handout of the Pledge of Allegiance was perfect, Gilda told Fred to delete Richard Stands and write which it stands instead. deletion nthe act of marking something out The boss made so many deletions that it would have been easier for me to start over. denote vtto state plainly; to give an exact meaning. Opposite of connote. The six-pack my sisters computer date bragged about was actually what it denoted a half-dozen cans of Pepsi, not a muscular abdomen! derive vtto arrive at by computing or thinking My big sister derives a lot of pleasure from watching my brother and me arguing. deterrence nsomething that keeps people from doing something All those thorns provide deterrence against the theft of Mrs. Lorrimers prize roses. detached adjneither on one side nor the other; objective; without bias; not attached to one side of an argument The policemans detached attitude made me believe he was listening to me fairly. deterrence nsomething that keeps people from doing something All those thorns provide deterrence against the theft of Mrs. Lorrimers prize roses. detract vito reduce the quality of Jeremys handprints in the frosting detract from the eye appeal of his birthday cake. dialect na form of language used by people of a certain region or group Having always lived in East Tennessee, Ashley understood the dialect of the South. dilemma na choice between two confusing alternatives Madison was faced with the dilemma of losing sleep to study for the test or getting eight hours sleep but not reading the last two chapters. diligent adjhard-working It wasnt so much being smart as it was being diligent that earned Steve his first million. discern vtto recognize as separate or different A smart daughter will discern her mothers mood before she asks to stay out late. 2012 QualPro 13

ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) disdainful adjshowing lack of respect The students disdainful behavior caused the entire class to miss recess. dispel vtto get rid of Harolds performance in his latest movie dispelled the rumors that his success is due to his famous father. dissonance nunmatched, disturbing sounds; lack of harmony There is too much dissonance between Butchs Butcher Shop and Veronicas Vegan Deli for them to share a courtyard. distract vtto draw attention away Listening to hip hop while I study distracts me from my French homework. diverse adjhaving parts that are unlike each other The Mortons have diverse pets: a hermit crab, a Great Dane, and a chicken. drawback ndisadvantage of doing something; reason not to do something One big drawback to being a medical examiner is the smell of the dead bodies. dry adjreserved and subtle, as opposed to broad and obvious (said of a sense of humor) Steven Wrights dry humor leads him to write jokes like, Right now I'm having amnesia and dj vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before. eclectic adjhaving components from a wide variety of sources Maeves new living room is an eclectic mix of Louis XIV furniture, Disney character posters, and lamps made from cowboy spurs, saddles, and ropes. editorial adjhaving the qualities an editor might add, as opposed to fact-based news stories Mr. Franklins editorial comments made it clear that his newspaper would not be supporting Taft in the fall. eloquent adjgraceful and skillful of speech The committee chose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of independence because he had written so many eloquent letters and proposals before. eminent adjfamous; outstanding The eminent surgeon, Dr. Phillip Easterly, spoke at my sisters graduation. Note: often confused with imminent 2012 QualPro

14 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) emphatically advwith great emphasis When the waiter asked Ted if he wanted anchovies, Ted emphatically said, No! enumerate vtto count out one by one Carl enumerated Melissas charms: her eyes, her figure, and her quiet sense of humor. escapist adjliterature or art that rejects the routine of the real world Arliss and Ethan prefer escapist video games with dragons and wizards to playing ball. establishment nThe powers that bethose who by their wealth or power make the social rules The hippies rebelled against the Establishment by wearing long hair and blue jeans. evaluative adjhelping to judge The news is not supposed to be evaluative; its supposed to give information so that the viewers can make up their own minds. evoke vtto bring to the mind or the senses The smell of hot buttered popcorn always evokes a dark theatre and a new movie. explanatory adjexplaining; giving details about something in order to make it easier to understand The recipe made more sense when Madison read the explanatory notes at the bottom. explicit adjobvious and detailed The crime scene show was too explicit to watch while we were eating pizza. extent na place as far as People appreciate how hard people work for them only to the extent that they have done the job themselves. faade nfalse face; front; shallow covering of the real thing Driving a fancy car was part of the faade that hid how poor he really was. facet na particular side, as of a jewel; aspect When Nat saw the photo of The Pirates of Penzance in his fathers yearbook, he appreciated a new facet of his fathers personality. factual adjbased on proven knowledge The skid marks provided factual evidence that the driver had tried to stop.

2012 QualPro 15 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) faculty nindividual parts that make up a whole person or institution The schools faculty, every single one of the teachers, reminded Tommy of the faculties he had left after his blindness: memory, imagination, sense of humor, intelligence, and understanding. feign vtto pretend; to fake Steve feigned sleep so his mother would leave him alone. fictional adjmade up, as opposed to factual The Wizard of Oz is a fictional character. fictitious adjmade up, as opposed to factual Oz is a fictitious country. figuratively advin a way; so to speak; in a way that people understand but not literally true Jodi Lee is a ray of sunshine at the retirement home, figuratively speaking. finding nwhat someone has found after much research. Usually plural: findings In spite of all the findings, cigarette companies still say smoking does not cause cancer. foresight nthe ability to understand beforehand, to foresee With great foresight, Howie took his rain boots and his dusk goggles on vacation. formality ndressed-up-ness; the degree to which something follows social rules Because of the formality of the courtroom, I decided not to wear cutoffs. format nshape, size, and general arrangement of a book, magazine, or other presentation Granddaddy has trouble learning the format of his new iPhone. frenzied adjwith hysterical agitation; wild The middle school girls had a frenzied attack on the latest teen idol. frivolous adjnot serious; silly The dress had a frivolous bunny made out of ruffles on one sleeve. furthermore advin addition Purple is not a color that brides wear; furthermore, its not my favorite color. generalities nthe big ideas or qualities that smaller ideas share

