Regional Teams Priorities and Directions for FY2008

Regional Teams Priorities and Directions for FY2008

CHESAPEAKE BAY EXECUTIVE ORDER ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY STRATEGY SUMMARY OVERVIEW SHANNON SPRAGUE & ANN REGN CO-CHAIRS, CBP EDUCATION WORKGROUP FOSTERING STEWARDSHIP GOAL TEAM Click to edit Master CBP Management Board Presentation subtitle style August 2, 2012 Overview 2 Requested Action: Recommend the Mid Atlantic Environmental Literacy Strategy to the Principal Staff Committee for adoption

Presentation Outline: History of K-12 Collaboration Overview of Strategy and related partner efforts Current projects Environmental Issues are Complex and Distributed 3 In the coming decades, the public will more frequently be called upon to understand complex environmental issues, assess risk, evaluate proposed environmental plans and understand how individual decisions affect the environment at local and global scales. Creating a scientifically informed citizenry requires a concerted, systematic approach to environmental education. National Science Foundation (2003) Long History of K-12 Collaboration 4

Directive 98-1: Departments of Education become active partners in CBP Interagency education group required in each jurisdiction Long History of K-12 Collaboration 5 MWEE Commitment: Provide every student in the watershed with a meaningful watershed educational experience prior to graduation Research or inquiry based outdoor experience fully integrated with curriculum that includes preparation, action, and reflection Identified as one of ten keystone commitments essential for long term success Long History of K-12 Collaboration 6 NOAA B-WET: Until NOAA B-WET, the MWEE was an unfunded mandate Historic funding levels between $1.2M and $3.5M annually To further advance MWEE goal, NOAA took on federal leadership role in the Education Workgroup

Long History of K-12 Collaboration 7 MWEE Tracking: States began reporting progress towards MWEE goal at 2005 Summit Self-report survey instrument completed by school divisions Long History of K-12 Collaboration 8 Executive Order Plan: Executive Order signed in 2009 by President Obama did not include stewardship element Implementation Strategy released in 2010 included stewardship in response to public comment Long History of K-12 Collaboration 9 Environmental Literacy Strategy: Significantly expands federal support for state environmental literacy efforts in the context of the Chesapeake Bay Program Better coordinates and applies federal resources, including partners not represented in broader Bay program

Education Workgroup Structure & Membership 10 Advisory Group Fedl Agency Natl Offices: NOAA, FWS, NPS, EPA, ED, USFS, NASA, NSF, USDA, Energy, USGS, etc. Natl Nonprofits CBP GITs Confirmed Member To Be Determined State Delegations (C2K Commitment) Federal/Regional Federal Agencies See Executive Committee for more federal reps NOAA Bart

Merrick NPS Abbi Wicklein-Bayne Non-Profits CBT Kacey Wetzel CBF Tom Ackerman CBF Don Baugh MAMEA David Christopher Nat Geo Elena Takaki NCLI Sarah Delaware District of Columbia Maryland Pennsylvania

Virginia West Virginia Tonyea Mead DE DOE James Rountree DCPS Gary Hedges MSDE PA DOE Eric Rhoades VA DOE WV DOE

Depts of Education Matt Ritter DNREC Grace Manubay DDOE Britt Slattery MD DNR Jack Farster PA DCNR Ann Regn VA DEQ WV DEP Natural Resource

Agencies Chris Petrone DE Sea Grant University Drew Ferrier Hood College Ann Faulds PA Sea Grant Tamara Willis Mary Baldwin College University

College or University Ashley Peebles DAEE Ariel Trahan DCEEC Laura Collard MAEOE Ruth Roperti PAEE Barbara Young VRUEC Frank Rogers WVEEA

NAAEE State Affiliates Jennifer Holmes Rebecca Davis Libby Campbell TBD Suzie Gilley Bill Portlock Daria Blom Kevin Stitzinger At Large Working Together Makes Us Stronger

11 State Literac y Plans Shared Vision for Education Workgroup Shared Goals & Outcomes for Education Workgroup Federal Strategies & Commitments Regional Strategies & Commitments Shared MWEE Metrics Mid Atlantic EL Strategy 12 Called for in Executive Order 13508

Strategy Details specific federal strategies to support the shared Goals and Outcomes Establishes shared Goals and Outcomes for federal, regional, and state partners of Education Workgroup Completed in partnership with state reps, affiliates of the NAAEE, and other nongovernmental partners Being implemented by the CBP Education Workgroup. Mid Atlantic EL Strategy - Development

13 March 2011: Kick-Off meeting with federal/state agencies and non-profit partners Summer/Fall 2011: Expand federal partnerships Inventory Federal Programs Create federal commitments in support of shared goals/outcomes November 2011: Released for Public Comment May 2012: Final draft released

Mid Atlantic EL Strategy - Goals 14 Goal 1: Every student in the region graduates with the knowledge and skills to make informed environmental decisions Goal 2: All educators in the region responsible for instruction about or in the environment have access to sustained professional development opportunities, tools, and resources that support their efforts to provide students with high-quality environmental education Goal 3: Every school in the region maintains its buildings, grounds, and operations to support positive environmental and human health outcomes Goal 4: The education community in the region functions in a unified manner and coordinates with key national, regional, and state programs to represent the full suite of information and opportunities available for PK-12 audiences NAAEE Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Strategy 15 Federal strategy catalyzed new era of nonprofit collaboration

MAEOE, VRUEC, DCEEC, PAEE, WVEEA, and DAEE Shared strategy finalized Summer 2012; monthly meetings Focused largely on improvement of program development and implementation: Outdoor Student Programs Teacher Professional Development (and certification requirements) School Greening Projects State Environmental Literacy Plans 16

47 states have or are developing Environmental Literacy Plan NAAEE issued guidance document in 2008 State Status Maryland: est. April 2009 District of Columbia: Submitted to DC Council June 2012 Pennsylvania: coming July 2012 Delaware: coming Oct 1, 2012 Virginia: Currently updating EE Business Plan West Virginia: In early development Implementing the Strategy 17 Revised MWEE Metric in development STAC Best Practices Workshop: August 27-28 Draft metrics: Spring 2013

Pilot: 2013/2014 Academic Year Capacity Building Mini Grants EPA grant to Chesapeake Bay Trust to support affiliate priorities Ongoing conversations with NASA, NSF, US ED, and DOI Americas Great Outdoors about collaborative projects in the region Why You Should Recommend Adoption 18 Advances MWEE keystone commitment Acknowledges robust partnership effort of key state, federal, and non-governmental

partners Endorses the call for widespread federal support to help CBP efforts Does not commit partners to specific actions, rather provides vision and guidance on Workgroup priorities 19 Contact Information Shannon Sprague Environmental Literacy Manager 410-267-5664

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