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Green IT: Start Saving Money ISO Call Blitz Training 30 Second Pitch Executives are looking into greener IT because energy costs are such a large operating expense for IT. Symantec provides customers with information and infrastructure management technologies such as data deduplication, storage tiering and server or endpoint management to increase energy efficiency Symantec has four pillars to help organizations Start Saving Money with Green IT: 1. Better Management of Physical & Virtual Environments 2. Stop Buying Storage 3. Optimize HA/DR 4. Control Endpoint Power Usage Key Messaging by Audience CxO Focus on corporate level benefits such as energy cost savings and the benefits to public image Director of IT Focus on how tools that save energy also with their budgetary requirements but also allow their staff to manage systems more effectively Administrator Focus on how tools that save energy also help automate many day-to-day operations, improve efficiency and avoid downtime

3 Customer Pains/Concerns IT departments are now regularly being cross-charged for electricity usage Typically, $0.50 is spent on power/cooling for each $1.00 invested on hardware Data centers face escalating storage growth, rising energy costs and flat or shrinking IT budgets 70% of companies have energy cost as their 2nd highest OPEX Storage is growing as a % of the IT budget, especially CAPEX Unnecessary complication is a major issue for most IT organizations 4 Key Plays and Use Cases To identify and reclaim unused storage use CommandCentral Storage To reduce amount of storage hardware use Storage Foundation in conjunction with thin provisioning To pool server resources for increased utilization & improved availability and reduced server need use Cluster Server To deduplicate back ups use NetBackup PureDisk To archive low-value unstructured data like e-mail use Enterprise Vault To control power usage of remote desktops use Altiris Client Management Suite

5 Start Saving Money with Green IT Steps to Greer IT Examples of Cost Reduction Stop Buying Storage Discover storage allocation and provisioning inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary hardware through proper use of existing hardware Eliminate less functional storage mgmt apps, future storage purchases and associated soft costs Adopt Thin Provisioning Migrate data to lower cost storage and eliminate unused high-cost storage hardware Implement Deduplication & Archiving Eliminating duplication means less storage hardware and an elimination of storage and facilities costs Automate the retention of unstructured content and eliminate storage costs associated with email and other applications through optimized storage management Optimize HA/DR

Streamline server management with Veritas Cluster Server Pooling resources to enable better utilization, more granular allocation, and greater flexibility in assigning assets to tasks Control Endpoint Power Usage Central management of remote assets means greater control of energy costs through powering off desktops endpoints outside normal office hours Increase Utilization with Veritas CommandCentral Use Storage Foundation for Thin Provisioning Deduplicate with NetBackup PureDisk and archive with Enterprise Vault Manage power usage of all endpoints with Altiris Client Management Suite 6 Qualifying Questions Is your organization incented by state, local, or federal programs to reduce energy consumption? We have identified several programs currently in place for

corporations, i.e. EPA rebate programs Are your organization's departments (i.e. accounting, facilities, etc.) or CFO aware of any specific rebates available to your organization? Do you have any tools to monitor and report on current energy reduction? Are you impacted by government mandates for energy efficiency like the EU? Are you concerned about future mandates? We have identified that corporations based overseas can benefit by implementing EU power requirements in USA based offices How many US based offices do you have? Do you plan on expanding your presence in the USA? 7 Qualifying Questions (cont.) Is your IT budget burdened with Data Center energy costs? We have identified that rising energy costs have impacted IT organizations Are you looking to reduce energy costs through power management or server consolidation? Do you have data to track energy usage, i.e. data center/end points? Regarding Power Management, do you currently have any strategies in place? Energy costs tools/calculators can provide approximate visibility to overall energy usage and predictability for future energy cost. This is a good place to demonstrate an EPA calculator or our Symantec Green IT ROI Calculator llItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fsites%2fspmm%2fteams%2fSGTM%2fShared%20Documents%2f

Data%20Center%20Efficiency%20%28Green%20IT%20Kit%29 Do you currently use vendor native tools for power management, e.g. Dell Client Manager? Do you have tools to manage endpoint energy consumption (power schema controls in place)? 8 Possible Objections We cant afford the luxury of Green IT in this current economic environment Some organizations view going green as an environmental issue that is expensive to implement. The reality is many of the steps a company can take to go green will also result in significant cost savings. Were already optimized. Many organizations think they are optimized but have hidden pools of allocated but unused storage as well as obsolete data that can free up significant amounts of space. CommandCentral Storage can find this space so that it can be reallocated to productive use. We already have thin provisioning from the array vendor. Array vendor tools are not enough. They require off-line processing to reclaim empty space and do nothing to keep thin LUNs thin over time. SmartMove transfers data from thick to thin online and automatically reclaims empty space. SFs file system is thin aware to help thin LUNs stay thin automatically. Were thinking about a deduplication appliance. Adding another appliance to the data center creates more complexity. PureDisk uses space you already have to reduce backup data sets by as much as 90%.