The candidate spoke in generalities but never gave a single specific fact. 2012 QualPro 16 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) generalization nan overall big idea drawn from a bunch of smaller ideas Grandmas generalization that all rock stars have long hair is no longer true. generalize vito state the qualities that different things or ideas have in common To generalize that all skaters are rebellious slackers is unfair. generate vtto cause to be made That lemonade stand of Jerrys generated $120 in only one hour. genre ncategory The horror film genre is not the only kind Stephen Kings books have inspired. glib adjquick-witted; smooth-tongued Any glib salesman can sell anything to Aunt Becky. humanitarian adjhaving to do with those who serve mankind Although being a billionaire takes a lot of time, Bill Gates is involved in many humanitarian efforts, like teaching adults to read. hypothesis nthe unproven idea you start out with before you prove something Greg tested his hypothesis that his sister was sneaking out at night by watching her. idealistic adjexpecting the best; identified by ideals, rather than dreads The Sunll Come Out Tomorrow from Annie is one of the most idealistic songs I know. ideological adjhaving to do with ideas, their nature and source The differences between those two politicians arent personal; they are ideological. Idiomatic adjunique in language and thought; setting its own standard Mama Lizabettas English is idiomatic, but all the grandkids know what she means. illogical adjlacking logic; not making sense Washing your hair right before you go swimming in the lake is illogical. illustrative adjso descriptive that it draws a mental picture The speakers examples of the beach were so illustrative that I could almost hear the ocean.

imminent adjon its way; about to arrive The weatherman says rain is imminent, so take your umbrella. Noteoften confused with eminent 2012 QualPro 17 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) implication nthe idea a person gives without saying it directly When three people offer you a Tic-Tac, the implication is that youve got bad breath. Note: different from inference imply vtto give an idea indirectly, without coming out and saying When Brian offered Hugo a bigger chair, he was implying that Hugo was overweight. Note: different from infer impose vtto cause unnecessary trouble to Its after midnight, Mrs. Kane, so we wont impose in you any longer. Good night. inaccurate adjwrong; faulty After the ball game was rained out, it was obvious that Channel 9s weather report prediction of 100% sunshine was inaccurate. inadvertently advwithout having been planned; by not being careful The waiter inadvertently knocked the cherry off my sundae when he reached for the dirty plate. incentive na reward or prize offered to get someone to behave a certain way Hanging a nice, juicy carrot in front of a donkeys nose is a good incentive to make him move forward. Inclination nleaning; tendency Two of the Gregory children show a definite inclination towards music. inconsistency nlack of sameness; difference in substance or texture Waiter, there is an inconsistency between what I ordered and what you brought me. inconstant adjunsteady; wavering Walter, that jerk, is an inconstant boyfriend; he dates three girls besides Jodi.

indication nhint; sign With a tilt of her head, Kiki made an indication that she wouldnt mind talking to Bob. Indifference nabsence of caring Whether you go or stay is a matter of complete indifference to me. inevitable adjunavoidable One inevitable result of eating dessert at every meal is weight gain. 2012 QualPro 18 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) inexplicably advun-explain-ably Nobody broke the vase, Mom, Jimbo said. It just inexplicably shattered into a million pieces. infer vto come up with an idea based on what someone said When Lee handed me a comb, I inferred that my hair looked messy. Note: different from imply inference nan idea that comes from what someone else said When I saw Nana looking under the bed, my inference was that she had lost something. Note: different from implication influential adjhaving influence; having pull The Beatles were highly influential in the recording industry, being the first to make their own technical decisions. ingenious adjclever and inventive My little brother developed an ingenious way to let the dog out without leaving the sofa. Note: often confused with ingenuous ingenuous adjinnocent, trusting, simple Why does Buck like to look at the girls in the short skirts, Daddy? the ingenuous little girl asked. Note: often confused with ingenious

inherent adjbuilt-in naturally While vitamin pills can be useful, the vitamins inherent in fresh vegetables are healthier. initial adjfirst; at the beginning At our initial meeting, Van seemed boring; when I knew him better, though, he made me laugh. inquiry nquestion-asking The polices inquiry into the robbery revealed nothing except that the thief had red hair. insight nability to see or understand the inner nature Although shes eighty-three, Nana has a lot of insight into the problems of teenage girls. insignificant adjunimportant; too small to matter 2012 QualPro 19 Except for a few insignificant details, Gina had finished planning the entire wedding. ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) insinuate vtto hint or suggest indirectly When Marcy looked at me and locked her desk, she was insinuating that I was nosy. insistently advrefusing to give up The salesman insistently knocked at the door until Grandpa wheeled his wheelchair to the door and answered. Insufficient adjnot enough The police announced that they had insufficient evidence to make an arrest. intent adjdetermined to; focused Grace was so intent on following the traffic laws that she did not notice what Luke was saying. npurpose By bringing Kate a dozen roses, Bills intent was to express his love, not to make her sneeze. intently advwith great concentration The boys played Masters of Destruction so intently that they did not hear Mom call them for dinner.

