Renaissance to Baroque - General Music and Chorus - Home

Renaissance to Baroque - General Music and Chorus - Home

Welcome to Music History RENAISSANCE TO BAROQUE Composers and their dates Renaissance Composers: Giovanni Palestrina: 1525 1594 Known for writing Catholic music Claudio Monteverdi: 1567 1643 One of the first composers to write opera LOrfeo Baroque Composers: Antonio Vivaldi: 1678 1741

Georg Philipp Telemann: 1681 1767 Known for writing the Four Seasons Wrote A LOT of music Johann Sebastian Bach: 1685 1750 20 children Wrote Toccata and Fugue in d minor Georg Friedrich Hndel: 1685 1759

Wrote The Messiah (Hallelujah Chorus) Renaissance Music Era Renaissance (French rebirth): Renewal of European interest in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Artistry and writing was secular as well as religious Music and art was geared not only towards a religious nature but now also towards achieving a fulfilled life on earth. Music of the Renaissance:

Canon - when several voices sing the same melody but enter at different times, or enter simultaneously but sing at different tempos Mass Music written to follow the Catholic Mass Madrigal - a poetic form set to music; sung in Italy and popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries Motet (From Fr. mot = word) Polyphonic vocal piece usually sung in Latin with sacred text. Polyphonic when two or more melodies are played or sung simultaneously Renaissance Instruments

The Catholic Mass 5 parts Kyrie e Leison: Lord Have Mercy Gloria in excelsis Deo: Glory to God in the highest Credo: Creed/credence: statement of belief Sanctus: Sanctify or make holy Benedictus: benediction blessing Agnus Dei: Lamb of God Baroque Music Era Baroque Period (Port. barroco = misshapen as in a bulbous pearl) of music history from ca. 1580 ca. 1730 Relating to a style of European architecture, music and art of the 17th and 18th centuries that was very detailed and ornate Examples: Palace of Versailles and work of Bernini in Italy (St. Peters

Basilica) Music of the Baroque era: Opera Dramatic stage composition, ordinarily in two or more acts with costumes, sets and scenery Cantata Composition for solo voice usually with instrumental accompaniment; sometimes sacred Chamber music Ensemble music with only one instrument per part Orchestral Concerto music Large ensemble music with multiple instrument per part

Composition for one or more soloists performing with instrumental or orchestral accompaniment Baroque Instruments Violin d r o h c i s p r a H Baroque orchestra Harp Recorders

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