SET-BC Synergy Project

SET-BC Synergy Project

SET-BC Synergy Project cole Oceanside Elementary School Gaynor Charnock - Karen Lawrence - Amber Tanner The best laid plans... The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

This famous quote by Robert Burns comes to mind as we return to our Synergy Project to reflect our reflect upon our goals and relook and evaluate our success. Life at school is indeed a journey and this is ours!!! A general description of the project To give students the opportunity to experience science hands-on and participate in observations, record findings, share their ideas and knowledge. Students will conduct an inquiry linked to the science

curriculum and present their learning in French using a variety of media. They will learn to use apps on the iPad to help organize and present their ideas in an interesting way. Students will develop their communication and critical thinking. Who was involved: Gaynor Charnock -Vice-Principal Karen Lawrence - Grade 3/4 French immersion classroom teacher

Amber Tanner - Grade 6/7 French immersion classroom teacher From Oceanside Elementary School (home of the Oceanside Otters!) Goals - Students can use 1 of the apps proficiently

Students can explain clearly his/her thinking in French using a variety of media Students can organize their ideas in a logical manner Students demonstrate growth with communication and critical thinking skills Students can reflect on their learning in a meaningful way Anticipated outcomes

- Students with diverse needs will be included and be successful in creating a project due to the flexibility of using a range of media to explain their findings and thinkings -

Teachers will add to their proficiency and comfort with teaching using iPads and apps to support student learning We will create resources related to our project to share with other teachers We expect high levels of student engagement -

- Students will develop their French literacy skills by creating a summary of their science inquiry with the purpose of presenting it to their peer group. Students will learn to use at least one app and will use an iPad as tools to support their learning.

Themes and activities: Take an existing complex project students completed using google slideshow and have them simplify their findings using book creator to share information with their younger buddies Inventions - using iPads to record the presentations of inventions that they planned, developed and built.

Using explain everything to explain effects illnesses have on the bodys systems - Record and share findings to present a social experiment that they produced independently after a math lesson on tally charts

Specific technology we used: - Set BC iPads Variety of apps: book creator, explain everything, pictello Recording options on iPads Laptops (to create slideshows which could be linked with the iPad apps)

Electronic portfolios The beginning At the beginning of the year, Karen, a grade 3/4 French Immersion teacher and Amber Tanner, a grade 6/7 French Immersion teacher looked at the project as an exciting opportunity to become more proficient as teachers to integrate technology into our daily routines. We anticipated using Explain Everything and Book Creator as a way for our students to organize their ideas in a new and interesting way.

They could thus develop strong communication skills in French. Karens beginning Karens class spent a day exploring the app Book Creator. Students really enjoyed the process. As a teacher, Karen had used the computer lab extensively in previous so the process or using ipads was indeed new. At the time of this session, Karen was also learning to use the Fresh grade, an electronic

portfolio, adopted by the school district in order facilitate ongoing communication home. As the reporting period deadlines approached, Karen decided to use the ipads to record each students learning. As a new tool to teacher and student, this proved to be a lengthy process. Students learned to log on to their accounts, select work, photograph and then post them. Parents could then access the photos and comment. Later, we used it to record their reading and to show an example of their writing.

Freshgrade samples Ambers beginning In my grade 6/7 class, I have found that the most effective teaching strategy with the ipads and the apps is simply relinquishing control. Trying to figure out the bookmaker app before showing it to my students was not an efficient use of time. The apps are so intuitive and the children are so comfortable with the technology that their learning happened much more quickly (and more

organically) when I just provided them with time to explore the tools. My class quickly discovered that they could link their google presentation to bookmaker and easily pull pictures and ideas from their original project into bookmaker. That was a big find! They really liked exploring the templates and the comic book style was very popular. The fact that they could add their own voice to each page allowed them to create an audiobook for their buddies. The middle

Using the iPads, students used either book creator, explain everything, stop motion, imovie or a combination of the above in order to explain the illness they have been studying for their final project of their 'systems' unit. Students say that 'explain everything' is "something the requires a lot of patience" "can be frustrating" "really cool because you can put pictures and videos and then put your voice over it. Pretty much you can make a video out of a picture

and you can explain what you're talking about while people are seeing it." "can be tricky to find the right picture" "It's really fun because you can draw on the pictures and incorporate your voice" Inventions This student never raises his hand to participate in class.

He was able to present his project successfully using the iPad! This student struggles to read and write. She was able to present her project with

confidence and pride using the video option. This student is very capable. She wanted to present to her family members who

could not attend. Challenges...and solutions Challenge: Time crunch with reports Solution: Karen decided to make the ipads work as an aide Challenge: Technical learning curves: Downloading large files to blog Solution: Ask, try, ask, try and dont give up.

And more challenges...and more solutions... Challenge: Learning variety of apps - the panic of not knowing Solution: trusting the process Challenge: Logistics: where equipment is stored, accessing equipment for each child, coordinating work times

Solution: Online booking page, a team of responsible student leaders will organize the carts of iPads Main successes Our own confidence as teachers - by doing we learned and increased our abilities. Karen can use Freshgrade! Gaynor can upload projects from Explain Everything and Book Creator! Amber can blog! Students, having gained confidence with the iPads were able to present a social experiment that they produced independently after a math lesson on un tableau des effectifs.

We feel they met our main goals of communicating scientific learning in French and demonstrating critical thinking skills. Final product Recommendations... Our school has lived through much change this year: new administration, new reporting expectations and format, new technology (ipads and laptops with carts replaced computer lab). I would recommend that teachers be realistic about when to engage in

this type of project in order to honour the process. We felt tugged in many different directions. It was challenging to get together but very exciting to witness the process. If we had to do it again, we would first get the training and then use professional development days to connect, to plan, to discuss and then to present our work in blogs and final product. In a nutshell, we would be more mindful.

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