Sami Religion. - Loreto Milford

Sami Religion. - Loreto Milford

Sami Religion. By: Finn Markus Silje Petter Rolf Harald Sami religion today. Sami is Christian too. Earlier the sami belived in

Gods and Godesses who lived in the nature. But then the other people in Norway, Sweden and Finland wanted them to be Christian. The sami were forced to be Christian and if they didnt want they were killed. But the old sami still tells stories about the stalloen and the noaiden. Old sami religion. We say that the sami is the native people in Norway,

Sweden and Finland. And that they live in harmony with nature. They meant that nature gave them all the things they need to live. The Gods were the natural forces. All the anlmals had a holy spirit. The rocks, mountains and the lakes had spirits too, and they belived that it was good help for the people to offer things to them. Sajve

The sami believed in the Sajve. Sajve lives under the ground. They were creatures who lived in the mountains exactly the same way as the sami. The difference was that the Sajve were small and happy. Some people could communicate with them and that was a good thing to manage. Sajve

Sami Gods. Horragallis Bieggollmai Mnnu (Moon) Sarahkka

Jukshakka Uksahkka Leaibolmmai Noaiden (medicine man) Tasks: 1) Cure set diagnosis and accomplish treatment.

2) Fortune teller. 3) Companion mind from life to death. 4) He is the wizzard.

5) Sacrificialpriest Runebomma SONG Sami music is called joik. Joik is the samian way to sing.

You can find joiker for people, animals or landscape. Someone says that joik is one of the eldest musical tradition that lives in a unbreakable tradition. The joik is supposed to be a homage to the person and shell be something you can be proud of. Joik is also tied to feelings. You dont joik about a person, but joik the person in direct.

HANDWORK Sami handwork were usen a lot before. Now they use to were clothes from a clothesfactory, but you can still find sami people that makes their own clothes and objects. There is also a lot made for sale. Their handwork has often been seen on like art. They do not only use cloth to make things, they

does also use things from the reindeer like skin and horn. WEDDING The bride and groom have normal kofte, but get dressed in different ways. Jewel in silver to use at clothes on the chest part is very common. More than twenty jewels must cover the whole chest. She also must have a crown on her samihat. The groom must have a white scarfe

around his neck and down to his stomach. This means that he wears a cross, this is an old legend. The brideaccompani is a line that consist of unmarried girls and boys. The pairs go with the bridecouple from their childhoodhome to the church and then to their partyplace. This is a tradition from karasjok.

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