Resume and Cover letter workshop - University of Toronto

Resume and Cover letter workshop - University of Toronto

RESUME AND COVER LETTER 101 A SHORT GUIDE FOR FIRST TIMER - GETTING YOU STARTED ON YOUR JOB HUNT! Kuan Liu Feb 9th, 2016 OUTLINE CV and Resume Cover letter Real Samples my own application package for my first job at ICES

Exercise Additional Reference CV AND RESUME CV (Curriculum Vitae) Tailored for academic positions and graduate level (masters/PhD) research positions Reader is in your field! Should include detailed academic background and past research experience

Normally at least 2 pages Resume Tailored for a more general audience Summarize key information based on the job advertisement BRIEF! Ideally, no more than 2 pages CV AND RESUME MY RULES Clear and well balanced sections Order your sections based on the key job requirements and

qualifications CONSISTENCY! Keep your formatting clean and consistent! Avoid typos and grammar errors Have at least two people reviewing it before submission (your supervisor, career centre personnel, friends and families!) Customizing your CV to meet the job description; Keep an EVERTHING CV and use a subset of it for each job application

PDF! KEY COMPONENTS FOR YOUR EVERYTHING CV Contact information Name (official) Address (choose one: home or office address) Email address

Phone number No funky email address! No funny voicemail activation messages! Add a date on the headline, make sure this is the most updated version of your CV

EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS List all post secondary degrees Include start month/year and completion month/year most recent first For current degree state start month/year present If available provide your thesis/graduation essay title and your supervisors name

Credentials: Professional Certifications, SAS base/advance programmer etc No need to add high school information! EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS HONOURS AND AWARDS

Highlight fellowships, scholarships and honours and awards you have received that are relevant to your discipline and the job position Include the award agency / academic institutes Include award dollar values and ranking if applicable EXPERIENCE Categorize experience into

Professional employment (work experiences in your discipline) Research experience (projects and research assistantships) Teaching experience (TA)

Find a balance between specific enough to be suitable, but broad enough to be flexible. Detail but not too detail! PUBLICATIONS Peer reviewed publications to be categorized into 1. Published 2. In Press and Accepted

3. Revision Requested 4. Submitted 5. Working manuscripts Use consistent referencing style! Can also include book chapters, reviews and reports PRESENTATIONS AND POSTERS Include title of the talk, name of the conference/meeting, location

and date Similar information should be provided for poster presentation as well ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Professional affiliations conference and workshops attended Extracurricular Other info (language, immigration status etc.)

COVER LETTER Introduces yourself Explains why you are writing or applying for the job Highlights the qualifications related to the position as laid out in the job criteria Proves that you align well with the organization and that you meet the job requirements

No more than 2 pages DO YOUR RESEARCH Learn about the organization (check websites, personnel GOOGLE IT) Circle key qualification words and job tasks as stated on the job ad Make sure you cover as much experience and examples in your letter that align with these key words Use proper letter format (your address, the origination address and date) Use professional language

Get a second or third reviewer! STRUCTURE YOUR LETTER Opening paragraph Clearly state the position you are applying Source of this position (where did you find the job ad, online, department email etc) A brief sentence to explain your interest and motivation

STRUCTURE YOUR LETTER Qualifications Academic background Specific skills for this job, provide example and explanation Past relevant work experience / research experience (list your duties, your works and any completed projects or worth to mention accomplishments) STRUCTURE YOUR LETTER The concluding paragraph

Opportunity to show your passion in your occupation of chosen (ie, why you love biostatistics and want to be a biostatistician) End your letter on a positive note by offering to provide any additional information that the committee may require as well as by indicating your interest in meeting with the committee for an interview. Closing with your contact information and be polite! MY FIRST JOB THE JOB AD

MY COVER LETTER LETTER HEAD KUAN LIU A3-312, 280 Phillip Street Waterloo, ON N2L3X1 [email protected] (226) 989 2112 June 7, 2012 Kidney Research Clinical Unit, Department of Medicine/Nephrology Institute for Clinical evaluative Sciences at Western