interpretation nway of saying something in a different language or for a different listener A Sesame Street interpretation of Shakespeares play Romeo and Juliet would probably leave out the deaths. intolerant adjunwilling or unable to put up with Since Donna is intolerant of milk products and Uncle Todd is intolerant of hippies, they did not attend the opening of the new Woodstock Ice Cream Parlor. intricacies ncomplicated details Caitlyn hates to dust around the intricacies of her mothers miniature glass animal collection. intricate adjdelicate and complicated Norman has no problem with the intricate workings of the inside of a computer. intrigue vtto fascinate Uncle Steve told Quint, No matter how old I get, the mind of a woman will always intrigue me. 2012 QualPro 20 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) irreconcilable advun-matchable; that cannot be brought into agreement Since Matt bred beef cattle and Kiki was a vegetarian, their differences were irreconcilable. irrelevant adjunrelated; not important to the matter at hand Whether you pay me back with two five-dollar bills or ten ones is irrelevant, as long as you pay me back today. irrevocable adjunchangeable Dads decree that no daughter of his will date until she is fifteen is final and irrevocable. likewise advin the same way Her friends like Jane because shes so positive; likewise, strangers like her for her friendliness. longstanding adjhaving been established a long time Some of the council members were uneasy changing the longstanding town boundaries. lyricism ngraceful, musical quality

Even voters who disagreed with his views were swayed by the lyricism of his speeches. mainstream nmajority; common idea The vegans want Friday to be Tofu Day, but kids in the mainstream want it to stay Pizza Day. mandate vto cause to be demanded The alarming increase in stray dogs mandated a crackdown by the Humane Society. matter of course nthing that people just accept without thinking Mom began washing the dishes as a matter of course, even though it was Mothers Day. means nstuff needed; way I had the need and the desire to buy a car, but not the means, so I got a job. mediocre adjneither high- nor low-quality; in-between; average The pie was mediocre; it wasnt as delicious as Grannys, but it wasnt as nasty as mine. melancholy adjsad and thoughtful; gloomy Rainy days like this make me so melancholy that I need to watch a good comedy. 2012 QualPro 21 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) mere adjonly; nothing more or other than Nobody expected that a mere five-year-old could play the piano like Elton John. meticulous adjpicky and extremely careful The guy who washes my car is so meticulous that he goes over the interior with a Q-tip. minuscule adjvery tiny Grandpa didnt see the minuscule insect on his potato salad before he put it in his mouth. mischievous adjfond of playing jokes and causing harmless trouble Both puppies and kittens can seem mischievous because of their curiosity. misconception nmistaken idea After she saw the mail deliverer put the mail in the mailbox, Jenna got the misconception that he wrote all the letters, bills, and catalogues. momentous adjimportant in a life-changing way

The invention of the electric light bulb was a momentous step in modern civilization. mutual adjas much from one side as the other; agreeable to both sides; from both sides Buzz likes Liz, and Liz likes Buzz; their feelings are mutual. narrative nthe telling of a story Barack Obamas narrative includes growing up in a single-parent family. nevertheless advunlike what you might expect; nonetheless I slept for nine hours; nevertheless, I was still tired. nonetheless advunlike what you might expect; nevertheless Sam was careful; nonetheless, he spilled the coffee. nostalgia nan emotional feeling about the past When the movie Grease came out in the 1970s, America felt nostalgia for the 1950s. noteworthy adjworth paying attention to The only noteworthy event from my week at camp occurred when the pool caught fire. notion nsmall part of an idea Madison had no notion that the surprise party was for her. 2012 QualPro 22 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) obscure adjhard to find Sophie was shocked to find an obscure law saying that a husband could not beat his wife with a stick any larger than his thumb. vtto hide Unfortunately, the clouds obscured the full moon. obtuse adjdull; not sharp; said of an angle that is greater than 90 because it isnt sharp Because Ryan was so obtuse, Jill and Sam had to come out and tell him they wanted to be alone. omission nthe leaving out of something Due to a famous omission, one version of the Bible said, Thou shalt commit adultery.

omit vtto leave out If you omit the eggs when making meat loaf, it wont stick together. Dont ask me how I know! on behalf of prepfor the sake of; to represent Kayla gave Ms. Prosser a box of chocolates on behalf of all the students she tutored after school. one-dimensional adjhaving neither depth nor width; a spot only, without any development Even though everyone likes him, the Road Runner is a one-dimensional character. onus nburden Although the fashion world makes being too skinny seem glamorous, the onus of teaching girls to have a healthy view of their bodies is on their parents. outset nbeginning; the place from which one sets out I never liked Gordy, even from the outset of his relationship with Sheila, and I was right. paradox nthe relationship between two statements that do not seem to be able to be true at the same time The novel Catch-22 was based on the paradox that you had to be crazy to get out of the army, but you had to be crazy to be in the army in the first place! 2012 QualPro 23 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) parenthetical adj 1. inside parentheses: words inside curved marks (like those around these words) Takeshas play is full of parenthetical instructions that tell the actors how to say the lines. 2. that which is said off to the side; not the main idea but one that is worth sneaking in Christi was famous for her parenthetical comments, as when she said, Lowell, that new teacher, the one you said that looks like Taylor Swift, wants to see you. perceptual adjrelying on the senses, as opposed to the mind

Watching a spinning black-and-white spiral can cause perceptual confusion. phenomenal adjlike nothing else; unique Most fans thought Avatar was a phenomenal movie. philosophy nway of thinking that guides other thoughts and actions Unfortunately, the philosophy of many tobacco companies is to make as much money as possible, with no regard for the health of their customers. plagiarism nthe using of someone elses words or ideas without giving that person credit; stealing words or ideas Rob claimed that it was coincidence, not plagiarism, that explained why his report was identical to Freds. populace nthe people of a region or group To most Westerners surprise, the populace of Indonesia is mostly Muslim. Note: often confused with populous populous nhaving a large population New York City is far more populous than Knoxville. Note: often confused with populace portray vtto display from a certain viewpoint Val Kilmer portrayed Batman as a darker character than the Batman of the 1960s. preceding adjthe one that went before; previous The last tournament was much more exciting than the preceding ones. precisely advexactly Whether everyone has arrived or not, Aunt Lois always serves dinner at 2012 precisely 6:30.24 QualPro ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) preconceived adjalready thought of Yankees have many preconceived ideas about Tennesseans: illiterate, barefoot moonshine makers who marry their cousins.

