Research Paper Note Cards -

Research Paper Note Cards -

Research Research Paper Paper Note Note Cards Cards Language Arts, Ms. Reese WHAT GOES ON A

NOTE CARD? Information you did not know about your topic that you get from another author HOW TO TAKE ANOTHER AUTHORS INFORMATION?? Paraphrase

Summarize Quote DONT PLAGIARIZE!!!! PLAGIARISM It's like lip-synching to someone else's voice and accepting the applause and rewards for yourself. IF YOU PLAGIARIZE, YOU WILL FAIL!!! any

time you take a writers words and use them as your own, you are plagiarizing Using another writers words as your own the right way! Paraphrase/Summarize Quote Include your own thoughts about

what the writer has to say ALWAYS GIVE THE CREDIT TO THE REAL AUTHOR! PARAPHRASE/ SUMMARIZE Summarize (compress/shrink down) in your own words Translate and rewrite what the author is

saying PARAPHRASE Example of what you read: "I had to explain to him that I was deaf. I said, 'Wait; I can't hear; please talk slowly.' He looked at me and said, 'What?' I told him again I was deaf, and he said, 'Oh.' He pointed to a door and told me to go through that door. I

followed his instructions. I opened the door and walked through it, closing the door behind me. I found that I was in the hallway near the elevator where I had just come up. I was shocked! He had rejected me without any explanation. I got into the elevator, and as it descended, I felt very letdown. I couldn't understand why he didn't give me a chance to explain that I could do the job well. It didn't require hearing!" -- Bernard Bragg, My First Summer Job, A Handful of

Stories, 19 PARAPHRASE An Example of paraphrasing what you read In A Handful of Stories, Bernard Bragg tells a story of trying to get a job. One time he told a potential employer he was deaf, and the man

just pointed to the door. Mr. Bragg, not realizing the man was telling him to leave, opened the door and stepped out. Not until he went out the door did he realize he had been rejected because he was deaf (19). QUOTE Use quotation marks to show EXACTLY what the author was saying

(Do NOT use more than 4 lines) Include Authors Last Name and Page Number on which you found the information, directly after the quote For example, According to Hughes, poetry rocks! (Hughes, p. 2) So, what goes on the

Note Card?? As you find interesting facts about your topic, you will write them down. Each idea should be paraphrased (summarized in your own words), and written on a card. Stay organized In order to keep your ideas in order,

and to remember where you found the ideas, there are four items that you should include on the index card 4 Items to include on card . 1. Card Topic Topic is the kind of information on the

card. Think of it as the title, or main idea of the card. After writing down the information, figure out how you could briefly categorize, or title it. Card Topic For example, if you are writing a paper on the life and works of the poet, Langston

Hughes, you may have cards with topics such as: Hughes'

Hughes' Hughes' Hughes' Hughes' upbringing influences poetry political beliefs

influence on America 2. Source Title The source title is the name of the book, magazine, website, etc., in which you found the information. You will want to also turn your card over and list ALL Catalog Card information (publisher, etc.).

Giving Your Source a Number In the previous example, the source was given a number, instead of writing out the entire title, author, etc. Write out the title for the source

you are using on each card , or simply list your sources on a separate sheet of paper. Number your sources on this list Use the numbers on the note cards to specify which source provided which fact. 3. paraphrased

information It is helpful to paraphrase, or summarize, your research on the index cards while you are taking notes. If you are consistent in paraphrasing at this stage, then you will be certain not to accidentally plagiarize someone else's work. You will also have less work to do when you are actually writing the paper.

4. page numbers It is important to be accurate with the page numbers on your note cards, as you will need them for citations throughout your research paper. Sample Note Cards

Organized by Card Topic Citing my source!! Information for this presentation came from the following source Researching and Organizing Your Paper: The Note Card System. English Works! at Gallaudet University, Washington,

D.C. Published: 1997-present. Retrieved 7 March, 2006. THE END!

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