Senior Design Lab Policies Presented by: Trey Murdoch CSC IT Staff Agenda IT Staff Introductions Brief Student Introduction Best way to get IT help Overview of student computing and equipment resources Treys Top Secret Tips to help get an A in Senior Design Student Questions

CSC IT Staff Trey Murdoch - VMWare, Networking, Servers Tyler Puckett - Windows, Mac and iOS Chris Gurley - Linux and Android In Progress... - Web Developer, Branding Specialist Marhn Fullmer - Networking Lab Manager Carlos Benavente - IT Manager 200 to 250 lab computers 85 faculty 15 staff Almost 2400 students Labs that service another 1200

Getting to Know You Laptop OS Poll Virtual Machines - Its How We Roll Pure virtual environment: dictated by space and resources VMWare ESXi Vcenter management Remote Access from on and off campus Available upon request

Whats on the OS Menu? OS Loads we provide Windows 10 with Office 2016 Server 2016 RedHat, Centos, or Ubuntu Help available with other Linux distros [ Arch, etc.]

Please let us know BEFORE you reload your computer Resources available CPU, RAM, HDD Networking All virtual machines are behind a firewall but have an external IP address Also have a DNS Name Port Forwarding through firewalls

You can connect on ALL ports from wireless and VPN Check your VMs firewall Mainly for off-site services VMs - Connect from Campus connect directly to assigned VM: ie, works on campus RDP by default on port 4040

UN/PW: adminuser 3 days to change it via RDP Please do not mess with the Administrator account SSH advised for Linux loads UnityID/PW VMs - vCenter Console vCenter (console access) -- notice the .CSC Use the HTML5 client unityID and password web client: turn machine on/off, adjust settings, console access Must be on-campus or connected via VPN VMs - Connect from Home

VPN is required when not using campus wireless what is a split-tunnel VPN? connecting info available at detailed info here: works on Mac and Windows works on CentOS and Ubuntu as well

Also available to sponsors External Services Approved Examples Google Drive

Dont store anything on external services without consulting your sponsor AWS Azure Dropbox AWS

AWS Educate Sign up as a student $100 worth of free credit No current way to purchase additional credits Just an FYI EC2=VMs Available Software - Free Software installed by students

Freeware Dreamspark/VMAP The Best Effort Rule No P2P file sharing Software installed by CSC IT Staff (resource request) Office 2016 Adobe Acrobat Available Software - Purchase Software Purchases Cost Purpose Web Link Why do you need it?

University purchased software may NOT be installed on student owned laptops Resource Requests From the Senior Design Website

Creates a ServiceNow (incident tracking system) ticket ServiceNow adds all these people to your incident: Teammates Tech advisor Ms. Heil TAs Alerts all CSC IT Staff Resource Requests 2 Youll receive an automatic e-mail with your incident number from [email protected] in 5 minutes. Youll also get an e-mail (from ServiceNow system) from an IT Staff member by the next business day Use the Reply function to communicate with the IT Staff

member All members of a ServiceNow incident receive copies of all communications Resource Requests - Do NOTs E-mail [email protected] directly Only Reply to an e-mail with an incident number Or start a new resource request E-mail csc it staff directly

Create a new e-mail and CC [email protected] Resource Requests - The Waiting Game Be sure to respond to IT e-mails If youre waiting on us: Make sure you received an incident number Check your e-mail and spam, we might be waiting on you If no reply in two business days, reply to previous message again, ask for an update.

Use the resource request form. Dont E-mail IT directly. Try it on your own, you might learn somethin. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS

Read and respond to ALL e-mails. Dont be THAT Guy to your teammates (or girl) (or person) If you have questions, ask. We want to help.

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