previous adjthat which came before; preceding The receipt from the previous customer was still in the ATM when I got my cash. progressive adjsocially or culturally different from a mainstream idea Darcys kids go to a progressive school that does not divide students into grades. quasi- prefixsort of; somewhat The roller coaster made Jenna quasi-queasy, but she still felt like riding the Ferris wheel. quintessential adjthe absolute basic Superman is the quintessential superhero: he has a mysterious origin, amazing powers, and one peculiar weakness. randomly advnot in any predictable order The winning numbers on the Draw Five lottery are supposed to come out of the machine randomly, not in order. rational adjbased on thought, not feeling; reasonable Officer Hayes always stays rational, even when the victims and suspects appear crazy. redundancy nwords that are unnecessary because they have been stated in another way The phrase 3 a.m. in the morning uses an obvious redundancy. redundant adjunnecessary because they have been stated in another way The phrase 12 midnight at night is redundant. reinforce vtto make stronger Seeing Rons vanity license plate, which said STUDLY, reinforced my belief that he was conceited. relevant adjrelated to the important idea In determining a womans fitness, her height is relevant to her weight. reluctantly advnot wanting to The day after she got her braces, Taylor went reluctantly to school. 2012 QualPro 25 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) remnant nleftover piece Mama made a Kayce a dolls dress out of the remnant of the white satin she used for

Gails wedding gown. remote adjaway from everything else Don refused to stay in a Holiday Inn; he wanted a remote inn, far away from the shopping areas. replenish vtto fill back up; to restore to its original volume Because Trace replenished the whiskey bottle with tea, it looked like no one had drunk any. resemblance nlooking-alike-ness Steves resemblance to Stephanie made many people think they were brother and sister. resistant to adjable to avoid being infected or taken in by Davys mom need to find clothes that are resistant to mud, tears, and being left behind. resolution nstrength of will Berthas resolution to avoid desserts was strong enough to survive five birthday parties. resonate vito spread a sound or an idea The thumps from Dwights car stereo resonated into Mrs. McGregors bedroom. resources nqualities or material that can be used Even my mostly worthless brother has resources: his stomach makes a good pillow, and I can light a match on his unshaved chin. respectively advin the same order as the items on the other list Horn-rim glasses, platform shoes, and fedoras are fashionable accessories that have been recycled from, respectively, the Twenties, the Seventies, and the Fifties. revel vto enjoy indulgently After six months at sea, the sailors reveled for three days in everything New York had to offer. reverent adjtreating with great respect, as if holy Andrew is usually hyper, but he was almost reverent at the Air and Space Museum, because he wants to be an astronaut. 2012 QualPro 26

ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) revisionist adjtrying to change the accepted idea Since she was always old school, Prof. Wallace fought against the revisionist movement. rift na space that divides After three months of harmony, the roommates developed a rift over Freds new girlfriend. rudimentary adjjust enough to get by Dad threw together a rudimentary meal of crackers, cottage cheese, and applesauce. sacrilege na supreme insult to something held holy My uncle, the chef, thinks using Cool Whip instead of freshly whipped cream is a sacrilege. sanctuary n 1. a place that provides protection and safety because it has been set aside by a religious authority Most weddings are held in the sanctuary of a church. 2. the status of someone who depends on the protection of a sanctuary In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the gypsy girl found sanctuary in the cathedral. sapling na young tree The gardener had to prop up the maple sapling with ropes and stakes. satellite nsomething that orbits around something else The moon is a satellite of the Earth, and photographers are satellites of Jennifer Lopez. saturation nbeing so full that it is impossible to hold any more The advertisers created complete saturation of the media by running ads for the new candy bar in every TV station, every magazine, and every radio station. scholarly advlike someone who enjoys school; academic; bookish My teacher wants us to use scholarly articles, not just whatever we find on Google. scrutinize vtto examine closely Aunt Nelda found a great deal by scrutinizing the want ads every day. scrutiny ncareful observation Mr. Pierre puts every wedding gown through close scrutiny before each bride arrives. 2012 QualPro

27 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) seascape na painting or drawing of the sea and features in it or nearby; compare to landscape While we were walking on the beach, we met an artist who was painting a seascape. seemingly advapparently; giving the appearance of Myra was seemingly calm, although she had just been in a car wreck. selectively advin a picky, careful way Aunt Reba always chooses her fruit selectively; she never buys the big bag. seminal adja basic part of what comes after The invention of the wheel was seminal to most forms of transportation. sensory adjhaving to do with seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or feeling (as opposed to thinking) Good writers use lots of sensory details, like velvety, granite-hard, and coal-black. sentiment nan expression of feeling; an opinion colored by emotion Sara could not find a card with the right sentiment after she let the Smiths cat run away. serenity nthe state of being serene: beautifully calm After a week in the city, the serenity of the woods was just what I needed. shrill adjhigh, piercing, and grating on the ear Everyone on the playground knew Ms. Skellys shrill, demanding voice. shrub nany bushy plant, smaller than a tree, often used for decoration or as a fence Uncle Billy always hides the Easter egg with the five-dollar bill in the shrub by the back door. shun vtto avoid deliberately and systematically All the girls in Ms. Knowles class shunned Renee after she tattled on them. simultaneous adjoccurring at the same time The fireworks show timed the starbursts so that they were simultaneous with the music. singular adjunusual; not like anything else Adele won several Grammy Awards because of her singular, throaty voice. site na place where something happened or is planned to be

