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Shop tools & Supplies Ag Mechanics

Tool ID

Chipping hammer

Punch and Chisel Set

Adjustable Wrench Ratchet

Wire Brush

Allen Wrenches

Impact Sockets

Channel Lock Pliers or Groove-Joint Pliers

Open-end Wrench

Linemans Pliers

Combination Wrenches

Phillips Screwdriver


Rubber Hammer


Slip-Joint Pliers Flat Screwdriver

Tape Measure

Pipe Wrench

Locking Pliers


Spirit Level

T Bevel


Claw Hammer Dust Mask


Ball-Peen Hammer


Framing Square

Flint Striker

Dustpan and Broom

Gloves PPE

Safety Glasses PPE Needlenose Pliers

Hearing Protection PPE

Combination Square

Drill + Drill Press

Drill bits

Angle Grinder

Diagonal or Side-cutting Pliers

Bench Grinder

Chop Saw

Band Saw

Tap + Die Set

Air Ratchet

Punch Set Tool Box

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