Robert Hansen"Alaska's Serial Killer""Butcher Baker"

Robert Hansen Alaskas Serial Killer Butcher Baker By: Marcus Rose Early Life Born - February 15th, 1939 in Estherville, Iowa Followed his fathers footsteps as a baker who was very hard on him Known as being quiet and a loner

Bullied for his stutter and bad acne Had a hatred for women and his mother Enlisted into the army after high school Early Life

Trained to become a skilled marksman Got discharged after one year in the army Diagnosed with infantile personality Worked as an assistant drill instructor in Iowa In 1960 he got married to a local girl and had 2 kids Crimes Convicted Of Abducted and raped over 30 women

(targeted exotic dancers and prostitutes) 1973-1983 Murdered between 17-21 of the women Hansen would kill his victims by releasing them into the woods and hunting them. He would use a .223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle Evidence Exotic dancer Sherry Morrows dead body was

found in a lake. .223 gun shell was found by her. Found two more girls dead bodies identical to the first murder. 15 more bodies would be found in the woods near his home. How Robert Got Caught Kidnapped a prostitute named Cindy Paulson.

Hansen took her to his bush plane to take her to the wilderness. While he was loading the plane she escaped. Telling the police and identifying him. Friends gave him an alibi and no charges were made. Conviction

Found guilty for most of the murders Life in prison Additional 461 years in prison Served time at Anchorage Correctional Complex

After admitting to the murders, Robert said Instead of throwing them in a cell, trying to wash your hands of it, you know what? Give them the treatment they need. Books Butcher Baker: A True Account of Serial Murder by Waltor Gilmore Hunted on Ice: The Search for the Alaskan Serial Killer by Reagan

Martin Movies The Frozen Ground - Shows a dramatization of how the girl escaped and got Hansen caught Conclusion On August 21st 2014 Robert Hansen died in prison

Died of health problems 75 years old Step 4 Robert Hansen is a man who has problems his entire life. Whether it was dealing with his abusive father or his mother that wouldnt give him any attention. Over the years he has created a hatred for women and thats why I believe he falls under the psychological deviance. His mother had ruined his life at an early age and wouldnt let him be a normal kid. Constantly making him transfer schools and being under a very high command of his mother. She had forever changed his life and thats why I believe

he has killed over 15 women. But then he took it beyond what a normal person would do. That is when I think he fell under the deviance of sociological because he would kill a bunch of women. His behaviors were not like an average person so that is why I think he had many sociological and psychological problems. Robert growing up was very difficult to him and he could never adapt correctly. I dont believe this was physiological because both of his parents were not criminals. So I dont believe any of this was passed down by genes or from older family members.

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