Regents Review Live 2010

Regents Review 2.0 The Physical Setting Chemistry Mark Rosengarten Washingtonville High School Facts About The Exam 85 Points Part A 30-35 MC (facts, vocab) Part B1 15-20 MC (application +)

Part B2 short answer (like B1) Part C short answer (reading, analysis) Reference Tables Provided Bring a Calculator (non-graphing) Must be in PEN (except graphs) Hints To Success

Extreme questions have extreme answers

One Of These Things Are Not Like The Other Keep short answers SHORT and SIMPLE Do not give examples unless asked for Use the Reference Tables FREQUENTLY Show numerical setup for all math probs Use the nerd terms in answer Start active studying NOW PARTICLES

Subatomic Particles (Charge, # of, etc.) Natural Radioactive Decay Problems Behavior Of Gases Temperature Measures Average KE

BONDING Ionic And Covalent Bonds Attractive Force Strength vs. BP and VP Electrolytes vs. Nonelectrolytes COMPOUNDS & REACTIONS Converting Between Grams And Moles

Finding Molecular Formulas Mole-Mole Stoichiometry KINETICS & EQUILIBRIUM) PE Diagrams Le Chateliers Principle SOLUTIONS,

ACIDS & BASES MaVa = MbVb vs. M = moles/L Bronsted/Lowry (Alternate Theory) ELECTROCHEM & ORGANIC

Half-Reactions Voltaic Cells Isomers (hydrocarbons) Isomers (families) For More Review Visit For videos of every topic in Chemistry, select the Regents Chemistry playlist and the Chemistry Music Videos playlist. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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