Victoria Hospital, London Ontario INTRODUCTION Dear Ms. XXX, I am writing to express my great interest for the SAS analyst/Biostatistician position opening in your department. This position is a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge to the ongoing clinical research projects and at the meantime widen my horizons as a young biostatistician. I am currently enrolled in my final term in Master of Mathematics, Biostatistics program at University of Waterloo. I received my Bachelor of Science in Honor Statistics from University of Alberta in 2011. Both my undergraduate and graduate curricula have allowed me to build a strong foundation in statistics

and have also strengthened my computing skills, especially my knowledge of statistical software packages such as SAS, SPSS and R. I have also received the SAS Base Programming Certificate and plan to take the advance programming certificate before the end of this term. For both SAS and R, I am capable of writing functions and proc commands to produce various analysis results, such as GLM, survival analysis and longitudinal analysis. Besides the above analysis approaches for medical research data, I am also capable of coding Marco function in SAS as well as SQL command to obtain and produce reportable tables from the database in SAS. Give examples! Again going back to the job ad, programming skills especially data manipulation skills are very important for this position.

RESEARCH INTEREST (OPTIONAL) My personal research interest lies in survival analysis, focusing mainly on competing risk and missing data problems under survival analysis with the adoption of the likelihood approach. For my graduation essay, I have been investigating the fitting of frailties, which will be treated as random effects with deterministic distribution such as Gaussian and Gamma, under the Proportional Hazards models for clustered data in the setting of competing risk analyses. My goal is to quantify and test the variation of outcomes between clusters and treat it as a nuisance factor when applying partial likelihood techniques. A Monte-Carlo simulation will also be conducted to evaluate the

proposed estimation method for the above quantified nuisance factor. I added this paragraph to demonstrate my academic writing skills, since manuscript writing was listed on the job tasks. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE In addition to an academic background, I have some valuable work experience related to this position. In summer 2011, shortly after I completed my undergraduate degree, I received an internship as a junior statistician in the Biostatistics Consulting Group in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta. My main duty was to provide statistical consulting services for health science

researchers and support for project manual submission, including early stage description statistics and logistical regression model fitting. During my internship, I was able to complete analysis results, writing and submitting summary reports before the client requested deadlines. I also communicated with the group leader and other group members regarding my weekly progress and any improvement as needed. Through my works, I improved my problem solving, time management and communication skills. Experience conducting statistical analysis, participation of on going medical research projects. Slip-in your time management skills and your communication skills (key qualities for this job). Again provide details on your past experience (list your main duties and accomplishments)

CLOSING I have enclosed my resume in this application package. Please let me know if additional information is required to aid your evaluation. I look forward to further discussing my suitability. You can reach me by email at [email protected] or cell phone at 226-989-2112. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kuan Liu MOCK EXAMPLE OF A PAST HEALTH ANALYST POSITION AT MOHLTC

EXERCISE MOCK LETTER FOR THE HEALTH ANALYST JOB AD KEY WORDS Health analysis provide analytical guidance Methodology and statistical applications Report writing skills Communication skills WHAT I WOULD INCLUDE IN MY LETTER

Start with background, I will mention my academic background in statistics and my programming skills in SAS and R. Unlike the previous letter I wrote for ICES, I will not include my research interest section. This is a government job and you are only required to write reports which are usually not statistical at all. WHAT I WOULD INCLUDE IN MY LETTER

I will write a fat paragraph on my past job at ICES. In particular, I will include 1. My familiarization of all Ontario administrative databases 2. My job duties 3. Methodology and statistical analysis I have applied in the past (ie, survival analysis, time series etc). I will provide at least one example of a completed project and clearly state what analysis is used and state the impact and results of this project.

4. Emphasis I work at a multi-discipline environment and my experience collaborating with physicians and epidemiologists (communication skills!) WHAT I WOULD INCLUDE IN MY LETTER Closing paragraph Why I want to apply for this job? For example, this position allows me to utilize my analytical skills in evidence-based health care researches. Provide an ideal platform for me to

contribute to the overall care received by Ontario residence. Again, I will include my contact information and state my willingness for an in person interview. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Two handouts on CV and cover letter provided Upon request I can send you my current CV (

[email protected]) If you need more help, I am happy to assist! Good Luck!

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