Roma access to healhcare and experiences in health research

Roma access to healhcare and experiences in health research


THL studies population health and welfare, effectiveness of health and welfare policies and services, environmental health as well as social problems. THL collects and produces information on the state of health care and welfare, on social and health services as well as on diseases and their treatment. THL develops and guides social and health care and provides expert assistance to decision-makers and service providers in Finland and abroad. THL guides and provides government services in the field of social

and health care and is responsible for official duties. 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen 2 THLs expert group for multiculturalism ACTION PLAN for 20162019 to produce research on the multicultural population to support the service system reform to develop services regarding the multicultural population to provide knowledge of multiculturalism for decision makers, professionals and our partners 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen

3 Past migrant & minority surveys Finnish Migrant Health and Wellbeing Study (Maamu) 201012 Study of migrant youth (EtnoKids) 2011-2013 => collected by interviews and health examinations of youth (aged 13-16) of the families who participated in the Maamu Study. Survey of work and well-being among people of foreign origin (UTH) 2013-15 => encompassing the entire Finnish population of 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen migrant origin

4 Roma Wellbeing Survey Roosa Study of the Finnish Roma population Last thorough survey in 1970s census - socioeconomic status and the living conditions weaker than those of the whole population 1st National Roma Integration Strategy 2009-2017: Roma inclusion and equal treatment Promotion of wellbeing, targeting social and health services towards the Roma. Universal services better access and understanding of multicultural issues. Need for data for EU Commission follow-up of the NRIS 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen 5 Implementation

Data collection on 5 regions around Finland mixed methods Contents of the study: health examination (45-60 minutes) blood pressure&heart rate, height, weight, waist circumference, test of cognitive functions (verbal fluency, memory test), hand grip strenght test, join function tests, chair stand test, eyesight tests (near and distant vision) and Hopkins Symptom Checlist (HSCL) structured face-to-face interview (60-90 minutes) socio-economic status, housing conditions, employment, education, health, discrimination, use of services, functional ability short-interview for those refusing or not able to participate in the longer interview (20-30 minutes)

02/12/2020 Esityksen nimi / Tekij 6 Objectives To produce data on Roma health and wellbeing comparable with the data from other population surveys (FinTerveys 2017) which form the data basis for a national health and wellbeing monitoring To produce data for the development of culturally appropriate services and the development of new Roma policies To develop culturally appropriate participatory survey methods Part of the Nevo Tiija- new era-project, funded by the European Social Fund 2016 - 2019 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen

7 Challenges how to identify the target population (self-identification) how to reach and motivate the participants (voluntary participation) how to gain trust among the Roma community how to ensure cultural appropriateness of the study content and practice. 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen 8 Experiences of data collection Finnish Roma have a great fear of beign registered as a minority general mistrust towards the authorities.

Ethnicity is sensitive data (Personal Data Act)- Roosa does not create such a register, but due to the fact that health examination requires personal identification- this confuses many and creates panic in social media. Many Finnish Roma see Roosa as very positive project which gives an unique opportunity to collect valuable data. Roma research assistants build trust and motivate people to participate. Personal experiences of participation are positive. 02/12/2020 Anneli Weiste-Paakkanen 9

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