Raising Early Aspirations and Developing Employment Pathways

Raising Early Aspirations and Developing Employment Pathways

Raising Early Aspirations and Developing Employment Pathways Workshop Overview Introductions

SEND Principles Aspirations PfA Guide and Interactive Feedback Young Persons Voice Ed from Flying High What matters island Raising Aspirations - Moving on events Employment Pathways - Supported Internships Summary & close SEND Code of Practice Principles

The views, wishes and feelings of the children, young people and their families are important. It is important for a child, young person and their parents to participate as fully as possible in decisions and be provided with information and support to enable their participation. Children, young people and their parents need to be supported to help them develop and achieve the best possible outcomes that effectively prepare them for adulthood. Aspirations - A hope or ambition of achieving something All young people should have hopes and aspirations for the future and we should be recording these aspirations along their journey. Young people with SEND often develop socially, emotionally, cognitively or physically at different rates and therefore careful support needs to be given to

help them process their aspirations. High aspirations are crucial to success! Discussions about longer-term goals should start early and ideally well before Year 9 at school. Should focus on the child or young persons strengths and capabilities and the outcomes they want to achieve. Capturing Aspirations Id like a nice car like a Lamborghini and a mansion with an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi in every bedroom. Id like a dirt bike I want to

be in the RAF or army or a cricketer or a footballer. I want a nice wife who loves me and two children a girl and a boy or twin boys or twin girls. They would be called Oscar and Dylan or Lily and Sarah Capturing Aspirations I cant not do something I couldnt sit at home I need to do something. Id like to be a celebrity and have my name in lights, have limos and parties and just be remembered when I die like Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. And I want to be on Doctor Who and be the 26th Doctor. After college I want to go to college and then university then get a little job like a pub job and then build my way up the career and go into business and be like Donald Trump. I want limos, my own helicopter and mansions in New York, Rio, China, North Korea, and Australia. I dream big

Capturing Aspirations using the PFA Guide We have developed a guide based on the National Development Team for Inclusions 4 main areas of Preparation for Adulthood: Higher Education / Employment Independent Living Health Community Inclusion We have differentiated versions to meet a range of SEND needs and the evidence submitted can be in the form of a photo / written comment. The guide will inform PfA outcomes within a young persons EHCP and should help all parties responsible in preparing the young person for adulthood. We are currently running a pilot with 4 special schools across the county and we have consulted with Flying High to capture young peoples views.

This is the first of its kind across the country and we would like your feedback as part of our pilot. Please spend 5 minutes having a look at the guide and then Interactive Feedback Instructions: Use any electronic device to access: www.kahoot.it Enter a username Enter Pin

Eds Aspirations Moving on events Moving on events. Moving forward events will be planned for September to align with Consults and FE college open evenings for follow up visits.

Moving on events to showcase providers as well as employers to further raise aspirations. Young people to be invited from year 7 to consider aspirations earlier Full team approach including support from Health, transport, Post 16/19 providers, employers, support services and organisations What is a Supported Internship? Study programme listed in a prospectus Is 12 months in duration, not an academic year For those with an education, health and care plan (EHCP) Based on place, train and fade approach to learning

Based primarily at an employers premises Meets the career goals of young people Meets the business need of an employer On-the-job training Qualifications Supported Internships

Aim to increase current provision by 76% (currently 30 learners, increase to 53 by September 2019, and by 125% (from 53 to 65 by September 2020. Currently 3 providers offering Supported Internships across North Yorkshire ALSS, HEE and Gateshead College. Aim to increase to 5 providers by September 2019 and to 7 providers by 2020. NYCC has been issued an 82,005 funding grant to be spent on developing Supported Internships by offering training to providers and employers. Running a series of roadshows to promote to employers and match employers to providers

Currently 2 new providers delivering pilots from September in Selby and Harrogate with more in discussions Currently 9 employers on board to offer placements with more to follow

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