Regions of the United States

Regions of the United States

Regions of the United States Regions There are 5 Regions that make up the U.S. Northeast Southeast Midwest Southwest West States that share similar things are put into regions Ex: Climate, Economy, Resources, and Land Forms The Northeast

States include: Connecticut (CT)

Maine (ME) Massachusetts (MA) New Hampshire (NH) Rhode Island (RI) Vermont (VT) Delaware (DE) Maryland (MD) New Jersey (NJ) New York (NY) Pennsylvania (PA) Northeast Climate Temperature Affected by lakes, the ocean, and the Appalachian Mountains

Summer Average: 70 F Winter Average: 24 F Northeast Major Land Forms Appalachian Mountains Oldest mountains in North America (270 million years old) You can walk to Appalachian Trail-2,175 miles long from Maine to Georgia Lake Erie 4th largest of the Great Lakes

Lake Ontario Smallest of the Great Lakes Niagara Falls Between Canada and New York 12 million people visit every year Northeast Economy Manufactured Products: Food, chemicals, clothing, lumber, plastics Natural Products:

Coal, iron, cattle, poultry, natural gas Farming: Non-citrus fruits, Carrots, Lettuce, Broccoli, Asparagus, Northeast Tourist Attractions New York City (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Broadway) Boston (Anything about the Revolutionary War) Philadelphia (Anything about the Revolutionary War) Hershey, Pennsylvania (Chocolate) Burlington, VT (Ben and Jerrys)

The Southeast States Include:

Alabama (AL) Arkansas (AR) Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Kentucky (KY) Louisiana (LA) Mississippi (MI) North Carolina (NC) South Carolina (SC) Tennessee (TN) Virginia (VA) West Virginia (WV)

Southeast Climate Temperatures: January-45 F August-82 F Hurricanes: 14 hurricanes have hit since 2001 Southeast Landforms Smoky Mountains Between TN and NC 9 million people visit each year Appalachian Mountains

Swamps Everglades in Florida Blue Ridge Mountains In Georgia 469 miles of wooded highway Southeast Economy Shipping: Major ports-New Orleans, Miami, Mobile Farming: citrus fruits, rice, sugar, tobacco, poultry, hogs Fishing:

Shrimp, lobster, clams, and fish Mining: Offshore natural gas and oil, coal Southeast Tourist Attractions Atlanta, Georgia (MLK sites, Civil War sites) Virginia (Civil War sites) Kentucky (Birth place of Lincoln) Florida (Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea

World) New Orleans (French Quarter and Haunted History spots) The Midwest States Include:

Illinois (IL) Indiana (IN) Iowa (IA) Kansas (KS) Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) Missouri (MO) Nebraska (NE) North Dakota (ND) South Dakota (SD)

Ohio (OH) Wisconsin (WI) Midwest Climate Temperature: Summer: 80-100 F depending on the state Winter: -40 F-30 F Precipitation: 2-4 inches of rain per month 6 inches to 70 inches of snow depending on the state Tornadoes

Midwest Landforms Black Hills Mount Rushmore South Dakota Mississippi River From Minnesota to Louisiana 2,320 miles long Great Lakes Lake Michigan-only one located entirely in the U.S.

Great Plains Between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains Midwest Economy Manufactured Goods: Cars/motorcycles, farm equipment, packaged meat, metal products, dairy products Farming: - Cows, corn, soy beans, wheat, grain, hay, oats - Mining:

iron, coal, and natural gas Midwest Tourist Attractions Illinois (Lincoln sites) Michigan/Illinois (Lake Michigan) Indiana (Indy 500) South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore) St. Louis (Arch) Ohio (Football Hall of Fame)

The Southwest States Include: Arizona (AZ) New Mexico (NM) Oklahoma (OK) Texas (TX) Climate of the Southwest Temperatures: Summer: 90-125 F Winter: 70 F Precipitation: Varies depending on the year

Depends on snowfall in other states and the monsoon season of the Pacific Ocean Southwest Landforms Rocky Mountains Run from Canada to New Mexico Plateaus-mountains with flat tops Plains areas-low, flat land Rio Grande River-border between Mexico and Texas Grand Canyon In Arizona 277 miles long and

18 miles wide Southwest Economy Manufactured Products: Chemicals, machinery, petroleum Farming: Beef, citrus fruits, cotton, grain, rice, wheat Fishing: Crabs, fish, oysters, shrimp (Gulf coast of Texas) Mining: Coal, copper, natural gas, oil, silver

Southwest Tourist Attractions Arizona (Grand Canyon) New Mexico (Carlsbad Caverns) Rocky Mountains Texas (Alamo and Lyndon Johnson Space Center) The West States Include:

Colorado (CO) Idaho (ID) Montana (MT) Nevada (NV)

Utah (UT) Wyoming (WY) Alaska (AK) California (CA) Hawaii (HI) Oregon (OR) Washington (WA) Climate of the West Temperature (depends on the state) California: Jan: 45 F August: 74 F Alaska: Jan: 1.1 F August: 52 F Hawaii: Jan: 67 F August: 73 F Wyoming: Jan: 19.2 F August: 65 F

Precipitation: 32 inches of rain/snow per year on average Landforms of the West Rocky Mountains 3,000 miles long Mojave Desert Hottest/driest spot in North America Home of Death Valley-temps can get to 120 F+

Mt. Ranier-Washington Mt. McKinley-Alaska Mt. Hood-Oregon Volcanoes-Alaska, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming Economy of the West Manufacturing: Jet airplanes, lumber/paper, chemicals, dairy products Mining:

Copper, gold, lead, natural gas, oil, silver Fishing: Crabs, shrimp, fish, oysters (Pacific coast) Farming: Cattle, coffee, fruit, hay, sugar Tourist Attractions of the West

Alaska-Glacier Bay Wyoming-Yellowstone National Park California-Yosemite National Park Nevada-Hoover Dam Hawaii-Diamond Head Washington-Space Needle

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