People kept staring at the site of the wreck, even though it had been cleaned up. 28 2012 QualPro Note: do not confuse with cite ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) sit-in na form of protest in which participants sit in a targeted place until their demands are met. Many civil rights protesters held sit-ins at the drugstore counters where they were forbidden to sit because of their race. sizable adjbig After he caught the burglar, Officer OLeary got a sizable reward. skepticism ntendency to doubt Uncle Dons skepticism about the weather report explains why he takes his umbrella. slogan na saying that identifies a movement or person During the Fifties, I Like Ike was the slogan on buttons that Eisenhower supporters wore on their skinny lapels. social order nthe way things are; the unwritten rules for how a society works The social order of the Fifties did not allow women to have a career and a family. solace nemotional comfort After Mark broke up with her, Lana found solace by learning tae kwon do. sovereign adjall-powerful; in control of the entire unit King Henry VIII gained the sovereign power over the English by forming the Church of England. specific adjexact; of a particular kind My irritating brother always has to choose specific potato chips; he cant just reach in and grab. speculate vito invest money or ideas in something you arent sure about; to gamble Uncle Reggie speculated on gold, hoping the price would continue to rise. spin-off na TV show originated as a feature of another TV show The Andy Griffith Show was a spin-off of an episode of The Danny Thomas Show in

which Danny gets a speeding ticket driving through a poky Southern town. stable adjstaying the same; neither getting better nor worse After the accident, the doctors said DaShawns condition was stable enough for him to go home. 2012 QualPro 29 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) stationary adjstaying in one place All of the furniture in the Lanes living room is stationary except the rolling coffee table. Note: do not confuse with stationery stationery nspecialized, fine quality paper for writing letters and notes My mother always uses monogrammed stationery for writing thank-you notes. Note: do not confuse with stationary status ncurrent state of being On the medical report, Jenna claimed her marital status was married. steerage nthe lowest level of a passenger ship, where those buying the cheapest tickets stay The passengers in steerage rarely socialize with the first-class passengers. stereotypical adjmatching what people expect because of one trait Dr. Barbie Strickland, the astrophysicist, is not a stereotypical dumb blonde. stifle vtto repress; to hold down The speech was boring, but I had to stifle all my yawns because I was sitting on the stage. subjective adjbased on feelings and not on fact Dr. Lyles was being a little subjective when he said broccoli was yucky. succession na series She established her star status by a succession of wildly popular movies. succumb vito fall a victim (to) After fighting it for five years, Mrs. Norris finally succumbed to cancer and died last night.

superficial adjonly on the surface; not deep Even though the car was totaled, Mannys wounds were only superficial. superimpose vtto lay (something) on top of something else If you superimpose a geological map on top of the street map, you can see why May Street is a dead end; its practically on the edge of a cliff. sustenance nthat which sustains; the stuff that keeps something alive Sylvester the Cat justifies his attempts to eat Tweety Bird by saying, Im in need of 30 2012 QualPro sustenance. ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) syndicated adja group of similar businesses owned by one company Most newspapers are syndicated, although a few are still independently owned. syringe na device for putting a small amount of a liquid into a small space, like a medicine into a vein, in which a tube with a closed end is pushed inside a tightly fitting tube with a narrow opening at the end, usually attached to a hollow needle through which the liquid is delivered I stared at the syringe on the tray in front of me, waiting for the dentist to return. taut adjtightly stretched Sam made the sides of the tent so taut that you could bounce a nickel off them. taxed with vtgiven the responsibility for Now that Mindy has moved back home with her baby, her parents are taxed with two mouths to feed. tenet nany opinion , principle, or doctrine that a person or group holds One of the tenets of the Boy Scouts is Be prepared. terra firma nLatin for solid earth I loved flying in the helium balloon, but I admit I was glad to get back to terra firma. terrestrial adjhaving to do with the earth A farmers interests are mainly terrestrial, while a sailor prefers the water.

theorize vito propose an explanation for In the ancient world, philosophers theorized that maggots came from dead flesh. thereafter advfrom then on; starting at that point and then going on Max likes to eat all the meat off the bone and thereafter to bury the bone in the garden. thus adv 1. like this; in this way To curl paper ribbon, hold it thus: with your thumb on top of the ribbon and a scissors blade underneath. 2. therefore; because of what has just been said I had seven slices of pizza; thus, I didnt really want dessert. timber ntrees that have been felled and are to be used for wood for furniture, paper, etc. Oregon and Washington provide much of the timber for Americas wood. 2012 QualPro 31 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) tirade na long speech in which the speaker fusses or complains When twenty out of twenty-seven students failed the test, Mr. Dorris went into a long tirade about studying. toxin na poison that comes from a plant or animal Some mushrooms contain a toxin called coprine, which causes hangover-like symptoms. trajectory nthe curved path of something hurtling through space The trajectory of the bullet proved it could not have come from the policemans gun. transcend vtto go beyond or above Being voted Most Valuable Player transcended Philips dreams of making the team. transition na graceful easing from one thing to another I hope Kelsey can make the transition from being an only child to living in a dormitory. translucent adjable to let light through but diffusing it enough to conceal any object behind it The fogged-up windshield was too translucent for me to drive. treason nan act of betrayal against ones own country

