S a L a D S

S a L a D S

S A L A D S S A L A D S can be eaten as: APPETIZER /SNACK Light/ Small/ Before a Meal/ Stimulates Appetite ACCOMPANIMENT

Light/ Tossed/ Hearty MAIN DISH Greens/ Vegetables/ Meat/ Light/ Filling SALAD GREENS BUYING GUIDE what

to look for when buying salad greens: Color and Texture Shape Size General Condition GREENS BUYING GUIDE what to look for:

Color and Texture Look for bright characteristic color and crispy texture Dont buy wilted , damaged, or

decayed vegetables, no matter how good the price, lost nutrients & wont last long Good Typical Shape poor shape often means poor flavor and texture

Size Dense and moderately heavy for size; should have a little give Large vegetables may be overripe, course and have a poor flavor Small vegetables may lack flavor and be immature

Good Condition Storage Wash, drain well, refrigerate immediately TYPES OF SALADS

A. Vegetables B. Fruits C. Grain D. Protein E. Gelatin

VEGETABLE SALADS 1. Greens 2. Raw Vegetables (ex. cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, onion, radishes, celery, green pepper)

3. Cold cooked vegetables 4. Unusual Greens lend a unique color, texture, shape, and flavor Ex. Dandelion and watercress Fruits 1.

1. Combinations of fruits for complimentary flavors and textures 2. Can be cut fruits arranged 3. Can use shell of fruit for decoration

Watermelon bowls Pineapple boats Orange or Avocado cup 4. Delicious part of dressing or served with dressing Grain Products 1. Rice

2. Pasta pasta salad 3. Bulgar -tabouli 4. Combined - with fruit/meat/ vegetables RICE SALAD PASTA SALADS BULGAR SALAD - tabouli

COMBINED SALADS with Fruit/Meat/Vegetables PROTEIN SALADS Cheese Eggs Cooked or canned meat

Fish Poultry Meat Shellfish CHEESE SALAD (goat cheese) EGG SALAD MEAT SALADS

GELATIN SALADS Fruit, Vegetable, and Protein in flavored gelatin Acids like vinegar or citrus reduce sweetness Certain fruits contain enzymes that break down protein in gelatin so it wont firm up. Use these fruits only when canned or


Mixed Greens Other Fruits and Vegetables Tossed with Dressing MIXED SALAD

All ingredients mixed together with dressing Usually no greens Heartier salad Common Ingredients: Potatoes, rice, pasta

ARRANGED SALAD Ingredients separate Ingredients arranged in attractive pattern

Dressing served separately LAYERED SALAD Ingredients arranged in layers Topped with dressing

MOLDED SALAD Decorative mold shape Rice, potato, or gelatin salads COOKED SALADS

Hearty salads Wilted lettuce salads FROZEN SALADS Salads made with Fruit and whipped

cream Mayonnaise Cream cheese DRESSINGS French Style 1. Vinegar, oil & seasonings 2. Variations: blue cheese, bacon, sour cream, honey, ketchup Mayonnaise

1. Salad Oil, egg yolk, acid (vinegar or lemon juice) Cooked Dressing 1. Eggs, milk or water, seasonings, thickened with flour

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