Recycling education campaign

Recycling education campaign

Solid Waste Grant Program Information Session June 4, 2019 Purpose of Funds To implement and support projects which reduce, reuse or recycle materials otherwise headed to the landfill. For:

Resource Recovery Landfill Preservation Jobs The MARC Solid Waste Mgmt. District Projects must divert waste from the Missouri side ONLY Who can apply? Local governments Businesses Individuals Schools/School Districts Non-Profits

Eligible Costs Equipment and Supplies Materials and Labor for Construction Salaries and Fringe Benefits for New Positions Education Travel as Necessary to Implement Project Consulting Fees Professional Services In-Eligible Costs Land acquisition Taxes

Food Giveaways Legal costs Anything trash/litter related Salary for existing positions Regular disposal fees District Grant Priorities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. Education End-Market Development Hard-To-Recycle Items Organics Management Construction and Demolition Waste Waste Reduction and Reuse Business and Multi-

Priorities address regional needs, however, all grant requests are considered. 1. Education Need to raise awareness; increase participation in recycling programs; and reduce recycling contamination. 2. End Market Development 3. Waste Reduction and Reuse

How can we create less waste in the first place? 4. Hard-To-Recycle Materials Material not accepted at curb or typical drop-off recycling center.

Convenient access must be considered. Need reliable endmarkets. 5. Organics Management Projects that address infrastructure, collection and end markets for organics composting. 6. Construction & Demolition

Typical C&D Materials Drywall Wood Rigid Plastics (i.e. paint buckets) Concrete Asphalt Shingles Metals Cardboard 7. Businesses and Multi-Family Dwellings Improve access to

recycling in multifamily buildings and businesses. Both applications are on-line. Instructions are provided. Application Procedures 1.

Pre-Application Due July 2, 2019 REQUIRED. Feedback is provided - Does not determine project funding. 2. Full Application Due August 22, 2019 REQUIRED: Signature page in hard copy due Monday, August 26. Must be either in our office or postmarked August 26 Online Applications

1. Pre-Application brief description of intended project and preliminary budget. This is required. 2. Full Application more lengthy application. Need to set up account so you can save work and return to. Narrative

Know whats going on in our area relative to your project. Address competition. Will there be collaboration? Describe what is unique about your project. How will the project be sustained after the grant year is over? Demonstrate the need for funding.

Tasks Example of Tasks to Submittal of reports Include:

Bidding Purchasing Training Education Have materials reviewed by SWMD Distribution Events Evaluation Survey Collection of materials Security Interest Agreement for Equipment >$5,000 Budget Considerations

You will add specific line items to suit your project. If requesting indirect, specify how amount is determined. Documentation for expenses $3,000 and over must be provided. Recommended that only a 20% match be

provided (vs. more). Funds are provided by reimbursement. Taxes are not reimbursed. Match Documentation Document/verify the match committed to the project. Minimum 20% of total project cost

.25 x requested amt. = 20% match Indicate specific value in letter. Indicate source. Signature. Can be in-kind, cash, or a combination. Requests of $50,000 or more

Project design, engineering designs, equipment specs. Three years financial statements, audits or reports: Provide 1 hard copy with signature page. Credit References. Sources of financial support. For revenue-generating projects, a 3-year business plan is required; OR A two-year vision for non-revenue generating projects.

Evaluation Procedures Quantitative Qualitative Examples: Examples:

Tonnages Number of presentations Number of business participants Surveys Media coverage Letters of Support

Letter from government official required. i.e. Mayor, City Council Member, City Administrator, County Commissioner Letter of Support from End-Market i.e. Buyer of materials Letter of Support/Commitment from Feedstock, Clients or Project Participants Government Forms The following forms will need to be

completed and uploaded: E-Verify Business Entity Certification (Missouris EVerify) Vendor No Tax Due, Form 943 We do not want this form: we want the letter from the state after submitting the form to them. W9 - New applicants only A few more things:

You may submit more than one application. We do not put a cap on grant requests, however we may only partially fund a project. Budget can differ in pre-application and application. Use checklist to verify all components are provided. If awarded: Grantee will meet with MARC

SWMD staff prior to start date. Reporting Requirements Reimbursement Procedures Security Interest Agreement for Equipment Other Details Schedule Pre-application Deadline JULY 2, 2019, 5 PM

Full application deadline AUGUST 22, 2019, 4 PM Signature page due AUGUST 26 Recommendation to MARC SWMD Board OCTOBER, 2019 Meetings with Grantees DECEMBER, 2019 Anticipated Project Start Date Signature Page and three-year financials for those applying for more than

$50,000 must be submitted in hard copy either by delivery or postmarked by APRIL 26. Questions? Nadja 816-701-8226 [email protected] [email protected]

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