ROMANIA A country that deserves to be discovered! Geographical Highlights Romania is a country located in south eastern Central Europe, on the Lower Danube, north of the Balkan Peninsula and the north western Black Sea coast. Romania's surface is 237.500Km2 The population is 22,760,449 inhabitants Romania has a varied landscape: mountains over 2500m, hills, plains,

meadows and Danube Delta. It has cold winters and hot summers. Historical Highlights Romanian people and language were formed after the conquest of Dacia by the Romans. The Romanian principalities were united in 1859, under the reign of Al. I. Cuza and in 1881, Carol I of Hohenzollern became the first king of Romania. Romanian national unitary state was completed after the Great Union of December 1, 1918. This date become National Day.

Since 1989, Romania has abandoned communism and in 2007 became a member of the European Union. Historical regions of Romania Dobrogea Dobrogea has the vestiges of ancient civilizations ( Greek and Roman) with the achievements of modernity. Constana Casino

The Ruins of Histria Adamclisi

On lands of Moldavia and Bucovina If you visit the monasteries of Moldavia and Bucovina, you can reset spiritually or you can admire the famous secular paintings. Agapia Moldovia Vorone Sucevia

Maramures is famous for .churches and doors carved wooden, for tradition. Merry Cemeteryin Sapanta is famous for the crosses with colorful naive paintings and humorous lyrics. Sighioara is the only fortress in Europe still inhabited. Banats head

Timioaraa premieres

1760 - first city of monarchy with streets illuminated by lamps; 1771 - first newspaper appeared on the present territory of Romania; 1854 - first telegraph service in a city of Romania ; 1855 - first city of the Habsburg monarchy with gas-lit streets; 1881 - first telephone network in the territory of present Romania ; 1884 - first continental European city with electric lighted streets; 1886 - first rescue station in Hungary and Romania; 1889 - first European football match in Romania; 1895 - first asphalt street; 1897 - first film screenings; 1899 - first electric tram in the city of Romania; 1989 - Romanian revolution started against the

communist regime. Oltenia, between the Danube and the Carpathians The statue of Dacian king Decebal than 55 m and 25 m wide, is the largest statue in Europe. It can be seen in a cruise on the Danube. Iron Gates Hydropower is the

largest on the Danube River. Muntenia closed the circle Sinaia The Poenari Castle, the residence of Vlad Tepes, inspired on Jules Verne in creating Carpathian

Castle. Bran Castle Pele Castle The legend says Built between 1873 Bran Castle 1914, in Sinaia, the belonged to castle was the Count Dracula. residence of the kings.

Bucharest, The Little Paris . Athenaeum The University Arc de Triomphe The Art Museum of Romania, the former Royal Palace

Manucs Khan CECs Headquarters Bucharest, contemporary images . Romanian Opera 1953 Intercontinental Hotel -1970

National Theatre -1980 Old and new in Bucharest Parliament House, formerly "People's House", the largest administrative building in the world for civilian use, the most expensive administrative building

in the world and the hardest building in the world. Dmbovia County Targoviste, former capital of the Romanian Country, Today, the capital district The ruins of the Princely Court Chindia Tower

Metropolis of Targoviste The halt to Fieni Fieni is the oldest city in North County attested 14 July 1532 The Old Church> Saint Nicholas Church

The villas of the interwar period The High School Aurel Rainu Town Hall In a word, ROMANIA

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