REDCap Example Video - STARSurg

REDCap Example Video - STARSurg

What is STARSurg? Group that aims to facilitate multi-centre, student-led audit and research projects Engages students in international collaborative studies First project in 2013 258 student collaborators representing 31 UK medical schools Collaborate to collect outcomes data over a two-week

period on a prospective cohort of 1500 patients across 109 UK hospitals Our authorship policy designates PubMed-citable coauthorship to all collaborators, and publishes using the group name STARSurg Collaborative What is OAKS? Outcomes After Kidney injury in Surgery Postoperative AKI has been associated with increased

morbidity, mortality and costs in intra-abdominal surgery Study aims: Quantify the incidence of AKI in patients undergoing major gastrointestinal and liver surgery Define the morbidity and mortality associated with postoperative AKI Explore the potential risk factors for the development of post-operative AKI Identify potential targets for service improvement prior to

re-audit How is the study set up? Four separate 2-week data collection periods, starting on Wednesday 23rd September Each 2-week period will collect data on all the patients entering the hospital who fit our inclusion criteria

Mini-teams are formed, made up of 2 medical students and 1 junior doctor A supervising consultant overlooks all of the mini-teams An independent validator for each medical school will validate one 2-week period of the stud How do we go about collecting the data?

Mini-teams will locate eligible patients who fit the inclusion criteria by looking at theatre lists, handover sheets, emergency admissions Each team will then collect the data to be inputted on to the secure REDCAP recording system Regular follow-up is required to identify complications over the 30-day post-operative period. The study is prospective in its collection

REDCap Example Video Which patients do we need to collect data from? Any GI resection From oesophagus to rectum Excludes appendicectomy

Any liver resection Reversal of an ileostomy or colostomy Elective Operations Emergency Operations Exclusion Criteria <18yrs Regular renal replacement pre-operatively

Any form of dialysis in 90 days preceding operation Excluded procedures Appendicectomy

Cholecystectomy Hernia repair Primarily urology, gynae, vascular, or transplant procedures E.g. bowel resection following AAA repair excluded, bowel resection from mesenteric ischaemia included Pilot day We will have a pilot day to overcome a learning curve in identifying patients for inclusion, data collection and

using the REDCap system One day in the week leading up to their data collection start date Other important information E-learning modules (100% pass mark required)

AKI Clavien-Dindo classification Data governance Online at This audit is planned to be reaudited in a years time, following appropriate intervention

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