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MEDIAS ROLE IN BIAS A FO C U S O N PR E J U DI CE A ND PER PET U AT I O N O F S T ER EO TY PE S HSP3C THEORETICAL RECAP Europeans began to create/use existing ideas and evidence against other groups that existed in the world based on scientific data that they (people of colour) were less than intelligent They used the evidence that they acquired to justify the mass cleansing/killing of people This is called ethnic cleansing They used the measurements of the brain size and portions of brain function to

create this idea that inferior peoples needed to be civilized and this laid the foundation for future imperial conquests such as slavery The 3 tier system or triangle THE JUSTIFICATION FROM SCIENCE Eugenics: The study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction b

y persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritabl e E.g. Hitler and the genocide of undesirables Then, when slavery became a normal practice, the idea that the negroid race had to be civilized and taught to be normal emerged Due to the justifications in science from previous years.

undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics) Then As slavery was abolished, the ideas of We vs. Them emerged -Idea emerged that

Afro-people couldnt be civilized at all. -Constantly thought to be inferior and treated through out society in that way -Some of them tried to break free of these ideas but it is a large undertaking to reprogram the mind of those in power OLD IDEASNEW FORMS These ideas are very old based on who is inferior vs. superior

Media has used stereotypes that already exist about people to make their shows more believable or popular E.g. Think about who is casted in positions of Power, gang members, single mothers, villains and heroes They is a colour/race/idea attached to all of these concepts THE ADMISSION FROM MEDIA SOURCES: THE GLOBAL TIMES The media only shows you what journalists deem important. They create the interest, and the stereotype. There are so many things happening every day, but only a small number are reported. How is this news selected? And how do

reporters write about it? The mass media recognizes that its audience will only give much of their attention to a few messages, and they like to keep messages eye-catching. So the first rule is to keep them simple. And the second rule is to repeat what has worked in the past. The media also wants you to come back for more. So the third rule is to use words that create a little agitation so that people will talk about it (Li Haihong, 2013) http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/797261.shtml#.UnG60PlOMSY HOW DOES PREJUDICE TURN INTO STEREOTYPES? THE 5 STAGES 1) Verbal Rejection: this is when jokes and friendly talking is verbalized and then internalized

The Asian six pack 2) Avoidance: contact from groups are purposefully avoided- may lead to discrimination Exclusion (groups- silent bullying) 3)Discrimination: When people act against their prejudices- like not hiring a particular ethnicity 4) Semi-violence: racist slogans and spray paint is used to intimidate, ruffle or anger groups 5) Extermination: involves the allowance of government to tolerate violence against a group Genocide such as the Holocaust and more recently Rwanda and Syria STEREOTYPES When a blanket overgeneralized statement or

view about a group or people is presented It becomes a widely believed idea when another event happens to the person and the idea becomes solidified as truth Media plays a large role in the reinforcement of said stereotypes through entertainment, print media and ads AT A GLANCE? We have preconceived

notions of groups already we assume automatically that Snoop is the criminal SOCIOLOGIST VIEWS Socialization Plays a major part in the learning of prejudice etc Parents, family, friends and school interactions are the main culprits in teaching inequality and prejudices Prejudice as conformity- want to belong Scapegoat is the label that is given to a

group/person that is singled out to blame in an instance of frustration etc. E.g. Blame Youth for Crime (general idea) There is some truth but the reasons behind the criminal behaviour is a product of unfair treatment or marginalization is some way There are other factors at play than just age, race or gender. HOW HAS MEDIA BEEN USED TO SOLIDIFY HATE/RACIAL STEREOTYPES Present Day The casting of particular races, gender etc for roles characteristics of racial roles used for entertainment

Criminalization of certain groups Islamopohia post 9/11 Video : http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=fS3e-n8Mj7I Historically Nazi Germany Regime Hitler using print media, story books, board games, posters and newspapers to teach the up and coming generation

about hate creating the enemy in the Jews -Video DISCUSSION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c98k2NQFJYU The Use of Propaganda and the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party P R O PA G A N D A I N N A Z I G E R M A N Y

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