Benedict Arnold is famous for his act of treason, betraying the United States to England. typesetting nthe art of placing tiny metal letters and numbers in place to be covered with ink and pressed against paper to make a printed page Now that many homes have their own laser printers, the art of typesetting is threatened. tyranny nany government controlled by a single person Taxation without representation is tyranny was the rallying cry of the American revolution. tyrant none who has absolute power over a country Mussolini, who later joined forces with Hitler, was a tyrant over Italy in the 1930s. uncanny adjun-explainable; something for which no one knows the reason Chester was afraid to spend the night in his aunts old house because of the uncanny noises in the wall. unparalleled adjunmatched; too extreme to be equaled Michael Phelps unparalleled number of Olympic gold medals has wonhim place in 32 2012aQualPro history. ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) unprecedented adjoriginal; having nothing similar that came before Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for an unprecedented third term as presidentand then a fourth! unsolicited adjun-asked-for Im thinking of putting a trash can beside the mailbox for all those unsolicited advertisements. urgency nneed for action When I understood the urgency of your need, I rushed right over. urn na large vase, sometimes with a lid My Aunt Frieda s favorite possession is a Chinese urn made of carved yellow jade. vaccine na preventive medicine made from the disease-causing essence itself; by introducing a small amount of the germ into the body, the body forms

antibodies to fight the disease, and can thus resist further exposure to the disease. Louis Pasteurs vaccine against anthrax saved millions of cows from dying. vindicate vtto prove innocent after having been blamed If Zia swells up after eating that peanut butter sandwich, she will be vindicated against the suspicion that she has been sneaking peanuts every night. visionary none who imagines how the future can be Someone said that all children are visionaries, and all old men are historians. vivid adjstrongly colored; standing out from the background A report of three drive-by shootings in one week was a vivid reminder of the crime rate. voluptuous adjheavily fleshed in a beautiful way Francesca was pretty and voluptuous enough to be a model for Lolas Large Lady Fashions. vulnerable adjeasily wounded or hurt Even a big guy like Bruno is more vulnerable after a breakup with a girl like Vanessa. wherefore conjwhy; for what reason When Juliet says, Wherefore art thou Romeo? she is asking why the only boy she has ever loved has to be one of her familys enemies, not Where are you, sweetie? 2012 QualPro 33 ACT Vocabulary Words (continued) whimsy na lighthearted, playful attitude If you like whimsy, youll love Alice in Wonderland. withdrawn adjshy; staying away from people The poor abused dog was withdrawn until Jamie gave it some food. worldview nan overall way of looking at the world Hitlers worldview was that the right people should control the world. Irregular Plurals antenna, antennae axis, axes

criterion, criteria datum, data focus, foci matrix, matrices millennium, millennia nucleus, nuclei radius, radii thesis, theses vertex, vertices Most of these words taken from the five practice tests in The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Ed. 2012 QualPro 34 Math Vocabulary area of a circle perimeter chord perpendicular circumference pi collinear polygon

complex number prime number congruent quadrant consecutive quadratic equation diagonal quadrilateral directly proportional quotient endpoints radian function y = R (x) radii hypotenuse radius

integer rational number intersect real number irrational number slope least common denominator standard coordinate plane logarithm transversal matrix trapezoid mean vertex median x-intercept

obtuse y-intercept 2012 QualPro 35 ACT Test Prep Math 2012 QualPro 36 Math Section of the ACT 60 Questions in 60 Minutes Goal: Answer 70% correctly (42 out of 60) This means you need a strategy to confidently answer 42 questions correctly in 60 minutes. 2012 QualPro 37 Math Section Content

Pre-algebra Elementary algebra Intermediate algebra Coordinate geometry Plane geometry Trigonometry Miscellaneous topics Math test-taking strategy 2012 QualPro 38 Math Vocabulary area of a circle perimeter chord perpendicular circumference pi

collinear polygon complex number prime number congruent quadrant consecutive quadratic equation diagonal quadrilateral directly proportional quotient endpoints radian function y = R (x) radii

hypotenuse radius integer rational number intersect real number irrational number slope least common denominator standard coordinate plane logarithm transversal matrix trapezoid mean vertex

median x-intercept obtuse y-intercept 2012 QualPro 39 Math Vocabulary area of a circleA = r2 chorda line drawn from the vertex of a polygon to another non adjacent vertex of the polygon circumferencethe perimeter of a circle = 2 r collinearpassing through or lying on the same straight line complex numberis an expression of the form a+bi, where a & b are real numbers and i 2 = -1 congruentcorresponding; equal in length or measure consecutiveuninterrupted sequence diagonala line segment joining two nonadjacent vertices of a polygon or solid (polyhedron) directly proportionalincreasing or decreasing with the same ratio endpointswhat defines the beginning and end-of-line segment Function y = R (x)a set of number pairs related by a certain rule so that for every number to which the rule may be applied, there is exactly one resulting number hypotenusethe longest side of a right-angle triangle, which is always the side opposite the right angle integera member of the set ..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, intersectto share a common point irrational numbercannot be expressed as a ratio of integers, eg., 3 , , etc.

