Section A: Exercise and Sport Physiology

Section A: Exercise and Sport Physiology

Section A: Exercise and Sport Physiology 5. The recovery process Syllabus Returning the body to its pre-exercise state The oxygen debt/EPOC The alactacid and lactacid debt components Replenishment of myoglobin stores and fuel stores, and the removal of the carbon dioxide Implications of recovery process to be

considered when planning training sessions Recovery Process Aim restore body to its pre-exercise state HR and BF remain elevated during recovery EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) EPOC (oxygen debt) The amount of oxygen consumption, above the resting level, during recovery required to restore the body to its preexercise state. EPOC has 2 components Alactacid debt (fast) Lactacid debt (slow) This oxygen debt will occur when:

Exercised anaerobically (high intensity / 3 min) Anaerobic threshold exceeded EPOC ALACTACID DEBT Elevated BF helps restore muscle ATP and PC LACTACID DEBT Restores myoglobin and haemoglobin with O2 Removal of LA Reconversion of LA to:

30sec 50% restored 60sec 75% restored 3min & 3L of O2 fully Need to support elevated metabolic functions: 7L of O2 Takes btwn 1 hr and 24hrs Pyruvic acid Glycogen High body temp (CO remain high to reduce temp)

CO2 Removal Elevated BF and HR help CO2 is carried: Blood plasma as Carbonic acid Haemoglobin Glycogen Replenishment A large percentage of glycogen can be replaced up to 10 and 12 hours after exercise Complete recovery can take up to 2 days Glycogen restoration almost complete recovery high CHO diet within first 2 hours Implications of Recovery Process for Planning Physical Activity Sessions If you understand the recovery process it will

help you plan training sessions A) youll be able to optimise work intensity B) youll be able to optimise recovery intervals In INTERVAL TRAINING this is called the workrelief ratio Use of Work-Relief Intervals for Specific Energy System Training AIM OF TRAINING Improving speed Work ratio may be less than 10 seconds and relief ratio is typically longer (1:3) to allow time for ATP and PC stores to using ATP-PC fully recover (2-3min) system Work ration less than 10 seconds but decrease duration of Improving bodys tolerance relief ratio (1:2). 30 seconds relief only allows 50% ATP-PC

restoration. to lactate to Alternatively, increase the duration of the work ratio which improve speed increases lactate production and overloads LA system endurance Improving VO2 Relief ratio is typically shorter (1:1) which helps reduce OBLA and delay muscle fatigue and therefore prolong the aerobic max using the aerobic system system adaptations. Whats Good About Interval Training? Can train for a longer distance Can train at a lower average VO2 max Can train with a lower blood lactate level This is compared to continuous work Continuous work sees exhaustion after only 4

to 5 minutes! TRAINING AT THE SAME INTENSITY COMPARE CONTINUOUS TO INTERVAL TRAINING Work-Relief Ratio 4 min continuous to exhaustion 10s:5s (20min work in 30min session) 15s:30s (10min work in 30min session) Total Distance (m) 1422

Average O2 uptake Blood Lactate Level (L/min) (mg/100ml blood) 5.6 150.0 7294 5.1 44.0 3642 3.6

13.66 Effects of Active Recovery on Lactic Acid Removal 18 Blood Lactate (mmol/L) 16 14 12 10 Passive Active Resting Level

8 6 4 2 0 0 20 40 60 80

Recovery (min) 100 120

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