Scoring the Exam

SCORING THE EXAM Find your LEQs and sit there; take out a sheet of paper, pen or pencil Breaking down the LEQ Evaluate the extent to which womens lives changed as a result of the Progressive Era (1890 1920) of United States history. What is the targeted skill?

What information needs to be provided in my introduction for contextualization? What evidence can I provide? But more importantly, how am I using that evidence to support my thesis? What is my claim? To what extent TAKE OUT A SHEET OF PAPER CONTEXTUALIZATION

CONTEXTUALIZATION Deconstruct the prompt/find background: Time period? Content? Progressive Era and women Era of intense social and political reform aimed at making progress toward a better society. Similar to Antebellum Era in

which reform minded groups attempted to change laws for betterment of society Both led by women certain issues regarding temperance, suffrage CONTEXTUALIZATION Observation from samples:

Started too early Used specific evidence Used irrelevant evidence Tips for going forward: Know what the prompt is asking (stop only thinking about what you know and answer what is being asked) Define appropriate terms based on task

Progressive Era ----- role of women ----- link together THESIS Although Amendments were passed to further the goals of women, limited economic opportunities and the continuation of gender

spheres and the cult of domesticity limited women. Therefore, the Progressive Era kept more the same than changed circumstances for women.

THESIS Observation from samples: Political, social and economic ---- STOP, STOP, STOP Changes and continuities there are more CONTINUITIES but you argued CHANGES Tips going forward:

Make topics more specific to task make a claim that encompasses EVERYTHING you can talk about in bodies Progressive era politics (women) suffrage, temperance, social gospel Progressive era economics (women) job opportunities; pay; domestic work Progressive era social (women) emergence of flapper breaking social norms, birth control

Bringing it all together Although politically women achieved advantages in voting, partipated in the social gospel movement and ended abuses of alcohol, economically they were still confined to domestic work and socially made some advances but were mainly confined to secondary roles to men, therefore, the Progressive era did not lead to significant changes in the lives of women in the United States.

EVIDENCE & SKILL EVIDENCE & SKILL Observation from samples: Off topic - nowhere near Progressive Era and not brought back Run on w/o evidence Sample vague Some women argued for reform which ones? When? What

associations were they in? what did they accomplish? Tips going forward: Refer back to thesis what am I trying to say? What evidence am I using to say that? Use specifics and keep relevant Does this display change? Continuity? And HOW? EVIDENCE & SKILL


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