9 Scenario Assumptions Using national average of twelve cents per kilowatt hour Storage Example: 200 TB of Tier 1 Storage, no Tier 2 Server Example: 20 Active/Passive 4 CPU server clusters Endpoint Example: 1000 desktop end user computers, energized on average 75% of the time All numbers are fully burdened (including overhead for cooling, lighting and all other equipment and human environmental requirements) 10 Power Savings Scenarios What is the impact of shifting 20% of Tier 1 Storage to Tier 2 as accomplished through any of the following: Static Storage Tiering Dynamic Storage Tiering Deduplication of backup stream (in backup to disk scenario) Reduction of active storage requirements through archival What is the impact of converting active/passive server pairs to 4-way n+1 clusters Reducing time end user computers are energized by 10% 11 Example: n+1 Clustering Savings

The fully burdened energy cost of 20 active/passive 4-CPU clusters over three years is approximately $190,000 Converting these 20 active/passive clusters to an equivalent number of 4-way n+1 clusters would result in a savings of approximately $70,000 over three years This nets out to about $1,200 in savings per year for each active/passive cluster converted to n+1 4-way n+1 clustering is a conservative clustering ratioas customer operational practices adapt to new paradigm, higher cluster ratios (4way, 8-way) are readily achievable, further increasing potential energy consumption savings 12 Example: Storage Power Savings The fully burdened energy cost of 200 TB of Tier 1 storage over three years is approximately $300,000 Reducing the amount of Tier 1 storage by 20% over three three years (20% in total, not 20% per year) would yield a cumulative savings of approximately $80,000 This nets out to about $666 in savings per TB reduced per year or $33 per year per percent reduction (i.e., reduce Tier 1 by 1% = $33 per year per TB reduced, so if you reduce Tier 1 by 20%. $33 X 20 = $666 Tier 1 storage footprint reductions can be accomplished by any one of several means Better storage management reducing growth and promoting more right sized data placement Intelligent file systems enabling automatic migration of obsolete data to less costly tiers of storage De-duplication of the backup stream reducing the amount of disk-based backup

storage required Archival of mail stores and file systems removing obsolete data from active data storage to single instance vault 13 Example: Endpoint Power Management Savings The fully burdened power consumption of 1,000 typical end user desktop computers that are powered up on average 75% of the time over the course of three years would be approximately $700,000 Reducing he amount of time that these desktops are powered up by 10% would yield a cumulative energy savings of approximately $70,000 For a 10% reduction in time powered up, this nets out to approximately to $23 per desktop per year, or $2.30 per desktop per year per percent uptime reduced ($2.30 X 10 = $23) A 10% reduction in time powered up is extremely modest; typically 30-40% or more (especially if used in conjunction with wake on LAN) is readily achievable 14 Green IT Sales SPIFF 3 prizes of $20,000 USD to be awarded in the following categories: Largest deal where energy savings was a key decision factor Most innovative way a Symantec product is used to achieve energy savings Most carbon saved (based on our calculator) in a deal

Each deal must be closed during Q3 or Q4 Winners will be decided in April 2010. Each $20,000 award will be split between the sales rep, the SE and where appropriate, the SE specialist. Submit a short write-up of deal to [email protected] no later than April 10, 2010. 15 Tracking For opportunities uncovered by the field team using the Green IT strategies and sales pitch that do not have a grant component were entered into SFDC with one of the following codes entered in the Opportunity Name (Local) field. The Oppty Name (Local) field is found in the Opportunity Detail section of SFDC. Enterprise: GITEH Named: GITNH GITEH GITNH Federal: GITFH GITFH 16 Subject Matter Resources Green IT Solution

Jose Iglesias ([email protected]) Matthew Pahnke ([email protected], 408-517-2493) Tom Harwood ([email protected];,425-941-1776) Storage Foundation & CommandCentral Storage Phil Goodwin ([email protected], 720-839-9657) Rishi Manocha ([email protected], 650-283-3011) Andrew Singer ([email protected], 650-527-3657 Veritas Cluster Server Daniel Lamorena ([email protected], 650-527-2824) NetBackup Eric Schou ([email protected], 408-517-7646) Enterprise Vault

Danny Milrad ([email protected], 408-517-3724) Altiris Client Management Suite Jordan Pusey ([email protected], 801-995-7623) 17 Thank You! 2008 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT INTENDED AS ADVERTISING. ALL WARRANTIES RELATING TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE DISCLAIMED TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW. THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 18 Data Centers with Software Based Energy Conservation Strategies for an Efficient Data Center Data Center Re-design Hardware Update Software Solution: Discover Server and Storage Inefficiencies Resource Optimization

