ROAR Slide Presentation - LONG version

ROAR Slide Presentation - LONG version

Healthy Aging & Participating in Research Overview of Topics Why research is important to healthy aging What you need to know about research studies How YOU can make a difference for yourself and future generations by participating 2

Research and healthy aging 3 Living longer and healthier In 1900: Life expectancy: 50 years Top causes of death: pneumonia/flu & tuberculosis Today:

Life expectancy: 74+ years Pneumonia & tuberculosis prevented or treated 4 Research and your health Discoveries from research led to the medicines and treatments we take for granted today: Vaccines to prevent infectious diseases such as tuberculosis

Antibiotics to treat bacterial diseases such as pneumonia Medications to manage ongoing conditions such as high blood pressure and pain 5 Continuing to look for answers How can we prevent, or cure: Heart disease and stroke? Cancer?

Alzheimers disease and dementia? How can we improve care and quality of life? To find answers, scientists conduct research studies 6 Example: Alzheimers Disease

Brain disease that destroys memory and thinking Affects as many as 5 million Americans age 65+ A leading cause of death Currently no cure or treatment Major research underway to understand the disease and learn how to prevent, cure, and treat it

7 When I was diagnosed with Alzheimers, I wanted to do everything possible to fight the disease. I talked with my doctor to find a clinical study that was right for me. I know Im doing something that might help my children and grandchildren avoid the disease.

8 What you need to know about research studies 9 Many types of research that need people

Interviews and surveys Understanding disease Improving detection and diagnosis Prevention Testing drugs and non-drug treatments for safety and effectiveness

Testing ways to support caregivers 10 Benefits of volunteering for research Help others, including future generations of your family who may be at risk Get information about support groups and resources in your

community Learn more about your health conditions from experts Receive regular monitoring by health professionals 11

Protecting your safety and privacy Researchers are required to follow strict rules, enforced by the Federal Government, to protect participants safety and privacy. Institutional Review Board Data Safety Monitoring Committee Informed Consent Right to Withdraw Privacy 12

Concerns about participating? If you have many health problems, can you participate in a study that is looking at only one condition? If you are frail or have a disability, will you be strong enough to participate? If you no longer drive, how can you get to the study site? Get your questions and concerns answered by your doctor and the research team.

13 Research Studies Need Everyone Including YOU! 14 How YOU can make a difference for yourself and future generations 15

Join in to make a difference! Many research studies are going on right now that urgently need a large number of volunteers. Can you help? 16 One easy way to make a difference Sign up with a research registry or

matching service. You will be contacted when studies are looking for people like you. You can learn more about a study and decide if you would like to participate. Its always your choice whether or not to take part in a study. Your information will remain confidential. 17

ResearchMatch Go to You must have an email address to sign up with ResearchMatch. You can call 1-866-321-0259 if you need help with online registration. 18 Alzheimers Registries Alzheimers Prevention Registry Alzheimers Association TrialMatch 1-800-272-3900 19 All of the progress thats been made in medical treatments has occurred because people have stepped up to the plate and participated in clinical trials. They may have been your neighbor, they may have been your relative, they may have

been someone who you do not know and will never know. But its through the efforts of those individuals and many thousands like them that we can make a difference. 20 More information Video: Why Participate in Clinical Research? (ResearchMatch)

Tip Sheet: Clinical Trials and Older People (National Institute on Aging): http:// cal-trials-and-older-people Website: NIH Clinical Research Trials & You: 21 Resources in our community Placeholder here for any local resources or research studies

currently recruiting 22 Join your family, neighbors and friends participating in research to make a difference for yourself and future generations! Go to or for help registering online call 1-866-321-0259 23

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