Regents Paragraphs

Regents Paragraphs

Controlling Idea (Question 26) Tuesday: Characterization Wednesday: Imagery Today: Controlling Ideas/ Question 26 On the Regents, you will be asked to compare 2 texts to a common topic and write a controlling idea paragraph. The directions say: Write a well-developed paragraph in which you use ideas from passage 1 (excerpt) and passage 2 (poem) to establish a controlling idea about (IDEA THEY GIVE YOU). Develop your

controlling idea using specific examples and details from both Passage I and Passage II. Establish = show evidence for. What is it? A controlling idea is the same as a "thesis statement" of an essay. It is a full-sentence observation about the topic that is true of both passages and could be true in the world as well. Previous Topics Relationships

Developing a skill Parting (when people leave each other) Work Uncertainty Possessions (things you own) Creativity Challenges Example from Your Practice Regents Controlling idea: developing a skill Passage 1 (excerpt): Yarn

Passage 2 (poem): Spanish Lesson The result was slightly lopsidedone sleeve was half an inch wider than the other around the elbowbut the arms looked more or less even once I put the sweater on. The small mistakes in a knitted garment disappear when the garment is on the body, where it belongs. That might have been the most important thing I learned from my first sweater.

My wife moves room to room, touching our humble belongings with a wand of new words the iron, the coffee pot, the radio making them notice themselves for the first time in years If, half way through the body or the sleeve, I noticed the piece getting wider faster than Id expected, I simply stopped increasing stitches; if the piece looked too small, I increased more. It was just as Sabina had told me: I could make things

up as I went along. calling out the new names for shampoo, for bath mat, toilet, and toothbrush What do these excerpts say to you about developing a skill? Todays Schedule LESSON 9:10-9:30 Controlling Idea Paragraph: reading for ideas 9:30-9:50 Activity Station: Question

26 Conferences 9:50-10:00 Break* 10:00-10:30 READING QUIZ 10:30-11:00 Independent Reading and Annotating short stories and mentor texts (for Imagery, Characterization, etc.) 11:00-11:05 SHORT Break* Writing 11:05-11:20 Lesson: Mentor

Texts 11:20-11:50 Independent Writing (USING MENTOR TEXTS) 11:50-12:00 Share/Clean Up FIRST ASSIGNMENT DUE TOMORROW: See Syllabus and Checklist Breaks are dependent upon student behavior and acceptable use of time.* Instructions for Reading Quiz Read the passage.

Annotate for literary elements youve been learning about in class, or on your own. Answer the multiple choice. On loose leaf paper, write a paragraph explaining the literary element you found in the passage (you can use the Question 27 Graphic Organizer) . Writing Controlling Idea Paragraphs Question 26

Tips for Writing First: Identify the topic. The Regents gives you the topic. Check the directions for Question 26 to see what your topic is. Next: Turn the topic into a question, "What does (Text 1) and (Text 2) both say/show/tell me about ___(the topic)___?" Third: Your answer must use evidence from BOTH texts. Things to remember: ONE passage. ONE literary element/technique.

TWO examples from the passage. Discuss the EFFECTS it creates (how the literary element adds to the meaning). 5-8 sentences.

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