Requisition through payment - Bridgewater State University

Requisition through payment - Bridgewater State University

REQUISITION THROUGH PAYMENT Angie Driscoll- Budget Office Gina Guasconi- Procurement Services Kristin Hanson- Accounts Payable TODAYS SESSION: This is going to be an interactive session. We will be

asking you the audience the answers to our questions. Angie Driscoll will be going over the Budget Piece. Gina Guasconi will be walking you through the Requisition process. Kristin Hanson will be reviewing the Payment Process. PLEASE SIGN ONTO THE BANNER TESTING WEBSITE:

Log in: (for those with Banner access) Username: Your computer sign on Password: Your computer sign on password Go to Select Departments Select Administrative Systems Select Banner

Select Click here for all other Banner databases (for training only) Select BANT Database BEFORE ENTERING A REQUISITION What is the very first step before you enter a requisition?

GO TO FGIBAVL You want to check your available balance. This screen will show you the current available balance. Put in 61001 for an account code. Always check here first. E R R O R M E SS A G E Check the status/auto hint bar. If you get the error message,

user is not authorized to post with the entered organization, contact the budget office. You might need to fill out a banner finance system access form. USER NOT AUTHORIZED TO POST WITH THE ENTERED NEGATIVE BALANCE: You should check your pending documents. There

might be some Requisitions that could be closed out. If you still have a negative balance after that, please call the budget office. F G I B AV L - P E N D I N G DOCUMENTS If pending documents is checked, then go to options- pending documents. Open requisitions must

be completed or deleted (to delete use screen FPAREQN and record remove two times). NOW YOU WOULD DO A BUDGET TRANSFER IF NEEDED AFTER EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CHECKED. After you have checked FGIBAVL you may

complete a budget transfer. Transfers are processed online via banner self service. If its out of your organization or authorization, then you would complete the paper budget transfer form. Budget Office- Forms- FY15 Budget Transfer form. Now you are ready to enter a requisition

BUT FIRST.. Be sure that the following are in place: Consult with your buyer for assistance as needed regarding the desired procurement (ie. vendor, procurement contracts, accounting codes, and applicable laws such as dollar limits before quotes/bids are needed, etc). Procurement thresholds: $1 - $10k Sound business practices.

$10,000.01 - $24,999 the following shall be submitted to your Buyer in Procurement Services: 3 written quotations or NCAJ Form and 1 written quotation or 1 written quotation with the State/MHEC/University/E&I contract number listed (Other rules apply for Labor & Construction contracting). $25k and UP is a formal bidding process conducted by Procurement

Services or 1 written quotation with the State/MHEC/University/E&I contract number listed (Other rules apply for Labor & Construction contracting). AND Accounts codes have been updated. Please see handout containing the revised BSU Account Code Guide.. The vendor has an active vendor code and the address is correct. This

can be confirmed on FTIIDEN. If not a W-9 must be obtained and forwarded to Jane Murphy in Procurement Services. A fully executed contract, if applicable, must be in place with the proper dates and signatures. Note that the department can sign up to $1000. Over $1000 must be signed by Doug Shropshire, AVP of Finance. Complete info can be found at: SitePages/Home.aspx What screen do I use to enter a requisition? FPAREQN FPAREQN is the entry form for entering

requisitions. Type Next in the Requisition box and Next Block.. What info is needed on the Document Information screen? DELIVERY DATE

Insert by typing D+tab. DOCUMENT TEXT You may need to go to Options to Document Text to enter information pertaining to the entire document. Must include if standing,

check with order, confirming, etc. Use Modify Clause for this. Contract number if applicable (State/University/ MHEC/E&I). Where do I enter my

ship-to? SHIP TO Either type your shipto or search using the drop-down. Note that all equipment must be delivered to Central

Receiving (ship-to = CENRCT). DONT FORGET TO ENTER THE VENDOR. Be sure the vendors address is correct. You may need to chose an

alternate address from the drop down. If the correct BU address is not listed you must obtain a new W-9 prior to completing the req. Where do I enter what Im

procuring and my accounting information (FOAPAL)? COMM ODIT Y AN D ACCOU N TI N G SCREEN Enter the description, unit of measure, quantity, and unit price for each item.

ITEM TEXT When entering the descriptions you may need to go to Options to Item Text to enter information pertaining to the specific line. What do I do if I need to use more than one FOAPAL?

MORE THAN ONE FOAPAL Most importantly, you will need to uncheck Document Level Accounting before entering the commodity information. Depending on the type of split you may need to toggle between the commodity and the accounting blocks (contact your Buyer for assistance).

FOAPAL SECTION After completing the Commodity section of the form Next Block to the FOAPAL section. This is where the index, fund/org, account, and activity codes (if applicable) are entered. COMPLETE OR IN PROCESS

Click Complete if the requisition is ready to be approved and forwarded to Procurement Services. Click In Process if the requisition is not ready to be approved (ie. contract not signed, funds are NSF, etc.).

