Rethinking the post-Soviet Russian hero: - University of Ottawa

Rethinking the post-Soviet Russian hero: - University of Ottawa

Rethinking the postSoviet Russian hero: Alexei Balabanov's films AlekseiBalabanov (1959 - 2013)

Educated as translator (1981) Served in the Army in 1982-84. Took part in the Afgan war Graduated from the High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (1990) Directed controversial but popular films Selected disquieting filmsbyBalabanov:

Brother (1997)

Of Freaks and Men (1998) Brother-2 (2000) War (2002) Zhmurki(2005) I Feel No Pain (2006) Cargo 200(2007) Morphine (2008) The Stoker (2010) Me too (2012) Of Freaks and Men (1998) Theme: pornography in the 1900s;

Sepia colours imitate early photographs Brother(1997, drama/action)Zhmurki(2005, comedy) Both deal with the theme of killers Morphine (2008) (based on stories by Mikhail Bulgakov) Sergei Bodrov Jr. (1971-2002), hero of our time

Son of a film director PhD in Art History Iconic actor of late 1990s, star of Balabanovs films Talk show host Film director Died Sept. 20, 2002: buried by a glacier in the

Caucasus, along with the whole crew, while directing a film. Sergei Bodrovs selected filmography: Actor:

Other: Sisters(2001) Director Morphine (2008) Prisoner of the Caucasus (1996) (dir. Sergei Bodrov) Brother (1997) (dir. Aleksei Balabanov)

Est-Ouest (1999) (dir. Aleksei Balabanov) (dir. Rgis Wargnier) Scriptwriter Brother II (2000) (dir. Aleksei Balabanov) War (2002) Sergei Bodrovs character Danila Bagrov: the new / old Russian hero, Brother

Common man: ex-soldier, orphan, poor mother, friends with bums and street girls. Restores justice, stands up for the wronged, fights evil others (Chechens, black pimps in Chicago, Ukrainian mafia). Ivan the fool of Russian folktales chains of fortunate chances, obstacles overcome. Cyber folk tale, like computer game kills opponents

to get to bag of money; gets help from unexpected quarters (allies include the long-distance truck driver). Random problems quickly solved. Brothers (Brother, 1997) Sergei Bodrov in Brat (1997)Dmitri Diuzhev in I Feel No Pain (2006)

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