"GET IN" Panels

"GET IN" Panels

GET IN Panels Local Denver Activists 2017 LREDA Fall Conference This year we will feature a GetIn-Where-You-Fit-In Panel of some of Denvers brave social activists who will be presenting ways to be who you are and do what you love and to fight for justice in your own way.

2017 LREDA Fall Conference Panelists include: Local activists involved in Black interfaith healing self-liberations work Outdoor educators

Artists & performers who use their voice and platform for and with the movement to change hearts and minds Saturday & Sunday Panels featuring Denver Activists Saturday MONSERRAT ALVAREZ cityWILD

Monse is an outdoor educator from the South who works for a more equitable and inclusive Outdoors. Growing up in the South, she found inspiration in her communities and deeply integrated herself in community organizing. While attending NC State University, Monse was introduced to outdoor education as a professional career and since then has created ways to merge social justice with the

Outdoors. Saturday Monse Alvarez In 2015, Monse moved to Colorado to pursue her career as an outdoor educator. She is part of the national leadership for Brown Girls Climb, an organization led by women of color who aim to promote and increase visibility of diversity in rock climbing.

Saturday You can find Monse on the rocks, instructing with Women's Wilderness where she combines her love for rock climbing and affinity space for girls and women. She currently works full time at cityWILD where she combines her love for

the Outdoors, youth development, and social justice. Monse Alvarez Saturday KATY OWENS Black Lives Matter 5280 Katy grew up in St. Louis, but Denver definitely now feels like

home. After moving to Denver seven years ago for college, she fell in love with the city and knew she couldnt leave. Saturday Panel Katy Owens For Katy, loving a city means truly getting to know it, and being invested in the citys well-being as a whole. She grew up knowing and caring about a variety of areas of social injustices, but Ferguson was truly a

wakeup call for her. After going to Ferguson to participate in protests and activism, she continued working with a group in Denver that eventually formed BLM5280. Katy Owens Katy remains passionate about issues of racial and systemic oppression. She is also involved organizing around homelessness in Denver, advocating for alternative housing solutions and spending time

with the chronically homeless in Denver. She truly believes in the power of relationships, compassionate listening, empathy, and storytelling to change hearts and minds. Saturday Panel PAULA BARD, Photographer In the fall of 2015, just ahead of

Colorados winter, Denver sent the full force of its police department and SWAT team to destroy five tiny homes that our fellow citizens without homes had built north of downtown. Something in me just snapped: My God Denver, what a bully! Saturday Denver has over 6,000 people without

homes, and over 3,000 trying to survive on its streets. It is an ugly business. In 2012, Denver passed an urban-camping ban making it illegal for the homeless to protect themselves with any form of cover or protection from the elements other than clothing. Paula Bard I began walking the streets of my city where the homeless are trying to survive,

photographing the faces of those citizens that my city has abandoned. I began telling their stories and creating portraits. I began researching. I got involved. Saturday As a photographer, writer and lifelong activist these are the skills I bring to the table. Late stage capitalism and its companion, extreme inequality, have created a

full-blown humanitarian crisis. I cannot bear to look away. For about 5 years I photographed with Denver Copwatch, documenting police misbehavior. Last fall documented the water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND. Otherwise, I am a nature and bird photographer. Paula Bard

Saturday REV. AMANDA HENDERSON Amanda is the Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and an Ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her passion is creating space for diverse individuals and groups to

grow in vibrancy and justice. Sunday Amanda Henderson Amanda sees religious diversity as a great gift of our democracy and seeks to support and protect this vital piece of the fabric of our community. She

graduated from Brite Divinity School, is an alumnus of the Beatitudes Society, served in congregational ministry in Denver, and is a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of interfaith understanding, advocacy and civic engagement. Sunday In the three years since

joining the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, the organization has quadrupled in size and expanded their public voice and impact. Amanda has three teen children, two dogs, ten chickens and a very patient husband. She spends her off time running and reading.

Amanda Henderson Sunday REV. TAWANA DAVIS Rev. Davis is a compassionate minister, an engaging group facilitator, and a prophetic public intellectual whose scholarly and spiritual insights make her a highly sought-after preacher, speaker, and

seminar leader. A lifetime member of the NAACP, Rev. Davis is a Co-Founder and Consultant of Soul 2 Soul LLC a faithbased consulting firm focused on racial justice, healing and liberation and serves on the Board of Directors for: Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, Institute for Racial Equity and Excellence, and Downtown Denver Expeditionary Schools. Sunday

Rev. Tawana Davis Tawana is a retired Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, an Associate Minister at Shorter Community AME Church in Denver, and she currently attends Antioch University pursuing her PhD in Leadership and Change.

Sunday Tawana Davis Tawana has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management from SUNY Empire State, a Master's of Divinity from Interdenominational Theological Center (Turner Theological

Seminary), Project Management Certificate from New York University, Human Resource Professional Certification from Cornell University, and currently she attends Antioch University Graduate School of Leadership and Change pursuing her PhD (her expected graduation date is 2019). Rev. Davis is a proud mother and grandmother.

Sunday JAMIE LAURIE Better known by his stage name Jonny 5, Jamie Laurie is the singer and founder of the American musical group, Flobots. He's the only member who has been with the band since its inception in 2000.

Sunday Panel Jamie Laurie He was a paraeducator at East High School in Denver, Colorado, tasked with the management of the school's tutoring center; he left East High School when the Flobots became signed. While still working at East

High School, Jamie was involved in many clubs and activities including PeaceJam and a hip-hop club. Sunday Panel Jamie Laurie Jamie also graduated from East High in Denver. In late 2012, he released a

mixtape entitled "I Hope You Like It", featuring 31 different rhymes that he had been creating and posting on his YouTube channel for the previous three years. Sunday Panel HAROLD FIELDS Harold is active in restorative justice and racial

reconciliation projects in Denver and around the nation. He facilitates a citywide monthly racial dialogue that has been continuously active since 1997, the Second Tuesday Race Forum. He was a founder of Multi-Racial Families of Colorado and was the national training director for the documentary Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North, about the most prominent slave trade trading family in America. He currently serves on the Board Trustees for The Denver Foundation and chairs the Community Impact Committee. In September 2017 he was

honored by the Colorado ACLU with the Carle Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime of achievement in advancing civil rights and civil liberties. Sunday Harold Fields Harold earned a degree in civil engineering from Oklahoma State University, and spent over 30 years with IBM and the airline as a systems designer and programming manager. He grew up in Tulsa with the

survivors of the 1921 race riot as his teachers and mentors. This made a lasting imprint on him for seeking justice and civil rights. He went from designing bridges to building bridges over vast divides between people and cultures. He's part of a team that is planning a national truth and reconciliation movement that uses restorative justice as its foundation. He was deeply influenced by historians like John Hope Franklin and Vincent Harding to help us connect the dots from the past, through today's events, and to a future vision that we jointly construct.

Sunday Harold Fields As a social justice advocate, Harold is an accomplished leader, locally and nationally, who brings people together for dialogue and healing, said ACLU of Colorado Board Member Carolyn Love, PhD. Harold goes above and beyond the call of duty by consistently showing up in spaces to ignite conversations about difference. He advances civil rights by creating

spaces for people to understand the effects of hierarchy, separation, and injustice of all kinds and the resulting consequences. Harold facilitates the healing of wounds resulting from a history of racial intolerance and injustice. Sunday Saturday & Sunday Panels featuring Denver Activists

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