Queen Margaret University - RE:LOCATE Sustainability

Queen Margaret University - RE:LOCATE Sustainability

Queen Margaret University The Sustainable Campus Steve Scott - Director of Campus Services Context The University university of 5000 students and 550 staff applied health sciences, drama and business originally the Edinburgh School of Cookery and Domestic Science; 1875 Queen Margaret College in 1970s Queen Margaret University

College in 1990s full university title in 2007 cookery class, late 1880s Relocation Brief Masterplan Masterplan Design Concept Learning Resource Centre

Consolidated base for Student Centred learning No taught classes Central location heart of building Varied environment study spaces (1:5) Secure and non secure Other Accommodation Offices Teaching Sustainability Sustainability - Strategy

Holistic avoid gimmicks where add expense and cost get basics right balance cost benefits with any additional costs (no additional sustainability budget) design sustainability in Vision Statement - to develop a sustainable community for learning and life

Emphasise Sustainability throughout process specialist sub consultant - GAIA consultant selection contractor selection monitoring regime

Key target areas low Carbon footprint biodiversity and a quality external environment Indoor air quality and Daylight water management Green travel plan Brief

Measures ICT Contribution technology smartcards RFID self-issue AV & VC wireless & TC laptops

print, copy and scan thinclient VoIP halls space efficiency significant reduction in total net internal area ..except Library & IT

Technology Thin-client A thin-client is a client computer in a client-server architecture network which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities, and mainly focuses on conveying input and output between the user and the remote server. In contrast, a thick or fat client does as much processing as possible and passes only data for communications and storage to the server. Definition courtesy of Wikipedia power consumption figures Description

power server component total yearly consumption yearly cost CO2 for year PC thin-client 100W 15W

0 7W 100W 22W 438kWh 96kWh 52.56 11.52

235.206kg 51.552kg *actual measured values Remote Access greatly improved the flexibility of work practice support distance learning travel to campus up to 300 simultaneous connections

over 80 countries facilitates international collaborations Server Virtualisation Citrix XenServer HP DL580 16 Xeon Processors 64Gb RAM

1Tb local storage efficiencies 20:1 virtualisation ratio average 60% reduction in hardware costs 35k savings on hardware 39000 kWh/year, ~5k savings on energy per fully loaded host server embodied energy power-down PCs and terminals

saving of nearly 100000kWh per year, ~12k Ergo Powerman for PCs bespoke app for WYSE terminals ROI < 3 months PCs now powered only 9% of the day Data Room Temperature commissioned at 18C in 2007 increased gradually to 25C in 2010

will increase further as equipment allows 27C? 30C? 4% energy savings per degree Timetable Software efficient, centralised scheduling no local ownership room utilisation of over 40% in turn allows the building size and accommodation to be

minimised Room Info Screens remove the need to print room bookings or timetable info allows for the greatest flexibility in dynamic updating of room information data available over web too Lecture Capture

echo360 & Smartboard recordings all rooms on campus covered flexibility and efficiency in space usage as academic events can be recorded once and delivered many times web, VLE and iTunesU Printing and Imaging 250+ mixed, unmanaged devices

Replaced by 45 MFDs in 2007 only 13000 kWh/year energy savings ~100k savings in print costs ??? in other efficiencies like toner management and support Outcomes & Next?

complete University transformation benchmark in UK HE for Space Efficiency benchmark in UK for Sustainability BREEAM highest scoring HE in UK Case Study for IT influence in work methods

Case Study for Modern learning spaces Awards Energy Consumption down by 36% Carbon Emissions down by 38% Carbon Emissions /student FTE 516kg CO2 4,000,000 3,500,000 Old Campus Emissions 3,000,000 New Campus Emissions Business As Usual

2,500,000 2,000,000 New Campus Emissions Climate Change Action Plan 1,500,000 1,000,000 500,000 0 1

2 3 4 5 6 Climate Change Action Plan - Carbon Emissions SusteIT ICT Footprinting Tool 2004 the olden days

Breakdown of ICT Energy Use by Category HPC 1% 23% 6% 4% 8% % Total CO2 kg/ y HPC

Servers PCs Networks Telephony Imaging AV 0 226,665 579,224 80,154 59,480 43,239 7,682

0% 23% 58% 8% 6% 4% 1% 0 121724 311055 43044 31942 23220 4125

TOTAL ICT ENERGY & CARBON 996,443 100% 535,110 Servers PCs Networks 58%

Category Total Energy Kwh/y Telephony Imaging AV SusteIT ICT Footprinting Tool 2007 after thin-client HPC Servers 4% 5%

40% 7% 10% 35% PCs Networks Telephony Imaging AV Breakdown of ICT Energy Use by Category Category Total

Energy Kwh/y % Total CO2 kg/ y HPC Servers PCs Networks Telephony Imaging

AV 0 336,824 292,353 80,154 59,480 30,029 41,324 0% 40% 35% 10% 7%

4% 5% 0 180881 157000 43044 31942 16126 22192 TOTAL ICT ENERGY & CARBON

840,165 100% 451,185 SusteIT ICT Footprinting Tool 2010 where we are now HPC 1% 5% 6% 9% 41% 13% 25% Servers PCs Networks

Telephony Imaging AV Breakdown of ICT Energy Use by Category Category Total Energy Kwh/y % Total CO2 kg/y

HPC Servers PCs Networks Telephony Imaging AV 7,529 261,269 161,412 80,154 59,480 30,029

41,324 1% 41% 25% 13% 9% 5% 6% 4043 140307 86682 43044 31942

16126 22192 TOTAL ICT ENERGY & CARBON 641,198 100% 344,336 challenges and barriers

change management communication technology, easy people, hard NIMBY perceptions and misconceptions but the technology is seen as enabling Estate and Information Strategy unify the campus and the information provision

formally ratify the dependencies on each other enshrine spending dependencies key: enable ease of access to information to drive the business

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