Secondary Student Presentation - Scientific Learning

Secondary Student Presentation - Scientific Learning

Secondary Student Presentation 1 How you learn and why some things stick and some things dont! 2 Kindergarten was fun 3

Later, did you think that School was hard work? Learning to read wasnt so easy? 4 Now, are you concerned with The burden of tests? How to hide your struggle to learn? Trying to keep up with your

friends? 5 Soon you may be thinking about Is school worth it? What will my future be like? Will I have a good career? 6

Why is learning to read so challenging? 7 The Learning Brain Proficient Reader 8 Struggling Reader Research Validated Fast, Enduring Results

Brain Areas Critical for Learning Proficient Reader Struggling Reader before Fast ForWord Reader after Fast ForWord Stanford (2003) and Harvard (2007) researchers validate impact of the Fast ForWord program. After eight weeks, brain activation

patterns change and reading performance improves. Adapted from Temple et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, 2003 and Gaab, N., Gabrieli, J.D.E., Deutsch, G.K., Tallal, P., & Temple, E. (2007). Neural correlates of rapid auditory processing are disrupted in children with developmental dyslexia and ameliorated with training: An fMRI study. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, 25, 295-310. 9 Scientific Study Researchers found this network of skills to be VERY important to your ability to learn: M Memory A

Attention P Processing SSequencing 10 Fast ForWord Program - Facts used by over 3 million students benefits students, teachers, adults, everyone

used in over 50 countries around the world not like anything youve done before 11 What is it about? The Fast ForWord program makes your brain sweat! Full court basketball drills are to the body what the Fast ForWord program is to the brain! Heart pounding aerobic dance is to the

body what the Fast ForWord program is to the brain! 12 So, what can you expect with the Fast ForWord program? Fast You can make up to a 1 - 2 year gain in your reading skills within a school year Effective You can improve your learning ability and classroom performance

Enduring You can strengthen learning skills that last a lifetime 13 Practice makes permanent! You need to Be on time to class

Start your work promptly Be respectful of your neighbor Wear your headphones properly Ask for help Equipment not working If youre getting a lot of wrong answers (bonks) If youre confused about how to do the work Look at your Percent Complete score It should be a higher number every day More important than points! 14

After the Fast ForWord program, it should be easier to: So, whats in it for me? 15 Listen in Class Take tests Multiple choice Essay

Read Remember what you read Pay Attention Remember and follow directions Complete homework Maintain a conversation Organize your thoughts How do we start? DemosGet familiar with the work

The words may sound like someone is talking under water Practice the exercises so that your scores go up faster You will be assigned to your own product There may be an assessment first so do your best Focus on building your skills and moving up each day Daily tasks

16 Listen carefully Work hard Work smart School gets easier and grades improve! ns i a r

gB n i k Ma ger and n Stro ster! Fa Be on the TeamJust Do It 17

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