KEEP AN EYE ON The status/auto hint bar at the bottom left of the screen. If you have completed the requisition this should show: Completed and Forwarded to the Approval Process. If it doesnt

you will need to go back into the requisition to troubleshoot why it wouldnt complete. BEWARE of Non-Sufficient Funds. Banner will check for budget availability (aka Non-Sufficient

Funds or NSF). You will need to keep an eye on the NSF box on the FOAPAL (Accounting) block. If checked do not complete the requisition until funding is available. Non-Sufficient Funds

If there were Non-Sufficient Funds And a budget transfer was completed in coordination with the Budget Office, be sure to update all dates within the requisition to a date after the budget transfer was completed to

ensure the document will no longer be in NSF status. Why dont I have a PO Yet? CHECK APPROVALS If your requisition has not been approved by Procurement

Services and turned into a PO you should check that: The requisition has been completed (can check on FOIDOCH Document History screen). If the status is blank the requisition has not been completed on the department side. OR The requisition has been approved by your department and is waiting for additional approvals

such as IT, Procurement Services (can check on FOIAPPH Approval History screen). Every requisition needs at minimum approvals by the department, the buyer, and the Director of Procurement Services. IT approval is also needed for software purchases. OR

The requisition has been disapproved by Procurement Services and is waiting for you to make changes (check Banner messages for reason). If you have a Banner message there will be a check mark next to Check Banner Messages on the right side of your home screen. Click the wording to view the reason the requisition was disapproved.

How do I let Accounts Payable know my items/services are received/completed and give an OK to pay? RECEIVING You must create a receiving document on FPARCVD for regular POs (not standing,

check with order, or confirming orders). The invoice marked as ok to pay or an email approving payment must be submitted to [email protected] FPARCVD Be sure the status/auto hint bar

shows Completed. If it doesnt show as Completed you will need to go into the document to troubleshoot the reason why. How do I monitor my

requisitions and purchase orders? FGIENCD View all transactions against a specific PO. Document codes: PORD = Purchase Order CORD = Change Order POCL = PO closed by Procurement Services

FOIDOCH View complete document history of a requisition or PO. From this form you can view the requisition, PO, receiving, invoicing, and check information. Enter the Document Type and the Document Code. Next Block for details. We recommend adding this form as a favorite. FGIOENC

View all open encumbrances including Purchase Orders (POs), Travel Authorizations (TAs), and Open Encumbrances (ENCs). Enter index and Next Block to see detail. I N VO I C E S A N D PAY M E N T S Invoices are received either in A/P and emailed to departments or they are sent directly to the department(s) It is essential to review and send to Accounts Payable for

payment immediately (pdf invoices via email are acceptable; faxed invoices are not) Many vendors charge late fees in accordance with their payment terms and some offer an early payment discount Do I have to send an O.K. to pay to Accounts Payable if I received on-line?

PAY M E N T A P P R OVA L S The on-line receiving is one part of a 3-way match in Banner with the PO, receiving, and payment; this step is for regular POs only It is necessary to approve the invoice for payment; or email [email protected] that a contracted service has been completed if there is no

invoice (i.e. an individual speaker) Email approvals are a great way to move payments forward quickly C O M M U N I C AT I O N W I T H A C C O U N T S PAYA B L E Once goods have been received or a service has taken

place, follow up with the vendor for the invoice as needed Notify Accounts Payable of the payment approval (include the PO#, specify which lines to pay on the p.o. if necessary, and include your full signature if signing the invoice directly Accounts Payable can pay invoices that fall within the 10% tolerance for each line on the purchase order (up to the contract amount only)

How do you view a payment? T O V I E W PAY M E N T S F R O M A N ENCUMBRANCE Use FGIENCD to view payments against a Purchase Orders (PO), Travel Authorization

(TA), and Open Encumbrance (ENC). When an encumbrance is closed with the final payment, the entire encumbrance balance is liquidated, therefore the liquidated amount is showing instead of the true amount of the invoice. How do you view the invoice detail?


FA I I N V E S H O W S T H E S C R E E N S A / P U S E S T O E N T E R PA Y M E N T S Use Next Block to scroll through the screens FAIINVE 2nd screen

shows: Vendor invoice

number Payment due date Encumbranc e number used FAIINVE

Continuing to next block through the screens shows the payment information that corresponds to the encumbrance and the amount entered for the invoice

F O I D O C H A L S O C O N TA I N S C H E C K I N F O R M AT I O N The check number is available and the F status shows it was cashed FGIBDST

CAN BE USED FOR ALL INVOICES Drill down to the account code; Choose Options and Transaction Detail Information (FGITRND) to see payments

T O Q U E RY PAY M E N T S From FGITRND choose the Query option with the question mark E N T E R W H AT Y O U WA N T T O S E A R C H A N D CHOOSE ICON TO EXECUTE QUERY POSSIBLE SEARCHES Keying in the FIELD (YTD) will show all invoice

payments Keying in the AMOUNT pulls all invoices with the same amount Keying in the DOCUMENT (I0#) will pull a single payment and the corresponding encumbrance

offset Keying in the Description (you can use wild cards i.e. %Stap% for Staples) shows all activity with that description TYPES OF INVOICE ENTRIES INEI = Entry from an encumbrance {Invoice against a Purchase Order (PO) or a Travel Expense Report (TR)}

INEC = Credit invoice INNI = Direct pay invoice ICEI = Cancellation of an invoice A full listing of common field codes can be found on Page 17 in the Banner Finance Manual (included with handouts) Can you pull data

from Banner into a spreadsheet? EXTRACTING DATA Choose Help Extract Data No Key You can Open or

Save the document EXTRACTED DOCUMENT The document is extracted into a .csv file

Save as Excel file Can I view only those expenses against an activity code? FGIBDST

Include the activity code and choose next block ANY QUESTIONS?? Contact Information: Angie Driscoll Budget Office 508.531.2014 Gina Guasconi, Procurement Services

508.531.6184 SitePages/Home.aspx Kristin Hanson, Accounts Payable 508.531.2007

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