Sabbatical Report - California State University, Long Beach

Sabbatical Report - California State University, Long Beach

CLTA-SC 2016 Fall Workshop JOANNE CHEN OCT 22, 2016 Joanne Chen Professor of Chinese Irvine Valley College [email protected] (949)451-5531

Todays Presentation Part 1: Chinese Culture Course Project Part 2: Technology tools 1. Quizlet 2. Story Creator Joannes Sabbatical Project 2016 Spring

Project: Chinese Culture Course 15 Learning Units on Chinese culture Product of each unit: PowerPoint Slides / Worksheet / Videos / Discussion / Online Quizzes Can be converted into an online culture course Website: Teaching Culture in a language course

Culture seen as a fifth skill refers to a set of abilities: 1. The ability to perceive and recognize cultural differences. ("Oh, so Chinese people dont call peoples first name.) 2. The ability to accept cultural differences. (I must remember to call someone with his or her title.) 3. The ability to appreciate and value cultural differences. ("It is showing more respect to other person. ") IVC Chinese Culture and Language Course Materials 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)

Geography and demography of China Historical background of Chinese writing system Families in China and their daily life Chinese holidays: Chinese New Year and Moon Festival Chinese names and forms of address Chinese food Chinese tea and drinking culture Chinese zodiac and Chinese birthday custom Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) Traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese house and Feng Shui Chinese cultural symbols and meanings Traveling in China School system and Chinese education Chinese art: Chinese brushing painting and calligraphy Blackboard and Canvas Each unit includes the following components: 1. PowerPoint Slides (Upload to and embedded to Blackboard)

2. Worksheet in PDF files 3. YouTube Videos of related topics 4. Flashcards (Created in Quizlet) 5. Assignments: a. Quiz or b. Discussion or c. Writing: short answers Culture components of language courses

1. Each Culture unit is introduced every other week 2. Face2Face class and Hybrid class 3. In class: Introduction => discussion => assignment => quizzes 4. Hybrid class: Quizzes => assignment => classroom discussion Quizlet - Joannes 130 quizlet study sets 1. Vocabulary flashcards 2. Sentence practice 3. Questions and Answers

4. Culture questions 5. Vocabulary and images 6. Quizlet Teacher (25.00 year) - Voice recording, upload image 7. iPhone/iPad app/ Google Play 8. Games, Test, PDf files Tools to Create Stories

Apple Apps: Story Creator Voicethread app Easy to use to create stories with iPhone, iPad.

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