"COMPOSTING MANIA" Un programa ambiental desde la Escuela ...

"COMPOSTING MANIA" Un programa ambiental desde la Escuela ...

COMPOSTA MANIA (CM) An Environmental/Educational Program from School to Community By Tainachi Fernndez, MEnvM, CQA Puerto Rico Composta, Inc. Founder

Consist of Three phases Orientation phase- workshops to the students. Installation of composting bin. Collection phase- organic matter collection

begin, up to compost recovery. School to community phase- Community knows about the project , and participate actively.

From Garbage to Garden Educating for a Sustainable Future YEAR 2013

Composta Mania started at Eugenio Brac School Naguabo, Puerto Rico, thanks to a Mini grant from EFC Syracuse. Impact 25 students from 4th grade Students were initiated as Friends of Earth

Indirect impact to whole scholar community (about 500/year) Identified needs To reduce the scholar garbage.

To convert un-used spaces into Eco friendly zone. To integrate students and scholar community beyond traditional types of teaching. To overcome the leisure of students during recreation time.

YEAR 2014 CM program was installed in other 3 schools at East Area: Naguabo and Vieques. First time when the program impacted young

students of Middle school (8th grade) and Kindergarten students. Great achievements, changing minds, thru Sustainability and Food Safety.

Big memories. Areas of opportunity We were not enough due to the great demand of schools that wanted to carry out

the CM program. Then, was time to move to the next step. YEAR 2015-2016 CM was transformed to amplify its impact at

schools. Composta Mania for Teachers Consists of 3 workshops First workshop- 8 h -Establishing my compost

project: General Rules and Education Second workshop 4h Recovering Compost; Uses and benefits; laboratories Third workshop- 4 h- Talks about sharing experiencies.

CM for Teachers 2015-2016 First WORKSHOP Ana Roque de Duprey School, Humacao, PR

08/29/2015 Funded by Green PR 12 impacted municipalities, 25 impacted schools, 41 participant teachers, scholar workers

Municipality # of impacted Schools # participants

Humacao 3

8 Yabucoa 2

2 Naguabo

1 1 Ceiba

1 1

Fajardo 3 5

Gurabo 1

1 Caguas 3

5 San Lorenzo

1 1 San Juan

7 8

Toa Alta 1 1

Bayamn 1


Humacao, PR 01/30/2016 Exponential Impact (2013-2016) Up November 2016: 45 public/private schools of

Puerto Rico have been impacted by CM project. About 90 teachers/Scholar workers have been directly impacted by CM. About 6,750 students have been directly impacted. (75 students per teacher).

About 67,500 including their families have been indirectly impacted. (10 per student) About 100,000 people have been heard about CM project. (Each impacted teacher, then impact about 250 citizens from the community)

Main drivers for project success Dynamic and animated teachers Educational material adapted, for teachers and students. (Tests, practice exercises,

posters CD and others) A text activity book created under project Participant students are initiated in a Club: Friends of Earth

Main drivers for project success Student is motivated to bring organic matter to the classroom. Integration of family and scholar community into the project.

Integration of nearby community into the project. Students inclusion- Students with special needs also are incorporated into the project.

Composta Mana Project Ana Roque de Duprey School, Humacao PR; 2015-2016 Memories..

Luis Muoz Rivera SJ School Little obstacles; Big opportunities To overcome myths about compost

Lack of interest from School administration or workers Matter contamination with regular garbage Keep yard waste on campus. Accounting of organic matter deviated or

compost generated. Little obstacles; Big opportunities Christmas/Summer vacations Physical, nutrient evaluation of compost

recuperated at the projects. Lack of fixed funds allocated to the project. Non-flexibles teachers class programs. Follow up to current CM projects; previous years CM projects.

Whats Next Composta Mania- Metro Area Composta Mania- South/Center- Upcoming event on January 2017

Composta Mania- West- TBD Goal- To establish alliances with Public/Private Agencies, to maximize impact. Thanks for your attention

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