least common denominatorthe smallest number (other than 0) that is a multiple of a set of denominators (for example, the LCD of and is 12) logarithmlog a x means ay = x matrixrows and columns of elements arranged in a rectangle meanaverage; found by adding all the terms in a set and dividing by the number of terms medianthe middle value in a set of ordered numbers obtusean angel that is larger than 90 2012 QualPro 40 Math Vocabulary (continued) perimeterthe distance from one point around the figure to the same point perpendicularlines that intersect and form 90-degree angles pi = 3.14 polygona closed, plane geometric figure whose sides are line segments prime numbera positive integer that can only be evenly divided by 1 and itself quadrantany one of the four sectors of a rectangular coordinate system, which is formed by two perpendicular number lines that intersect at the origins of both number lines quadratic equationAx2 + bx + C = D, A 0 quadrilaterala four sided polygon quotientthe result of division radiana unit of angle measure within a circle radiithe plural form of radius radiusa line segment with endpoints at the center of the circle and on the perimeter of the circle, equal to one-half the length of the diameter m rational numberr can be expressed as r = where m & n are integers and n 0 n real numberall numbers except complex numbers

y2 y1 slopem = 2 1 x x standard coordinate planea plane that is formed by a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis that meet at point (0,0) (also known as the Cartesian Coordinate Plane) transversala line that cuts through two or more lines trapezoida quadrilateral (a figure with four sides) with only two parallel lines vertexa point of an angle or polygon where two or more lines meet x-interceptthe point where a line on a graph crosses the x-axis y-interceptthe point where a line on a graph crosses the y-axis 2012 QualPro 41 Pre-Algebra Word Problems Converting a word problem into an equation: If a discount of 20% off the retail price of a desk saves Mark $45, how much did Mark pay for the desk? 2012 QualPro 42 Pre-Algebra If a discount of 20% off the retail price of a desk saves Mark $45, how much did Mark pay for the desk? Amount Paid (Sales Price) = Retail Price Discount Discount = 20% Retail Price

$45 = 20% Retail Price Retail Price = $45/.2 = $225 Sales Price = $225 $45 = $180 2012 QualPro 43 Pre-Algebra A lawn mower is on sale for $1600. This is 20% off the regular price. How much is the regular price? 2012 QualPro 44 Pre-Algebra A lawn mower is on sale for $1600 which is 20% off the regular price. How much is the regular price? Sales Price = Regular Price Discount Discount = 0.20 Retail Price Sales Price = Regular Price 0.20 Retail Price $1600 = 0.80 Regular Price Regular Price = $1600 / 0.8 = $2000 2012 QualPro 45

Pre-Algebra If 45 is 120% of a number, what is 80% of the same number? 2012 QualPro 46 Pre-Algebra If 45 is 120% of a number, what is 80% of the same number? 45 = 1.2 (X) X = 45/1.2 = 37.5 Y = 0.8 (37.5) = 30 2012 QualPro 47 Elementary Algebra Substitution, 2 Equations, 2 Unknowns If a b = 14, and 2a + b = 46, then b = ? a = 14 + b; substitute 2(14 + b) + b = 46 28 + 2b + b = 46 3b = 18 b = 6, a = 20 2012 QualPro 48

Elementary Algebra a + c = (a + c) / b b b a + c = (ad + bc) / bd b d 3x3 + 9x2 27x = 0; 3x (x2 + 3x 9) = 0 (x+2)2 = (x+2)(x+2) (x/y)2 = x2/y2 X0 = 1 2012 QualPro 49 Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra Quadratics Quadratics x2 + 23x 4 = y x + 3x 4 = 0 x2 + 3x 4=0 2 x + 3x 4 = y Factoring: Factoring: (x 1) (x + 4) = 0

(x 1) (x + 4) = 0 X = 1, -4 X = 1, -4 2 + bx + c = 0, the value of x is given by: For ax For ax2 + bx + c = 0, the value of x is given by: 2 4 = 2 Quadratic Form ula Quadratic Formula .5)/2 = X=2 (-3 + (32 4*1*-4) .5 X= (-3 + (3 4*1*-4) )/2 = 1 X= (-3 - (32 4*1*-4).5)/2 = X= (-3 - (32 4*1*-4).5)/2 = -4 2012 QualPro

2012 QualPro 50 Intermediate Algebra Factoring Polynomials, Solve for x x2 - 2x - 15 = 0 (x - 5) (x + 3) = 0 x = 5, -3 2012 QualPro 51 Intermediate Algebra Factoring Polynomials Example 2 Example 1 x3 + 3x2 + 2x + 6 x3 + 3x2 + 2x + 6 / (x + 3) (x3 + 3x2) + (2x + 6) ((x3 + 3x2) + (2x + 6)) / (x+3) x2(x + 3) + 2(x + 3)

(x2(x + 3) + 2(x + 3)) / (x+3) (x + 3) (x2 + 2) ((x + 3) (x2 + 2)) / (x+3) x2 + 2 2012 QualPro 52 Intermediate Algebra Exponents x 3 * x 2 = x5 x2 * x.5 = ? x2 * x.5 = x2.5 x9 / x2 = x7 x4 / x 8 = ? x4 / x8 = x-4 (x2)5 = x10 (x.5)2 = ? (x.5)2 = x 1/x4 = x-4

1/x-z = ? 1/x-z = xz 2012 QualPro 53 Intermediate Algebra Imaginary Numbers 2012 QualPro 54 Coordinate Geometry Coordinates Equation of a Line y = mx + b, equation of a linear (straight) line m = slope of the line = change in Y / change in X b = y intercept If m is negative, the line is going down and if positive the line is going up (left to right). What is the equation for the line between points, (1, -2) & (6, 8)? m = change in y values / change in x values = (y 1 y2) / (x1 x2) m = [8- (-2)] / (6 - 1) = 10/5 = 2 b = y mx; b = 8 (2) (6) = 8 12 = -4 y = 2x -4 2012 QualPro

55 Coordinate Geometry Coordinates What is the distance between these points (-1, 2) and (6, 8)? 2012 QualPro 56 Coordinate Geometry Coordinates What is the distance between these (1, 2) and (6, 8)? * 6, 8 c * -1, 2 b 6 a 7 2012 QualPro 57 Plane Geometry

Lines and Angles Triangles Circles Squares and Rectangles Multiple Figures 2012 QualPro 58 Plane Geometry: Lines c abc + cbd = 1800 a d b a b d

