Reference Interview

Electrical Engineering 4BI6 How to Find Refereed Articles for Your Design Project

Linda Michtics, Engineering Liaison Librarian Thode Library Obectives By the end of this session, you will be

able to: define what a refereed (peer reviewed) article is find article databases search for articles in a database

find RACER, Refworks and patents databases What are Refereed Articles ??? Magazine VS Scholarly publication

Refereed Articles Written by and for researchers/academics Longer articles written in a formal scholarly style to

share facts and research with the academic

community Specific, in depth Often include charts and graphs to support research findings Usually no advertisements Include references and bibliography

Reviewed by peers in the field for quality, relevance and appropriateness of journal The database to check to determine if a journal is refereed

The link to the database The icon that indicates that a journal is refereed.

How to Find Article Databases Steps Click Articles/Databases tab on the McMaster library homepage Search databases by subject if you are not sure which database to choose

Search database by name if you know which database you are looking for The subjects You can type the name of

a database if you know it. Best Bets for your Assignment Compendex IEEE Xplore

These three are good for engineering info INSPEC

These Medline or Pubmed (medicine) three BIOSIS (life sciences and biology) are good Science Citation Index Expanded

(includes biology, biotechnology, medicine) for medical info

How to Search for Articles in a Database Compendex powered by Engineering Village

Constructing a Search Identify main concepts Identify synonyms for these concepts (tip: use

online thesaurus)

When phrase searching, enclose phrase in quotation marks eg. human computer interface Use boolean operators: and, or, not Use proximity operators eg. near Use asterisk symbol * (truncation) for plurals or alternative endings : * eg. canad* gets canada,

canadian, canadians Use wildcard symbol ? to replace a single character eg. wom?n for woman and women Do you know why we put *s here?

Tips for Too Few Results 20 Tips for Too Many Results

One Good Article Strategy Find one good article Use hyperlinked words from descriptors (main heading; controlled terms, uncontrolled terms, etc.) or authors to find

other relevant articles Click here and you will get the full-text of the journal article. Set up a RACER account and our

library will order research materials that we dont own. Click here for information on RACER. Google Scholar

Searches across many disciplines and sources from one place Includes peer-reviewed articles, theses, books, etc. published by professional societies, preprint repositories, universities

Can link directly to full-text papers that McMaster subscribes to if you see get it @ Mac (this works from on-campus and from home if you use your MacID) RefWorks

Web-based citation management software FREE to Mac students Registration required Create one or several accounts Store unlimited number of references Can move your RefWorks database into

another database programme (eg. Endnote, ProCite, Reference Manager, etc.) You can use RefWorks to manage your references. If you want to learn more, there is an online tutorial.

Refworks Demo Using Compendex Select Engineering Design

For design research, check Patent websites and product Catalogues. Summary Refereed (peer reviewed) articles

Finding databases Searching for articles in a database RACER, Refworks and Patents Questions?

Need Help? Just ask! Visit: Research Help Desk in Thode

Library,1st Floor email: [email protected] Call: ext. 22000 Chat: Contact Linda Michtics, Engineering Liaison

Librarian : [email protected] or ext. 23882

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