N+1 Clustering Server Virtualization Server Efficiency N+1 Clustering Server Utilization Storage Efficiency Discover unused storage Storage tiering Deduplication Discover Unused Storage Un-provisioned Storage Tiering Tier 1 Storage Prod DB User Files Temp DB Scratch Files

Deduplication Tier 2 Storage Scratch Files Prod DB User Files Prod Files 30 TB 100% Backup Aged Files Snapshot Aged Files Unclaimed 15 TB 50% MIN

AC VOLTS MAX Physical Next Steps Discover Over provisioned 10 TB 33% Logical 8 TB 26% Claimed Consumption Tape Tier 3 Storage Unused

Disk Mis-used 6 TB 20% Host Usage 5 TB 16% Application Usage Standardize Optimize Presentation Identifier Goes Here 19 Storage Efficiency: Discover Unused Storage Reclaim Lost Storage LUN Device

Lost LUN Host Un-provisioned 30 TB 100% Unclaimed Unused 15 TB 50% Over provisioned 10 TB 33% Physical Logical 8 TB 26%

Claimed Consumption Mis-used 6 TB 20% Host Usage 5 TB 16% Application Usage Presentation Identifier Goes Here 20 Storage Efficiency: Storage Tiering Situation Solution Volume Based Tiering Prod DB

User Files Scratch Files Prod DB Temp DB Scratch Files Backup User Files Aged Files Snapshot Tier 1 Storage Aged Files Prod DB Storage Tiering Tier 2 Storage

Prod DB User Prod Files DB Scratch Files ProdFiles DB User Temp DB Scratch Files Prod DB Backup User Files Aged Files Snapshot Aged Files Prod DB

Scratch Files Prod DB User Files Scratch Files Prod DB Temp DB Scratch Files Backup User Files Aged Files Snapshot Aged Files Prod DB Dynamic Tiering Tier 1

Storage Tier 2 storage consumes 1/8 power of tier 1 storage Tier 2 Storage Aged Files Snapshot Aged Files Scratch Files Tier 3 Storage Tier 3 storage consumes 1/8 power of tier 2 storage Presentation Identifier Goes Here 21 Storage Efficiency: Deduplication Situation Solution Data

Deduplication Disk Archive Email Files Tape Data Protection Data Center Remote Office Vault/DR Site Consume less disk and tape Use less power Presentation Identifier Goes Here 22

Storage Efficiency with Deduplication 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Data On Source Tape Daily Incremental PureDisk Daily Incremental 300 locations, backing up 400 servers, 5-10 GB per server, mostly Windows file and print 99.74% average deduplication Jim Rose, IDT Two months to full payback for NetBackup PureDisk Identifier Goes Here The more I use this product, the more IPresentation am impressed with 23 Server Efficiency Capital, operating, personnel, and energy cost of complex, server infrastructure is a daily challenge for IT management.

Server management solutions reduce data center complexity for greater efficiency and more effective use of energy. Veritas Cluster Server, the leading cross-platform solution for high availability and disaster recovery, reduces the cost and staff needed to keep critical applications available Veritas Configuration Manager discovers, maps, and tracks servers and applicationseven across different operating-system environments Veritas Provisioning Manager automates server provisioning and patch management and streamlines IT service management Veritas Application Director centralizes and automates management of demanding multi-tier applications. 24 Storage Efficiency Double-digit storage growth creates challenges to storage cost, operations, and power management. Storage efficiency solutions provide visibility, analysis, and management across operating-system, application, database, and storage hardware platforms. Veritas Cluster Server, the leading cross-platform solution for high availability and disaster recovery, reduces the cost and staff needed to keep critical applications available Storage Foundation Enterprise Storage Management establishes softwarebased storage virtualization for visibility and manageability NetBackup delivers high-performance data protection that scales to protect the largest enterprise environments, including remote offices Enterprise Vault supports archiving and discovery from email, IM, collaboration, and file server environmentsto protect information, reduce storage costs, and simplify management.

CommandCentral Storage supports monitoring, reporting, and management of heterogeneous storage for trustworthy measurement and analysis, from application to spindle. 25 Desktop Management Whether an organizations desktop and mobile assets are distributed across a campus, a country, or continents, managing those assets raises special challenges. Smart, automated management solutions can help track and manage IT assets around the globe, throughout their lifecycle, for policy enforcement and power management that is realistic as well as effective. With Altiris Client Management Suite, administrators can set power management policies and apply them to all endpoints, including virtual systems and thin clients. You can power off desktops and other endpoints outside normal office hours and turn them back on again when needed, for example to implement security patches. 26

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