Transversal line thru two parallel lines creates equal opposite angles. c Opposite (vertical) angles are congruent (equal) All angles combined = 3600 2012 QualPro 59 Plane Geometry: Triangles 2012 QualPro 60 Plane Geometry Area of a triangle = (base * height) The sum of the three angles = 180 0 Area of a trapezoid = (a +b)*(height) where a and b are the lengths of the parallel sides a b Diameter = 2 * radius of a circle r

Volume of cylinder = area of circle * height h 2012 QualPro 61 Plane Geometry Example What is the area of the square if the radius equals 5? L L r Diameter = 2 x r The diameter = 1 side of the square Area = L x L Diameter = 10 (same as a length of a side), Area = 100 2012 QualPro 62 Plane Geometry Parallelogram Area = Base x Height h b Note a rectangle is a parallelogram. The sum of the angles = 3600

2012 QualPro 63 Plane Geometry Circles 2012 QualPro 64 Plane Geometry Circles What is the equation of these circles? (x-1)2 + y2 = 1 (x-3)2 + (y-1)2 = 4 2012 QualPro 65 Plane Geometry Terms Congruent = equal lengths Co-linear = on same line abc = the angle of b in the triangle abc Acute = less than 90 degrees (A cute little angle) Obtuse = greater than 90 degrees

2012 QualPro 66 Trigonometry For all right triangles H Memory Aid cos (t) = cosine t = 90 t SOH CAH TOA sin (t) = sine t = O A opposite side = hypotenuse adjacent side = hypotenuse O H A

H opposite side O = adjacent side A 1 adjacent side A = = cot (t) = cotangent t = tangent t opposite side O tan (t) = tangent t = 2012 QualPro 67 Trigonometry H O t A H2 = A 2 + O 2

2012 QualPro 68 Trigonometry Tan (t) = O/A if O = 2 and A = 2, then O/A = 2/2 = 1 H Tan (t) = 1 O t A H2 = A 2 + O 2 2012 QualPro 69 Miscellaneous Topics You May See These On The ACT Math Fundamental Counting Principles 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 4 sweaters how many days with a different outfit? (3)(2)(4) = 24 day of a unique combination How many different and unique phone numbers of a 7 digit number?

(10)(10)(10)(10)(10)(10)(10) = 107 2012 QualPro 70 Miscellaneous Topics Probabilities Examples Given: 5 red marbles are placed in a bag along with 6 blue marbles and 9 white marbles: Question: if three white marbles are removed, what is the probability the next marble removed will be white? Originally, there were 9 white marbles out of 20; with 3 white marbles removed, there are 6 out of 17 remaining. The probability the next marble removed is white = 6/17. Question: if 4 blue marbles are added to the original amount, what is the probability the first marble removed is NOT white? Now there are 24 marbles total with 15 non-white. The probability that the first marble removed is not white is 15/24. 2012 QualPro 71 ACT Test Prep Science 2012 QualPro

72 Science Section of the ACT 40 Questions in 35 Minutes Goal: Answer 75% correctly (30 out of 40) This means you need a strategy to confidently answer 30 questions correctly in 35 minutes. 2012 QualPro 73 Science Reasoning Vocabulary 2-butanone 2-propanol mho/cm [theta] absorbance Alpha, alpha decay amino acid ammonium nitrate asteroid average molecular mass beta beta particles biomass biosphere biotic index

bog buoyancy buoyant force calcareous ooze calcite calcium carbonate capacity capillary carbon dioxide carbon particles carbonate Celsius charged particles chromatid chromosome climatic colorimeter comet condensation conductivity continental drift continental ice sheet crater crown fire cytoplasm C CaCl CaCO CaCo Ch CuO

denature density depth range derived diffuse directly proportional drawn to scale ecology ecopark ecosystem efficiency emit equilibrium equivalency erosion ethyl acetate exclusion chromatography extinct extinction Fahrenheit failed burn flask formula frequency F ft/sec gamma gas chromatograph

genus glacier groundwater habitat helium hexane high-frequency H HO Hg ice shelf ignite index infrared inorganic invertebrate isotope joule kinetic km landmass lava lithium chloride long-term LiCl mammal manometer mapping function marine (adj) Mass, massive

meiosis mesopause mesosphere Methane, methanol microscopy migrating migratory Milli-bar model Mole, molecule molecular weight montane mL, mm Hg, nitrite nitrogen-fixing nonreactive numerical aperture nutrient NaCl, NHNO objective lens organic matter organism osmosis ozone paleozoic particle parts per million peat

peer (n) permeable photosyntheti c pinnate plume plunger plutonium polar pollen polymer polyrhythm polystyrene pore water precipitate (v) projectile prophase pyrotechnics radar pulse radioactive decay rallies (n) range reaction reactive recasting recipient relief supplies renatured retention time (RT) Revitalize

rift saturation 2012 QualPro 74 Science Reasoning Vocabulary sea floor sediment seemingly selective semipermeable sluggishly sodium chloride solar solar system solute (adj) solutes solution Solvent sparking device species specific specific gravity speculate spent sprawl spurred stagnant standard atmospheric

pressure standard sample static stratopause stratosphere sucrose sulfate supersaturated suspension synthesis synthesize SO tactic thermosphere tolerance toxic tropopause troposphere ultraviolet undersaturated uninhibited uranium series vapor vapor plume variable velocity vertebrate volcanic volcanism water table watt

wetlands zoning Scientific notation Students should recognize: allele notation binomial nomenclature chemical equation chemical formula element symbol isotope 2012 QualPro 75

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