Rube Goldberg Project - Central Dauphin School District

Rube Goldberg Project - Central Dauphin School District

Rube Goldberg Project The Path to Invention Read page 21 in the Models & Designs book Ask yourself: 1. What is a Rube Goldberg invention? 2. What are the features that are included in a Goldberg conceptual model?

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. Thomas Edison (1847-1931) A Rube Goldberg machine is a comical, complicated invention

that performs a simple operation. Mealtime can be messybut not with this self-operating napkin thought up by cartoonist Rube Goldberg! WHAT ARE SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF A RUBE GOLDBERG CONCEPTUAL DRAWING?

Commercial Rube Goldberg Style viewVideo.php?video_id=15955 v=JmnRJ2M4eik Lets try one!

Use the Rube Goldberg Machine-oMatic worksheet to create a conceptual model that will deliver a pizza to you. You may brainstorm with a partner or group prior to completing the paper. How did we do?

The Rube Goldberg Project The project should be completed in 3 basic steps. Brainstorming & Blueprint Conceptual Drawing Sharing in small groups Grades will be given for each step

in the process. Task #1 Brainstorm & Blue Print Brainstorm and decide on a goal for your machine. The goal is the last step in your model.

Briefly write out the 10 steps that your device would complete in order to reach the final goal. Write down the name of a device for each of the 10 steps that could complete the task. Turn in your plan for your teachers approval.

Invention Goal Ideas

Crush a can Close a door Fill a water glass Turn on the radio Brush teeth

Throw a water balloon Kick a football Wash dishes Pour syrup on a pancake Drop money in a piggy bank The possibilities are endless! Task #2

Conceptual Drawing Your drawing must contain at least 10 steps. Create a blueprint (cartoon drawing) of your machine. Number or letter each step of your machine. On the back of your drawing,

explain each step. Task #3 Presenting You will explain and present your conceptual model to a small group of your classmates. Classmates will fill out a form

and provide feedback on your model. FAQ Can I have a partner? You may brainstorm with a partner or group, but ultimately you must each turn in your own conceptual model.

What happens if I am absent? You will have to make up the work. How do I get a grade? I will be using a rubric to score your final project There will be components on the rubric that evaluate how well you were on task, how complete your blueprint was, the quality of your final conceptual model, and your ability to explain the

steps of your model effectively to your classmates. Some Examples Extra Credit If you choose to actually build a physical model of your conceptual model, free homework passes will be

given! Examples Other Links AA56LgpFbSw?rel=0

v=qybUFnY7Y8w page=video&gallery_id=&video_id=4519&filte r= goldburgertogo/rubegame.html

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